“The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognisable buildings in Sydney” – Leah

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our weekly Australian inquiry lead by the students of 3MS and 2SB. This week we used our inquiry skills, collaboration, creativity and curiosity to delve a little deeper into finding out more about New South Wales. The students entered a discussion with peers to share all the amazing bits of information they already know about one of Australia’s most popular states.

After careful discussions and listening to each others processes and thoughts, students created inquiry questions of their own that they would like to research to broaden their knowledge of New South Wales.

Our learning community then used their developing inquiry skills, and learning powers of curiosity, creativity, collaboration and sense making to research their inquiry questions. A Speck of Gold from me during this time, was witnessing all students in a state of flow, engaged in their learning, and using their growth mindsets to challenge their thinking and skills in this area of their learning.

After some sound research, here is a little of what students found out about New South Wales 🙂

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