“The wider the range of possibilities…”

As quoted by Loris Malaguzzi, providing students with the ability to construct a wide range of possibilities will give them ability to lead their learning and create richer learning experiences.

This morning the students engaged with our weekly play-based investigations ranging in all areas of their learning. Students were immersed in their learning and it was evident that our making play-dough provocation was a big success πŸ™‚ Students once again showcased their ongoing learning powers of collaboration, curiosity and creativity.

Have a look at our amazing learning showcased by our very own class member, Emily πŸ™‚

After Recess students entered into shared reading with each other, sharing ideas, and provocations of their individual readers πŸ™‚

This term our inquiry focus stems from ideas students negotiated with us last term, and chosen the topic of Australia!

Today’s focus was on Tasmania, students shared and discussed their understanding and prior knowledge of Tasmania before embarking on their own inquires to find out a bit more of the state that lives off the coast of the Australian mainland πŸ™‚

Students then reported back to the class in small groups to share their findings and engage in a mini Kahoot quiz to see if he information they gathered would help them answer inquiry questions they created πŸ™‚ Students demonstrated their skills of sharing, teamwork and resilience to challenge their growing inquiry skills πŸ™‚


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