Catholic Identity Day

Hi everyone,

Today we celebrated ‘Catholic Identity Day’ at Holy Family, embracing the diverse learning community we have, and sharing all our amazing learning together!

Our learning community explored the importance of Parables/Scriptures and inquired about which Character Strengths they thought Jesus demonstrated and what teachings Jesus showed. Students used their learning powers of sense making, collaboration and creativity to investigate these Scriptures.

After Recess students continued working in the small learning communities, and with the exploration of their 100 languages students lead their own learning by presenting their scriptures in areas of strengths. Students ideas ranged from role plays, building, drawing and recording via photo booth.

Students shared their learning with one another, and were immersed in watching the amazing strengths of learning that were on show πŸ™‚

After Lunch the students engaged with ‘Godly Play’. Godly Play is a form of Mindfulness when you engage in scripture through storytelling, where students inquire all the aspects of the Scripture. We focused on the ‘The Good Samaritan’. It was amazing to see the questions and critical and creative thinking the students were discussing.

We are wishing all our families a safe weekend πŸ™‚ Looking forward to a fun filled week of learning!

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