Thursday 28th June

Hello everyone.  These cold mornings are a bit tough going, especially trying to get out of a warm bed and get going for the day.  Thank God for the beautiful sunshine we are receiving in the mornings. Off to work for a wonderful day of exploration and engagement.  Let’s unfold the day with all our highlights!

We were finishing our stories from yesterday just before recess and I could hear a great conversation going on with a group of year two boys. They were Makur, Jevan, Anthony, Mason K, Deng D, Deng K, Abhinav.

It went like this:

“Jesus is so white, you can’t see him”

“You just can’t see him.”

“When you were a baby you could see him.”

“My baby sister is in heaven, she was born for only one day.”

“We are made of sand.”

“God made us”

“God made himself”

“Mary borned God”

“No, Yes”

“What are spirits made of?”


“You can’t live without a soul”

“If you haven’t got a soul, you can’t live and you become a spirit”

“God made souls”

“What does God look like?”

Then the boys looked up images of God on their laptops.

After recess, we had literacy investigations, and the children showed us how engaged they could be. They were so immersed in their learning

After mindfulness, we were able to think about what we really enjoyed doing in art this term. We were then able to choose to do an activity of our own choice.

We had a great day today and now we’re exhausted.

Have a relaxing night and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

God Bless



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