Pet Morning

This morning some students bought their pets in to share with everyone.

Father Sam came also and blessed them all.

When we went back to class Samuel and Nicky-Rose kindly bought in their pets to share with us.

Nicky Roses  birds name is Thunder.

Auroras rescue dog is called Pinky.

Emily bought in her brothers bearded dragon  in.

Samuel let us all touch his rabbit “Peter“.

3MS and 2SM Holy Cross Mass

Today Father Sam helped us celebrate Mass. It was lovely to have parents who were able to attend join us.

We reflected on the sacrifice Jesus made for us by dying on the cross on Good Friday.

How  Jesus had victory over  death by rising on Easter Sunday.

He did this because he loves us.

Please share the mass with us.


A truly beautiful Mass!



Just a reminder casual day tomorrow for sealed packet of lollies for Spring Fair!

Thank you for your support in advance!



This morning in Play based Investigations many students chose to make a show bag. They were much more creative than the Royal Show bags.

Meitrayi and Stacey created an AMAZING Ferris Wheel we will now add to the dolls house they also created!

Please share in our learning!


Just a reminder in regards to bringing in empty L and ml containers to use next week in Numeracy



Today the students explored measurement both length and volume.

They also continued their number learning with bingo snakes and ladders, calculators

Also we continued our money learning using the cash register


We will need to use them for numeracy next week


Book Week Dress up!

Wow what an amazing day. Lots of great dress ups, Super Heroes,  Fairies, Harry Potter , Mad Hatter, Sports Players etc.

Enjoy the day with us!

Books are fun!

Play with Miss Canala’s Receptions

Just before lunch the receptions invited the year 2’s to participate in their play based investigations.

We had lots of fun making new friends and sharing in play.

We hope to meet again soon!

Literacy Provocations

Today for Literacy the students had many provocations to engage in.

Some made puppets and theatre. Others used the puppets to create a play.

Some students had a go at Word Finds.

Team work and oral language was developed with many games and phones.

Others engaged in Writers Workshop.

There was an opportunity for reading including our Mem Fox stories

Some students created their own travel brochures.

Lots of engagement and learning were evident today!

Measuring in the Fish Farm

After recess we continued our  learning  with  length using cm and  meters.

We were fortunate to have Mr McCarthy with us and we went to to the Fish Farm and helped him measure the Barra

He asked us to estimate the length first then we checked by measuring the Barra

Please share our amazing learning!


When we went back to class we looked at our data and ordered it shortest to longest.

Mr McCarthy  then told us that when he goes fishing he catches Barra and it needs to be 55cm in order to keep it.

If it is less it needs to be thrown back in the water.

We then worked out how many more cm our longest  Barra needs to  grow in order to  be able to keep if it was in the ocean.

Our largest in the fish farm is 34cm ? We worked out 21cm more.

What an exciting way to learn about length.  One of the best 100 languages!