Monday 6th August

Hello everyone. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! We welcome week 3 and see what wonderful learning unfolds.

We started our day with investigations.

Some children were being creative with shaving cream!

Farah: I am making a sheep

Nikita: I am going to be making words

Seanna: I’m going to make words. First person to write “door”

We are writing in Manseerats’ diary.

Aurora: Me and Lynn were at the harma beads. We created some fruit and poke balls

Nikita:  I made some designs for barbie.  Like a queen and a spring style

Jeffrey: I robbed the bank and Mason K stole it

Alex M:  I made floor soup.Its a soup that has weird stuff in it and it tastes good

Anne Marie: I made some play dough with flour, salt and water

Charlotte:  We made play dough, then we were playing with it.

After recess we had singing practice to get ready for our whole school mass to celebrate Mary MacKillop.

We then read the story Possum Magic, written by Mem Fox and wondered what we would do if we were invisible.

We used our 100 languages to do this.  Some people acted it out, some people used word, i tunes,i movies, photo booth, made a video or drew the picture.

After lunch and mindfulness, we had Inquiry for the rest of the afternoon. We researched about Western Australia.  What do we want to find out?  What questions can we ask?

Together, we came up with some questions:     Is WA a dessert?   How many people live in WA?   Who named WA?

When was WA discovered?   What food does WA export?   What is the social economic status of WA?

We all worked very hard today and we are glad it is time to go home.

Have a relaxing evening, and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

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