Fish Farm And Mudla

This morning the Year 2’s went to visit the fish farm and Mudla with Mr McCarthy.

Winnie:  “In the Mudla Mr McCarthy set and investigation to find the right fish. And  if we couldn’t find it we would pick a helper to help us then we would go to it. If it was right then McCarthy gave us the food to feed it.”

Photos taken by Makur

Share in our learning!

Our Journey around Australia is complete!

This term we have been travelling around Australia. We started in New South Wales and today we completed our journey in South Australia.

Over the course of the term  we brainstormed what we know about  each state. The students then  asked  questions as a class we could research.

We are now using these skills to do our own mini Inquiries, asking the questions and locating the answers. The students are then presenting their learning using 100 languages!

Some students have chosen to work in pairs others on their own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey with us. We’ve had lots of fun!

This is what we know about South Australia.


Watch this space tomorrow for the student Inquiries.




Hi I’m Manseerat  and I celebrate Diwali by having light’s around my house and we get to have a type of  Cracker’s ,you put on a metal stick and it starts to glow by a little bit of fire and then it glow’s like a candle.We have sweets and yummy food.We pray to God and some times we go to our temple and we pray.

Hi I am Abhinav I celebrate Diwali on Tuesday and Diwali means praying and being nice to someone and being kind and your behaviour has be good.

Below are some of the creations the students designed to celebrate the Diwali festival 🙂

Diwali Festival

Hi I’m Shashant and I celebrate Diwali because one day one random mother saved a king so the king gave her one wish. So since the kings son was going to become the king she said that her wish will be to send the kings son and his wife to go to the jungle for 14 years and to make her son king.Thats when the kings son and his wife met all the powerful Gods so they lived with the Gods so tomorrow they will return from the jungle.


All the student used their 100 languages in their own inquiry about Diwali.

Firstly they posed their own question and researched the information presenting their learning.

Some students chose to create an i-movie, photo booth and others used activ- inspire.

Students are still completing their videos and we will blog them tomorrow.

In the meanwhile enjoy our learning!

Please remember to send a hat with your child everyday.

We have sunscreen if necessary

Lets keep our children sun safe!

Pet Morning

This morning some students bought their pets in to share with everyone.

Father Sam came also and blessed them all.

When we went back to class Samuel and Nicky-Rose kindly bought in their pets to share with us.

Nicky Roses  birds name is Thunder.

Auroras rescue dog is called Pinky.

Emily bought in her brothers bearded dragon  in.

Samuel let us all touch his rabbit “Peter“.

3MS and 2SM Holy Cross Mass

Today Father Sam helped us celebrate Mass. It was lovely to have parents who were able to attend join us.

We reflected on the sacrifice Jesus made for us by dying on the cross on Good Friday.

How  Jesus had victory over  death by rising on Easter Sunday.

He did this because he loves us.

Please share the mass with us.


A truly beautiful Mass!



Just a reminder casual day tomorrow for sealed packet of lollies for Spring Fair!

Thank you for your support in advance!



This morning in Play based Investigations many students chose to make a show bag. They were much more creative than the Royal Show bags.

Meitrayi and Stacey created an AMAZING Ferris Wheel we will now add to the dolls house they also created!

Please share in our learning!


Just a reminder in regards to bringing in empty L and ml containers to use next week in Numeracy



Today the students explored measurement both length and volume.

They also continued their number learning with bingo snakes and ladders, calculators

Also we continued our money learning using the cash register


We will need to use them for numeracy next week