Friday 15th June

Hi everyone. Winter is upon us and what wild weather we had last night. I believe that the weekend will not be much better.  Time to cuddle up and read or watch movies!

Today we had an amazing assembly by RC and RM and we learned many things from that assembly.  When we came back to the classroom the children reflected upon what they had learned.

Everyone was busy writing and drawing pictures.

After recess we practised our two dances for our assembly which is on Friday next week. Please make sure you come if you can afford the time.  The children really love it when you attend and see them performing in front of the whole school.

After lunch we took a magic carpet ride with our imagination and relaxed and practised our core breathing.

We then traced our hands and decorated them in indigenous colours and design.  They were amazing!

Have a great weekend.

Friday 8th June

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend as we all are.  If travelling, please take care on the roads as a lot of people will be travelling as well. We are at the end of week 6 at school and the end of term is very close.

The Assembly this morning was hosted by REF and REQ and our children then wrote a reflection on what they enjoyed or something they got interested in.

After recess we spoke about the theme of the Fifa World Cup. The children were paired up to find facts about one of the countries, their flag and a map of the country. The question “What does the Fifa World Cup celebrate?” was part of the students research.  They were very excited about the topic and worked enthusiastically.  It was amazing to watch the collaboration and the communication going on and the fantastic learning.

After lunch Mrs Braiotta took some children over to the centre to practice a liturgical dance for our assembly in week 8.

We also received a toothbrush and toothpaste pack from colgate to take home.

Please remember that the children DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and we will see you all on Tuesday.

God Bless.

Friday 25th May 2018

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all well and trying to avoid a cold or flu –  Stock up on vitamin C,citrus fruits and leafy greens!

We had a fantastic assembly today. It was all about the Guarna people and Sorry Day.

Next week is Reconciliation Week or Nadoc Week.  As a nation we come together to apologise to the Indigenous people for all that happened to them in the past. In class we spoke about The Stolen Generation and how that would have looked like,  felt like, and sounded like.  Some children chose to write about it, others went on to photo booth to record their understanding and others chose to dramatise the situation.

The children were so engaged in what they were doing and also very eager to show the rest of the class what they had done. Look at them!

We continued with this after recess and then shared.

After lunch we had meditation and then wrote in our prayer journals.  We wrote sorry prayers to the Indigenous .

Have a lovely weekend.

God Bless

Friday 11th May

Hi everyone.  Time is flying…..another week gone. However, as I was leaving home this morning, I saw a beautiful, bright and full rainbow.  I just had to breathe it in and think how wonderful our world is and how grateful I was for Gods’ creation.

This morning, our assembly, hosted by 2IB and 2DT was about what the children wanted to be when they grow up, lifecycles of turtles and jellyfish, cultural backgrounds of the children, mothers being our heroes, giving it our best shot.

It gave us a lot to think about.  When we got back to class, the children wrote their reflections.

It was then time for us to visit the mothers’ day stall.

Today we started a prayer journal where we will have the opportunity to write prayers for people, or just talk to God.

Well, that’s it for today.  All mothers, have a beautiful Mothers’ Day. Hope your family spoil you for all your goodness and hard work, that you willingly do EVERYDAY – WHY???????  BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!

God BlessXXXXX


Friday 6th April

Hi everyone, well Easter has come and gone for another year.  However, we still carry the light of the Easter candle with us all the time, reminding us of new life and new beginnings in our everyday lives.

Holidays are at our doorstep and believe me when I say, that we are all getting a bit tired as the term is coming to a close.

Today at assembly, we saw and heard many interesting things all about colours. We were given a very colourful start to our day. We also discovered that being different is OK.


After recess we finished our Kuyangani pictures and did some research on our laptops about Indigenous culture.

Here are some of our great Kuyangani pictures.

What a great day we had.  We also celebrated two very special birthdays. Mason Che turned seven today and Phillip Nugyen will be turning eight tomorrow.


Happy birthday boys and thankyou for sharing it with us.  Have a great weekend and we,ll see you all next week.


God Bless XXX




Thursday 28th March

Good morning everyone.  Well today we celebrate Holy Thursday/The Last Supper when Jesus shared his last meal with his friends. Jesus also washed the feet of his disciples, reminding us to serve one another.

First, 2SB went to music and when brain food time finished we had some time on prodigy.

2SB then had handwriting while 3MS went to music.

We are really beginning to enjoy doing link writing.

After recess and mindfulness we explored and investigated Easter.

After lunch, we went into the school centre and watched the year 7’s performance and movie of the stations of the cross. Krystian asked a very important question when we returned to the classroom.

“Why did Jesus have to die?”

Well, because God our Father loves us so so much that it was the only way to show us the enormity of his love for us.

We had a visitor while we were absent from our room.

We wish you all a very happy and blessed Easter. May your family gatherings over the break be filled with the the new life and joy of Easter time.

We will see you all back on Tuesday.

God Bless

Thursday, 15th March

Hi everyone.  Today we have a busy agenda with year two’s having music, first up and year three’s having sport just before recess. Mr Stramare is in the think tank today and looks very suave in his tie and suit and we have the pleasure of having Mr Cullinan in our room today.

Tomorrow is National Anti Bullying Day, so we discussed the meaning of bullying.

Lolla: Bullying is if someones’ being rude to you and saying mean words.

Alex R. Bullying is when somebody does something to you that hurts constantly

Manseerat: Bullying, I think is when people say mean words everyday and they never stop.

Aurora: I think bullying is like when somebody is mean to you and never stops . They be mean to you, say bad words and hurt you.

Ann Marie: When someone keeps copying you and you don’t like it, and when they pull your hair.  That is bullying.

We watched a few short videos and the children all learned that BULLYING IS NOT OK.

If you feel your child is being bullied, please let us know and speak to your children about strategies they can use if in such a situation like……SAYING NO, SAYING STOP, WALKING AWAY, TELLING AN ADULT/TEACHER.

After recess we had mini maths and maths rotations.

It was then time for lunch.

After meditation, we had art.  Today, we had to think of a shape and use it to make an abstract picture. We used Oil pastelles today and we had to fill up our page using 2 shapes and any colour we liked. We then put these into our Art books. We also had a look at some abstract art on the internet.

Look at our fantastic abstract artists.

We also celebrated the birthday of Terese.  Hope you have a lovely birthday Terese.

Have a relaxing night and we’ll see you all tomorrow.







Friday 9th March

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and keeping up with  your fluid intake as we have another heat wave once again.

This morning at assembly we were entertained by 6/7 JW and PN in a game of Holy Family CHASE.

We then played our favourite game of CAMOUFLAGE. After our brain food we settled down to writing our reflections about the assembly.

After recess we had Investigations. Wow, some creations were amazing!  Everyone was so engaged in their learning.

After lunch we had meditation and relaxation.  It’s so good to be able to come into our cool classroom and wind down after a long hot play.

We then watched a short video about Jesus calming the storm, and then sang a song about it.


Ann Marie: The disciples asked Jesus to comfort them .

Alex R. Jesus calmed the storm by saying Peace and holding up his hand

Abinhav:  They woke up Jesus and asked What if we drown?

Aurora: Jesus was asleep and the storm came and they woke up Jesus.  He said Peace and the storm calmed down.

Farah:  The story was about faith.

Lolla:  Faith is when you believe in someone.

Seanna:  I think faith is like a  kind of hope feeling.

IT WAS ALSO ANNALIESE’S” birthday today. May you have a very special birthday.

Well it is time to go home now and get ready for the weekend.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY.  IT IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

See you all on Tuesday.  Have a great long weekend.



Friday 2nd March

Hi everyone.  Just when we thought the hot weather was finished, it has snuck back on us.  I definitely am over it.  Bring me cool days.  We have had an eventful day today, beginning with assembly.

It was a lovely change to have soft relaxing music as the children from 6/7 MS and NB showed us their beautiful dream catchers that they made in class.  They were amazing.

Our children played a fantastic game with Mr Do called CAMOUFLAGE.  It was an amazing game, and I’m sure we will play it more often.  The children loved it.

We then wrote our reflections about assembly.


As we were working so well, we went on to do Writers’ Workshop.

After recess we had investigations and used our creative minds to the max.


After lunch we had mindfulness followed by Religion.  We watched a video about the Prodigal Son and discussed the story together.  Then with a partner, the children spoke about times when they were sorry they did something and asking for forgiveness. We then listened to the Prodigal Son song and then recorded the story in our learning journal.


Manseerat: My speck of gold was listening to the song of the prodigal son.

Lolla: My speck of gold was when me, Leah and Amira made food in the kitchen.

Darcy: I like school.

Bianca: I liked playing with Annailese and My.



Friday 16th February

Good morning everyone.  Hope all is well.  We are settling into the school year and are slowly getting the ball rolling.

Today is a special day, as we are celebrating the Chinese and Vietnamese New Year.  As you know, we are having a shared lunch, and we thank you for all your donations of food.  It is lovely to see so many children in national costume, and others in red. Today we have an extra surprise at Assembly.  Let’s go and have a look!


Everyone was so so EXCITED!

After assembly we had an assembly reflection and wrote in our journals about what we liked and what we saw in assembly.

After recess we did some wonderful exploring and investigating.  We were really tuned in.

Then we had our shared lunch which was delicious.  Thankyou to everyone who brang food to share.


After lunch we had a visual meditation which activated our brain waves.

The children were fascinated by the images.

Then to Religion.

During religion we watched a video about Zaccheus. This is what the children learnt.

James:  Zaccheus took money from the poor man.

Manseerat:  Jesus always accepts people.

Ann Marie:  Jesus shows kindness, happiness and love to people.

Lola:  If you are bad and mean to people, you are known as a sinner.

Samuel:  Zaccheus took money from the poor man who wanted to get food for his family.

Aurora: You shouldn’t take money away from poor people.


Bianca: My speck of gold was playing with my little brother.

Lara: When the dragon came to assembly and our shared lunch.

Seanna: I liked the shared lunch.

Phillip: I liked the mega dance

Nikita:I liked the Vietnamese dance

Christina: I liked play investigations.

Sienna:  I liked playing with my cousin and I liked the dragon and Vietnamese dances.

Lola:  I liked the dragon dance.

Thankyou for a lovely week and we all hope you have a great weekend.  Enjoy the fringe if you can.God Bless