Exploring our Strengths!

Hi everyone,

Today the students shared all their amazing strengths through our investigation time. It was evident throughout our learning time that the students showcased their learning power strengths of creativity, curiosity, collaboration, belonging and sense making.

A Speck of Gold from Maria and I was seeing all the amazing learning taking place, each student exhibiting their growth mindsets to challenge their learning, question and discuss all their new findings πŸ™‚

Discussion heard by students:

  • “Look, look. I have created a ramp for my Beyblade to run down and into the arena” Shashant
  • “Jevan look at this, look what I created with the lego, Robot” Darcy
  • “Mr Stramare, I’ve made a chair for my character to sit on” Samuel
  • “Look Mr Stramare, we have mixed the glue with the glitter and are experimenting what is going to happen with the colours” Terese and Christina
  • “I would like to order some popcorn and some burgers” Charlize

Have a look at all our fun filled learning below πŸ™‚

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