Today for Investigations Mr Dew lead  a provocation with the Students.

The students made their own clever book marks.

Share in the fun!

Zac made an AMAZING  Structure. Then tested its ability to work using marbles.


The children are so excited it would be lovely to see you there if you can attend!


Today in Numeracy we had two new provocations to try.

The first was the Thousands, Hundreds, tens and ones game.

The player has to throw 5 beanbags into the buckets then record the number they made.

The four buckets each represented one of the units of ten.

The students then recorded their number.

The second was using dice and timer write as many addition sentences as possible before the sand runs out.

Some students chose Numeracy using the laptop, some played numeracy games.

Lots of NOISY learning today.


This morning  Investigations were Buzzing. We observed  many Learning Powers at work.Including leadership with students teaching other students how to make stress balls for Mission Week.

Students also displayed collaboration working as a team on their chosen provocation.

As always creativity as students lead their learning.

Mason and Zac looked at loose parts. They then used the internet to assist them find where and what the part was.

Mason “So this was a part of lots of stuff like snipper holes and part of a computer”



Share in the fun and learning in2SB and3MS!!!!!



I’m so exhausted after all that!!!!!!!!!



REMINDER: Please join us  tomorrow Thursday  at 11.30 2SB and 3MS  class Mass in the centre. Love to see you there.



Today we visited The Fish Farm with Mr McCarthy.

We noticed many changes since we last visited.

There were fish in the tank with Max” Anna

“There was some more plants in the black containers and fish tanks have been moved.” Sam

” There were more plants.” Deng K

“There was a big waterfall where Max was.” Meitraeyi

“There were some new fish.” Stacey

We then had a chance to feed the fish and Max the turtle.

The Baramundi were especially hungry today.




After that we did some planting in the garden. Mr McCarthy showed us how to seperate beetroot seedlings and plant them.


We then ended the day with a fun fishing game.

What an AMAZING time today!

Exploding Science Experiment

Today the year 2’s teamed with a Year 3’s to try yesterdays experiment.

We found that some of the experiments were successful and others were not.

So as Scientists do, they come to a conclusion why it did or didn’t work?

We had a discussion with our partner scientist about our results.

Tomorrow the students have an opportunity to try again if they would like.


Charlise Manseerat and Lolla

“Our experiment worked we  put a hand on each side of the bag and shook the bag. The whole bottom of the bag was open”

Aiyden and Phillip

“The science project didn’t work because when i zipped the bag only a bit of the tissue dropped and the rest was squeezed. Make sure the tissue doesn’t get stuck”

Tyron and Mason K

“It didnt work because when I shook the bag it didn’t pop up. Next time we need to shake it more”


Enjoy the learning with us!

Getting ready to start…….

Here we go!!!!!


Sports Day

What perfect weather for our Sports Day yesterday. We had a lovely day. The students tried their hardest and worked together as a team. Thank you to the parents who were able to come along and support us.

Please enjoy a snapshot of yesterday’s fun!




Thank you for your support this term. Looking forward to an amazing term 2.

Happy holidays

Week 4 Tennis Clinic

We finished our Tennis Clinic  today. The students used all the skills they learnt to each use  a racquet to play a game.

Its been lots of fun!

HOLY WEEK – Palm Sunday

This is a very important week for us. It is Holy Week, the week prior to Jesus’ death and resurrection.

It started yesterday with Palm Sunday. This morning we watched a clip and as a class reflected about the events of the day. We came up with a class reflection then we composed individual reflections.Please share these thoughts with us

Please share these thoughts with us




Harmony Day at Holy Family

What a wonderful diverse community at Holy Family.

We experienced this at our Assembly this morning.

We had a taste of Spanish, Indian, African and Vietnamese Dancing.

In our classes we had many students wearing their National Costume proudly!

We then celebrated with a Yummy multi Cultural Lunch. Thank you to parents for so kindly preparing this.


Enjoy the beautiful costumes

What an Amazing Day it was!


PS: if your child has brought home a white platter that doesn’t belong to you can you please return it to school  Monday

Thank you