Friday 23rd November

Hi everyone, we had a great assembly this morning from Mr. Elder and Mrs Rodgers classes.  The students from South Sudan at Holy Family (36 students) performed a dance from their country about hunting.  The assembly was about change, and how it is good for us. It certainly is a challenge when you are feeling very comfortable and you are asked to change.  For some of us, we like to stay in our comfort zone and change feels like a threatening thing and it sometimes feels like a big risk.

However as the saying goes ” A change is as good as a holiday.”

Think about it.

The children then reflected on the assembly.

The children then displayed their sketching skills to draw 3D shapes.

Have we got buddy artists here or not!!!!!

We also celebrated Emily and Jeffery’s birthdays.  Happy Birthday from all of us.

We also welcomed Mrs Stanely into our room today because Mr Stramare was away today!

Have a super duper rockin’ weekend!

Friday 9th November

Hi everyone.  Here’s to a busy term that is also a very short term. Today the assembly was hosted by 3MP and 5CM, who took us on a colourful and energetic journey of Diwali.

We watched some beautiful Indian dancing performed by Holy Family children dressed in national costume.

It was a delightful assembly which we all enjoyed.

We also investigated Remembrance Day which is celebrated on 11/11.  It will be on Sunday and the children wanted to

organise their own inquiries of World War One.  The children discovered the meaning of the “red poppies” that are worn on this day. The children also investigated what the veterans do on this day, beginning with the morning service. .


In the afternoon, the children became immersed in making puppets for the story of the Three Billy Goats’ Gruff and retelling of the story in their own way.  They worked in groups of 4 and 5 and worked co-operatively all afternoon.

We also celebrated Meitraeyi’s birthday which is tomorrow and she will be 9 years.  Have a lovely time from all of us in 2SB and 3MS.

We also want to say “GET WELL SOON SAM!” Sam dislocated his arm  at school and is recovering well after an operation.  Keep smiling Mate!

Wishing everyone a beautiful and happy weekend. Enjoy every minute because it seems to be going pretty fast!

Wednesday 12th September

Hello everyone.  Today is such a lovely day compared to yesterdays’ wild windy day.  The children are engaged in investigations both inside and outside.  Play time is such a positive method of learning.  The children love it and it shows.  Here are some pics!

We are also practising our readings and songs ready for our class mass.  OUR CLASS MASS IS ON THURSDAY 13th SEPTEMBER which is TOMORROW at 11.20 in the CENTRE. !!!!!!!! We would love to see you there and joining us in our worship time.

We would also like to remind you that on FRIDAY 14th SEPTEMBER it will be CASUAL DAY for a donation of a packet of sealed  LOLLIES for the SPRING FAIR.  THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE!!!!!!

Have a great night!


Friday 31st August

Greetings everyone.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Today, the assembly was all about Fathers’ Day. The presenters were REQ and 6/7PN. We saw lots of pictures of children and staff with their dads.  Some of us have dads in heaven and on Sunday we celebrate them as well, because they will never be forgotten. When we were in the classroom we had time to be creative and make something for dad or for an important male figure in our lives.

Take a look at these amazing photos :

Have a great weekend and enjoy the last day day of winter.

Cheers! Also, thanks to all the parents that volunteered at the Fathers’ Day Stall.

Thankyou for all the donations for our SpringFair.



Wednesday 22nd August

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the sunshine.  What are we grateful for in our lives?

Sure, we would all love extra money, a new car, a new home, but just stop and think about what we do have.

Questions to ask yourself: Do I live in a house?   Do I sleep in a bed?  Can I send my children to school to get an education?  Do I have clothes to wear?  Do I have food to eat?  Am I able to walk and talk? Have I got reasonably good health?  Well if you answered yes to at least one of these, then it is time to give gratitude for what we have. We asked the children what they were grateful for:

Hannah: My family because they are kind and helpful

Amira: My friends because they are nice to me

Ayrton: My family because we go out together

Alex M: My family because they love me

Seanna: My family because they love me and care for me

Farah: I am grateful for God because he takes care if us

Mrs Ciccorello: I am grateful for my family, my friends and the children I teach

Ms Moise: My family because I am lucky to have them

We had a very busy morning with  play based investigations and mathematical investigations in the morning. Our pictures will show you what we got up to.

We later drew mandalas because some religions use this as a form of mindfulness and inner peace.

We also started learning a Jewish song called Hinei Ma Tov which is a song about how great it is to be together in our community.

We had a lovely day


Monday 6th August

Hello everyone. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! We welcome week 3 and see what wonderful learning unfolds.

We started our day with investigations.

Some children were being creative with shaving cream!

Farah: I am making a sheep

Nikita: I am going to be making words

Seanna: I’m going to make words. First person to write “door”

We are writing in Manseerats’ diary.

Aurora: Me and Lynn were at the harma beads. We created some fruit and poke balls

Nikita:  I made some designs for barbie.  Like a queen and a spring style

Jeffrey: I robbed the bank and Mason K stole it

Alex M:  I made floor soup.Its a soup that has weird stuff in it and it tastes good

Anne Marie: I made some play dough with flour, salt and water

Charlotte:  We made play dough, then we were playing with it.

After recess we had singing practice to get ready for our whole school mass to celebrate Mary MacKillop.

We then read the story Possum Magic, written by Mem Fox and wondered what we would do if we were invisible.

We used our 100 languages to do this.  Some people acted it out, some people used word, i tunes,i movies, photo booth, made a video or drew the picture.

After lunch and mindfulness, we had Inquiry for the rest of the afternoon. We researched about Western Australia.  What do we want to find out?  What questions can we ask?

Together, we came up with some questions:     Is WA a dessert?   How many people live in WA?   Who named WA?

When was WA discovered?   What food does WA export?   What is the social economic status of WA?

We all worked very hard today and we are glad it is time to go home.

Have a relaxing evening, and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

Friday 3rd August

Hi everyone. Well, today is certainly a winters’ day. Let the rain come, as we know the farmers need it desperately.

Today at assembly two of our class members received certificates by UNSW Global Assessments.

Congratulations Manseerat for receiving a distinction for Science, and Alex Reed for receiving a Credit for

Digital Technologies, and Participation for Science.  Well done Manseerat and Alex!!!!!

We have been busy completing all our work today.  Some children completed their pictures of “What does Australia look like?”

Some people finished their “All about Me”, while some other children finished off their recipe writing. (Procedure)


It was a very busy day indeed. We also celebrated Helens’ 9th birthday.

Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you all next week.


Wednesday 25th July


Measuring Comments

Charlotte/Lara: We measured Mrs Ciccorello and she 88 unifix cubes and 14 hands

Seanna/Nicky-Rose: We measured the table.  We got 8 popsticks and  4.5 hand spaces.

Shashant/Ayrton: We went upstairs and measured the floor from one side to the other side. It was 221 feet and 398 hands.

Lolla/Amira/Leah: We measured a table. We got 13 flip tiles and 9 hands

Ava/Annaliese/Bianca: We measured the year 3 table near the window.  It was about 4 rulers.

Abhinav/MasonK: We measured the floor outside and I got 167 feet and Mason got 57 feet.


Shashant: Some things are different sizes

Charlotte: Our hands are different sizes

After lunch we had mindfulness and then we spoke about different religions around the world.


Thursday 5th July 2018

Hello everyone. It is so hard to believe that we are already in the month of July. The children were entertained this morning by students who take music lessons.  It was very entertaining.

Our day was filled with Writers’ Workshop, Mindfulness and quizzes.

Tomorrow we are having our end of term party.

Will everyone please bring something to share for lunch.  It can be sweet or savoury.

It is also casual day tomorrow and children need to bring empty cans or bottles – NO MONEY.

The children can also bring board games to play with during the day.

Have an enjoyable evening and we will see you tomorrow.


Goodnight and God BlessXX




























































































































































































tyy e have 2 weeks of lovely holidays.


Thursday 28th June

Hello everyone.  These cold mornings are a bit tough going, especially trying to get out of a warm bed and get going for the day.  Thank God for the beautiful sunshine we are receiving in the mornings. Off to work for a wonderful day of exploration and engagement.  Let’s unfold the day with all our highlights!

We were finishing our stories from yesterday just before recess and I could hear a great conversation going on with a group of year two boys. They were Makur, Jevan, Anthony, Mason K, Deng D, Deng K, Abhinav.

It went like this:

“Jesus is so white, you can’t see him”

“You just can’t see him.”

“When you were a baby you could see him.”

“My baby sister is in heaven, she was born for only one day.”

“We are made of sand.”

“God made us”

“God made himself”

“Mary borned God”

“No, Yes”

“What are spirits made of?”


“You can’t live without a soul”

“If you haven’t got a soul, you can’t live and you become a spirit”

“God made souls”

“What does God look like?”

Then the boys looked up images of God on their laptops.

After recess, we had literacy investigations, and the children showed us how engaged they could be. They were so immersed in their learning

After mindfulness, we were able to think about what we really enjoyed doing in art this term. We were then able to choose to do an activity of our own choice.

We had a great day today and now we’re exhausted.

Have a relaxing night and we’ll see you all tomorrow.

God Bless