Exploring Imagination

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Week 9 of the school term! πŸ™‚

Today our focus as a learning community was to explore our imagination in all aspects of our learning.

Through our numeracy investigations, students explored their imagination through a range of provocations such as Chance, Fractions, Measurement, Number, Shape and many more. Students used their learning power of collaboration to work in groups to discuss and lead their own learning in areas of interest. Have a look below πŸ™‚

Continuing with the theme of exploring our imagination, after lunch we headed over to log park as a learning community explore our learning powers of creativity, curiosity, collaboration and sense making to challenge our thinking to create things that have not been created yet!

A Speck of Gold for me during this time was to see the students in ‘flow’, immersed in their learning and sharing their thoughts an ideas with others!

Students created items such as an obstacle course, a wood shop, a house, a boat with a floating bed, a gateway to another dimension and many other amazing ideas. The students then came back to class to explore their creativity through a multi-modal setting of Minecraft, again developing their learning powers.

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