Harmony Day at Holy Family

What a wonderful diverse community at Holy Family.

We experienced this at our Assembly this morning.

We had a taste of Spanish, Indian, African and Vietnamese Dancing.

In our classes we had many students wearing their National Costume proudly!

We then celebrated with a Yummy multi Cultural Lunch. Thank you to parents for so kindly preparing this.


Enjoy the beautiful costumes

What an Amazing Day it was!


PS: if your child has brought home a white platter that doesn’t belong to you can you please return it to school  Monday

Thank you



2SB Tennis Clinic 3

Today we participated in our 3rd clinic. The students skills are improving each week.

Share into today’s fun!


The 8 Learning Powers

This morning  2SB and 3SM came together as a Learning Community to create logos for The 8 Learning Powers.

Each group focused on one of the 8 Powers. They reflected on the characteristics of their power and came together to create a Logo.

These are The 8 Learning Powers:

Mindful Agency- “Where there’s a pathway and you cant get through it  and you keep trying ” Nicky-Rose

Hope and Optimism –” When you  keep trying” Sienna L

Sense Making- ” About remembering facts and memories” James

Creativity- “Means building and creating stuff” Mason K

Curiosity- ” Thinking and problem solving” Samuel

Collaboration- ” How you learn relationships with others” Shashant

Belonging- ” When you share and where you belong with someone” Helen

Openness to learning  – “Using your strategies” Farah

2SBTennis Clinic- 2

This morning the Year Twos attended their second tennis clinic. Everyone had a great time. Our skills are improving all the time.

Share today with us!

Great Vibe during Investigations

Wednesday is Investigations time. The room was buzzing! We saw lots of sharing, conversation and invention.

Share some of the fun with us!

I’m exhausted!!!!!!!

Tennis Clinic

Today the year 2’s experienced the first Tennis clinic.

Lynn-” I liked playing throwing the ball up and hitting.”

Sienna- I had fun doing the tennis racquets cause we got to take turns.”

Mason K– “I liked the tennis and the ball catch.”

Abinarv – “When Mason had the ball and threw it to me and I hit it with the tennis racquet.”


Watch us play!

Whats new at the Fish Farm

Today we visited the Fish Farm to help with  our Inquiry learning. Whilst we were there we noticed Max the turtles home has had some major additions. It has a wonderful water fountain and new plants. Max was not to concerned in fact he was happy having a rest.

Some of the students helped take photos!


2RB and 3MS Liturgy  2.30pm  Thursday in the classroom


The next 4 Wednesdays

March 7th




Students to wear sports uniform Tuesday and Wednesday

Welcome to Monday

This morning we started the week with Come Read with me. We then went out to Log Park and used our imagination. We used our creativity to become builders and constructed amazing structures through sharing and collaboration.

We have also been learning how we can ask open ended questions to help with our  own Inquiry.

This afternoon we went to the Fish Farm for some inspiration to compose our Inquiry Question.

Whilst we were there we noticed some changes. The biggest being Max the turtles home had plants. Max wasn’t too concerned he was having an afternoon sleep.

Some of the children took some photos.

We would like to introduce you to our new friends in our class aquarium. Our classes our thinking of some names. Stay tuned for that!

Designs by Lara

Lara loves designing clothes for Barbie. In fact she was one of three winners who won a Creativity Contest for her designs.

When beginning to design clothes Lara said “How can I make these. Oh I know I can try paper but that did not work so I used socks.”

Please enjoy Fashion Designs by Lara

Great character strengths of Resilience and Creativity!

Exploring rich information books together

Today we discussed different ways we could research for our Inquiry.

Using the internet- using the search engines

– ask Mr McCarthy

–  non fiction books


We then discussed the features of a non fiction text including : contents page, glossary and index pages.

We worked in pairs to locate interesting words we could use in our research.

Farah & Charlotte: “We learn’t about different fish that live in the ocean.”

Seanna & Sienna: “The adult frogs eat snails, spiders, insects, snakes and small birds.”

Nikita & Bianca: “We learn’t words about turtles such as tiger snakes, leech.”

Cam & Mason K: “A gold fish can live for 8 years or more and some can even live up to 40 years.”

James. M & Manseerat: “We found out that at the end of every star fish arm, they have an eye.”

Alex R & Ayden: “Sharks tend to attack bleeding prey because they have poor eye sight but a great sense of smell.’

We then made some individual mind maps.

Mason  C“you have to find a learning book to make a mind map”

Seanna “A mind map is when your learning and then your ready to reflect then you make a mind map”