‘Play is the highest form of research’

Hi all,

Today’s blog post is titled ‘Play is the highest form of research’ as quoted by Albert Einstein. It is evident as to why Einstein would acknowledge play to be such a valuable form of learning for children, as witnessing it within the classroom, is truly special. Through our play investigations today, their was an abundance of learning demonstrated from all students as they worked through their strengths to challenge their critical and creative thinking, too discuss ideas, conceptions and analyse what they had created, to test their designs, or manipulate the materials used in order to spark a new idea. The trust and ability to share with each other, shows how far our learning community has come over the first half of the year, as each student continues to grow and flourish into becoming the leaders of their own learning.

A Speck of Gold for me today was witnessing how engaged the students were within their learning, entering a state of flow through our investigation time.


Just a couple friendly reminders.

1. Friday (6/7/18), we are having our class shared lunch to celebrate an incredible semester of learning!

2. Students are able to wear casual clothing Friday (6/7/18), with a donation of recyclable cans or bottles.

Thank you

God Bless

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