Harmony Day

Hi all,

Wednesday morning investigations saw students showing their creativity and imagination through a range of provocations, designing and creating amazing pieces of work and art. Balloons proved to be a huge hit with the students as they questioned, explored and discussed characteristics they were noticing when manipulating the balloon in different ways.

The boys showed their love of learning through creating their own shop that sells drawings they have created, incorporating small world play and developing their ongoing acting and drama skills.

A group of the girls, chose to create their own stress balls from the balloons. Filling them with sand and creating all different sizes, shapes and colours.

It was amazing to see the collaboration, sharing and use of the students 100 languages throughout our investigation time!

All photographs were taken by the students of 3MS and 2SB 🙂

After recess, in celebration of Harmony Day and our ongoing learning surrounding this very special week. Students engaged with the provocation of researching their heritage, culture, background to create flags to add to our ‘Diverse Learning Community’ display.

Have a look at all the cultures we have within our learning community below! 🙂

2SB Tennis Clinic 3

Today we participated in our 3rd clinic. The students skills are improving each week.

Share into today’s fun!


Welcome to our Diverse Learning Community

Hi everyone,

In the lead up to Harmony Day tomorrow, the students discussed with one another what the day means to them:

Aurora – It gives us the chance to collaborate with everyone

Alex R – It is where everyone Belongs

Shashant – It is about countries coming together

As a learning community we then discussed how we are all unique, different and special and may have talents that are different from others, and that is perfectly okay! It is what makes our country so special, how culturally diverse we all are 🙂

Students discussed why they believe the colour orange is used to symbolise Harmony Day:

Aurora – It resembles peace

Helen – It is calming

Farah – It is bright and happy

Students then explored the provocation of what makes them unique, different and special and traced their own hands to signify the differences we all share 🙂 Have a look at our ‘Diverse Learning Community’ below!

All photography was taken by the students of 3MS and 2SB

We have set a provocation to the students, and to incorporate parents into their learning as well. We would like to expand our ‘Diverse Learning Community’ by understanding the heritage and backgrounds of all our students. We ask you share a discussion with your child about their heritage, traditions, activities in order to create using their 100 languages their native flags to add to our display 🙂

The 8 Learning Powers

This morning  2SB and 3SM came together as a Learning Community to create logos for The 8 Learning Powers.

Each group focused on one of the 8 Powers. They reflected on the characteristics of their power and came together to create a Logo.

These are The 8 Learning Powers:

Mindful Agency- “Where there’s a pathway and you cant get through it  and you keep trying ” Nicky-Rose

Hope and Optimism –” When you  keep trying” Sienna L

Sense Making- ” About remembering facts and memories” James

Creativity- “Means building and creating stuff” Mason K

Curiosity- ” Thinking and problem solving” Samuel

Collaboration- ” How you learn relationships with others” Shashant

Belonging- ” When you share and where you belong with someone” Helen

Openness to learning  – “Using your strategies” Farah

Thursday, 15th March

Hi everyone.  Today we have a busy agenda with year two’s having music, first up and year three’s having sport just before recess. Mr Stramare is in the think tank today and looks very suave in his tie and suit and we have the pleasure of having Mr Cullinan in our room today.

Tomorrow is National Anti Bullying Day, so we discussed the meaning of bullying.

Lolla: Bullying is if someones’ being rude to you and saying mean words.

Alex R. Bullying is when somebody does something to you that hurts constantly

Manseerat: Bullying, I think is when people say mean words everyday and they never stop.

Aurora: I think bullying is like when somebody is mean to you and never stops . They be mean to you, say bad words and hurt you.

Ann Marie: When someone keeps copying you and you don’t like it, and when they pull your hair.  That is bullying.

We watched a few short videos and the children all learned that BULLYING IS NOT OK.

If you feel your child is being bullied, please let us know and speak to your children about strategies they can use if in such a situation like……SAYING NO, SAYING STOP, WALKING AWAY, TELLING AN ADULT/TEACHER.

After recess we had mini maths and maths rotations.

It was then time for lunch.

After meditation, we had art.  Today, we had to think of a shape and use it to make an abstract picture. We used Oil pastelles today and we had to fill up our page using 2 shapes and any colour we liked. We then put these into our Art books. We also had a look at some abstract art on the internet.

Look at our fantastic abstract artists.

We also celebrated the birthday of Terese.  Hope you have a lovely birthday Terese.

Have a relaxing night and we’ll see you all tomorrow.







Creation starts with Imagination

Hi all,

Today the students entered our learning community with a vibrant burst of energy, and an eagerness to explore and challenge their learning. Students explored their 100 languages through a range of provocations that challenged their critical and creative thinking. From the basis of the students imagination, lead to amazing creations from cup cake stands made out of paper plates and cups, a race car track made by the boys out of all different materials, and amazing houses built through the Minecraft platform.

A Speck of Gold to reflect on through this investigation time, was the amazing team work, support and sharing that was on display by all students. To see how far our learning community has come in such little time, I am bursting with excitement to see where the students lead their learning for the remainder of the term.

2SBTennis Clinic- 2

This morning the Year Twos attended their second tennis clinic. Everyone had a great time. Our skills are improving all the time.

Share today with us!

Bullying. NO WAY!

Hi all,

This Friday marks the annual ‘National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence!’, where the colour ‘Orange’ is used to symbolize the day! To raise awareness and support for this great cause, our school Canteen will only be selling ‘Orange Coloured’ items at recess and lunch! Thank you for your support 🙂

Billy G Cookie Dough

Dear Parents,

This year’s fundraiser for Spring Fair is Billy G Cookie Dough. These cookies are delicious, easy to bake and great for lunch boxes. A fun activity to do with the whole family.

Please find below information and the link to the Holy Family Catholic School online shop where you can place your orders.  Once you order, please remember to print your order off and return back to the school.

An order form will also be sent home for each family.  Please complete this form and return to the school with payment if you don’t wish to order online.

Orders will need to be completed by Friday 16 March 2018 with collection on 11 April 2018.

Thank you for your support. Happy baking! 


Fundraising Never Taste So Good!

We are excited to announce that today we have commenced

our very own Billy G’s Gourmet Cookie Dough Fundraiser. Billy G’s is an Australian

family owned and operated business using very special recipes and quality

ingredients for that homestyle taste.

There are ten (10) delicious flavours to choose. Each 1kg tub sells for $14-$16.

It represents extremely good value at only $0.35 – $0.40 per 25g cookie.

You have been issued with a Billy G’s Cookie Dough order form that will assist you in collecting orders from family, friends & neighbours.

You can either place your order by returning the order form and money back to us or you can place your order online.

Please remember, if you place your order online, you MUST complete and return the order form back to us for processing.

We also have a fantastic prize program available should you sell or purchase one or more tubs.

We hope you purchase at least one tub or more to help us reach our fundraising goal.

Happy fundraising, and thank you in advance for your support!


Friday 9th March

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and keeping up with  your fluid intake as we have another heat wave once again.

This morning at assembly we were entertained by 6/7 JW and PN in a game of Holy Family CHASE.

We then played our favourite game of CAMOUFLAGE. After our brain food we settled down to writing our reflections about the assembly.

After recess we had Investigations. Wow, some creations were amazing!  Everyone was so engaged in their learning.

After lunch we had meditation and relaxation.  It’s so good to be able to come into our cool classroom and wind down after a long hot play.

We then watched a short video about Jesus calming the storm, and then sang a song about it.


Ann Marie: The disciples asked Jesus to comfort them .

Alex R. Jesus calmed the storm by saying Peace and holding up his hand

Abinhav:  They woke up Jesus and asked What if we drown?

Aurora: Jesus was asleep and the storm came and they woke up Jesus.  He said Peace and the storm calmed down.

Farah:  The story was about faith.

Lolla:  Faith is when you believe in someone.

Seanna:  I think faith is like a  kind of hope feeling.

IT WAS ALSO ANNALIESE’S” birthday today. May you have a very special birthday.

Well it is time to go home now and get ready for the weekend.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THERE IS NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY.  IT IS A PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

See you all on Tuesday.  Have a great long weekend.