“Litres holds more capacity than ml” – Alex R

Today we used our learning powers of creativity, sense making and collaboration to explore a provocation of sorting different sizes and types of containers. Students observed that some of the containers were marked with a L or a ml.

Students formed their own groups and discussed how they would sort through the various size objects they had collected. Students collaboratively sifted through, challenged each others thinking as they express their ideas and discussed key factors that would ensure they could explain why one object was bigger than the other.

“Capacity is the amount of liquid a container holds” – Seanna

A Speck of Gold throughout this learning space, was to hear the rich, deep and meaningful discussions students were having with one another, and how they all respected each others ideas and shared their own.

Our learning community then worked together to sort through our whole container collection, and categories their findings of the smallest to largest capacity, creating a line that went from one side of the classroom to the other!

Just a reminder that our annual ‘Spring Fair’ will be held at the school from 11am-8pm this Sunday the 21st of October! We hope to see you all there πŸ™‚

‘Australian Native Animals are known as Fauna’

Hi everyone,

Today we used our inquiry skills to research some native Australian Fauna. Students collated a list of native Australian animals and then researched information about them such as, What do they eat? Where do they commonly live? How long do they live for? and other interesting facts all lead by our amazing learning community of researchers πŸ™‚

After lunch the students had the opportunity to enhance their artistic skills through sketching their favourite native Australian animal.

A Speck of Gold was seeing the amazing leadership, collaboration, kindness and sharing our amazing 2/3 students showed some guests from our R/1 buddies. They warmed to the guiding them and sharing their own knowledge about their favourite animals.

Have a look our amazing learning below πŸ™‚

Pets in the Community

Hi everyone,

Today 3MS had a visit from Responsible Pet Ownership, where Deb came to talk to us about how to keep ourselves safe when approaching other peoples pets, and looking after our own pets. The students expressed themselves in role play situations and loved every minute of participating. We were very lucky to have the opportunity to approach and pat Deb’s cute doggy, Tink πŸ™‚

Have a look below of our fun filled learning πŸ™‚

2SB will have their time tomorrow!

“Don’t Give Up, Great Things Take Time”

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to a brand new week of fun filled learning πŸ™‚

This morning the students showcased their ongoing learning powers of collaboration, creativity, sense making; hope and optimism. Students were comfortable in flow, immersed in their learning, engaging in discussions through each provocation and using their team work capabilities.

Have a look at our amazing growth mindset and resilience we share below πŸ™‚

“The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognisable buildings in Sydney” – Leah

Hi everyone,

Welcome to our weekly Australian inquiry lead by the students of 3MS and 2SB. This week we used our inquiry skills, collaboration, creativity and curiosity to delve a little deeper into finding out more about New South Wales. The students entered a discussion with peers to share all the amazing bits of information they already know about one of Australia’s most popular states.

After careful discussions and listening to each others processes and thoughts, students created inquiry questions of their own that they would like to research to broaden their knowledge of New South Wales.

Our learning community then used their developing inquiry skills, and learning powers of curiosity, creativity, collaboration and sense making to research their inquiry questions. A Speck of Gold from me during this time, was witnessing all students in a state of flow, engaged in their learning, and using their growth mindsets to challenge their thinking and skills in this area of their learning.

After some sound research, here is a little of what students found out about New South Wales πŸ™‚

“Imagination is Everything”

Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a lovely day yesterday spending it with your loved ones πŸ™‚

Our Monday morning starting with our play-based investigations where students explored, experimented, imagined, created and laughed their way through collaborating ideas with peers and creating amazing pieces of art!

We explored our shared reading of the week together, keeping with our Australian themed inquiry, we explored Mem Fox’ Koala Lou. Students then used their 100 languages to explore the text with peers and discuss what the story was about, their favourite characters and using their artistic skills to sketch them and use their developing inquiry skills to find out a little more about one of the native Australian animals πŸ™‚

After lunch we continued to explore our Celebrations of the World inquiry extending on learning about important days Australia Celebrates, such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day and National Sorry Day.

G’day Mate!

Hi everyone,

In light of our shared library book this week, ‘If I was Prime Minister’, and the recent election of a new Prime Minister of Australia, students decided to learn a little more about our nations capital, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Students discussed and collaborated ideas that they may know in regards to our nations capital, before we dug a little deeper and created our own inquiry questions.

After students discussed with one another the prior knowledge in regards to the ACT, students then used the learning powers of curiosity, creativity and mindful agencies to formulate inquiry questions to research to learn a bit more about our nations capital.

From the inquiry questions students formulated, they then proceeded to enhance their research skills by developing their learning power of sense making and collaboration. Below is some of the information students found through their developing inquiry skills.

This afternoon the students enhanced their artistic skills with creating sketches of ships and scenery from the ‘First Fleet.’ Students showcased their growth mindsets, creativity and persistence as they navigated and included a sound amount of detail to their sketches.

Have a look at our amazing artists! πŸ™‚