“The Journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step” – Lao Tzu

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We start our blog post today with the quote from Lao Tzu which reads, “The Journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step”. From a provocation set from Mr Murray and Miss Canala, ‘Tell me your story’, which in the Indigenous culture marks a sign of respect and encouraging everyone to talk about their journeys. Students used their 100 languages to explore their journey today! Students discussed all the important parts to their journey and chose to either illustrate, word or describe how they have come to this journey, or where their journey might be leading them.

Amira – “The rocks are so you can step on and keep going on your journey”

James M – “I am drawing a door that opens to God”

Helen – “I am drawing things that I want to do and things I like to do when I grow up”

Cam – “A path that leads”

Seanna – “I have created a path to being a winner, with things I like to do”

Manseerat – “I am going to cross the river to get to the other side”

Jevan – “My journey is me climbing the mountains in Poland”

Australian Inquiry

As you have all seen in previous blog posts, this term, lead by the students, we are investigating all the amazing and wonderful things our beautiful country of Australia has to offer!! Yesterday the students used their ongoing learning powers of curiosity, creativity and collaboration to form inquiry questions and researching all about Western Australia.

Students prior knowledge inquires:

After discussions students collaborated to form inquiry questions to research using their 100 language of learning!

This morning students entered the classroom to find a HUGE map of Australia filling up our pin board! We have started adding some amazing pieces of information about Australia to it and cannot wait to have it filled with all our amazing learning! 🙂

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