I’ll be riding shotgun!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday the students in 3MS & 2SB had an amazing time during our assembly!

But the Speck of Gold from the day was on the trip back to school! Where every student burst out into song to George Erza’s Shotgun! It was such an amazing experience and I was so amazed to see all the amazing smiles each student had on their faces when this song come on! Take a look!

3MS & 2SB Excursion Reminder

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that students in 3MS and 2SB will be embarking on their excursion to the Gawler Cinemas tomorrow to see ‘The Grinch’.

Students are please asked to wear sports uniform for the day, still packing brain food, recess and lunch like a normal school day. Students are to arrive at school normal time, as we will be preparing to leave for the bus at 9.30am and ask volunteers who are attending the excursion to meet at our classroom at this time as well.

Students will only be taking their hats and drink bottles to the cinema’s as they will be provided with a small drink and popcorn for the duration of the movie 🙂

Students should return to school around 1pm.

Thank you 🙂

What is a Jesse Tree?

Hi everyone,

Today the students explored the provocation of, ‘What is a Jesse Tree?’ Students researched the importance of the Jesse Tree and how it represents the scriptures in the Bible in the lead up to our Christmas celebrations 🙂 Students then proceeded to create their own Jesse Tree’s creating their own sacred ornaments!

“Our Christmas tree reflects the diversity in our learning community!”

Hi everyone,

Today our learning community used their teamwork, collaboration and creativity to show our amazing diversity within our learning community creating our own class Christmas tree! 🙂

Fish Farm And Mudla

This morning the Year 2’s went to visit the fish farm and Mudla with Mr McCarthy.

Winnie:  “In the Mudla Mr McCarthy set and investigation to find the right fish. And  if we couldn’t find it we would pick a helper to help us then we would go to it. If it was right then McCarthy gave us the food to feed it.”

Photos taken by Makur

Share in our learning!

Friday 23rd November

Hi everyone, we had a great assembly this morning from Mr. Elder and Mrs Rodgers classes.  The students from South Sudan at Holy Family (36 students) performed a dance from their country about hunting.  The assembly was about change, and how it is good for us. It certainly is a challenge when you are feeling very comfortable and you are asked to change.  For some of us, we like to stay in our comfort zone and change feels like a threatening thing and it sometimes feels like a big risk.

However as the saying goes ” A change is as good as a holiday.”

Think about it.

The children then reflected on the assembly.

The children then displayed their sketching skills to draw 3D shapes.

Have we got buddy artists here or not!!!!!

We also celebrated Emily and Jeffery’s birthdays.  Happy Birthday from all of us.

We also welcomed Mrs Stanely into our room today because Mr Stramare was away today!

Have a super duper rockin’ weekend!

3MS & REQ’s Alive CELC Visit

Hi everyone,

Today the students in 3MS showed amazing courage, leadership, belonging and collaboration; to help guide their younger reception buddies from Miss Quigley’s class through a tour of the new ‘Alive CELC’.

The students were immersed in witnessing this new learning space within our school community, thrilled to be lucky enough to have a look at where some of the students younger siblings will be attending in the near future 🙂

“I want to be younger again, this place is amazing” – Amira

“I want to live here, it is so nice” – Tyron

“This space is so big, there is so much room for learning” – Farah

Enrollments are now open, with the opening of the ‘Alive CELC’ happening very soon! 🙂 For further details please contact our school office on 8250 6616.

Here is a sneak peak of a few shots taken by the students…

Wisdom begins with Wonder!

Welcome back to another amazing week of student led learning 🙂

Play-Based Investigations

This morning the students entered the classroom to their play-based investigations where students really worked on challenging their critical and creative thinking! The students resilience and team work was on show as they discussed their learning with each other, and how they could make new connections to their existing knowledge.

MUDLA Inquiry

After recess we ventured over to MUDLA to investigate what has been happening in the newest area of our school, and used our learning powers of curiosity, creativity, sense making and collaboration, to create inquiry questions to investigate. Students chose to present their information in iMovies, Flipcharts, Keynote and the use of their learning journals. Here is what some of the children researched:

How many babies can a female yabbie lay at one time? – Alex R, Phillip

  • It can have 100-1000 eggs at one time.

How long can a turtle live? – Manseerat

  • 80-200 years.

How long does the Murray Cod live for? – Lolla

  • Longer than 50 years.

– All female crabs have big tummies – Anna

How many species of fish are there? – Farah

  • 15 304.

Can yabbies grow their legs and claws back? – Jeffery

  • They can continue to regrow them, it takes one day for them to grow back, yabbies can only live around 7 years.

Why are sea turtles underneath green? – Abhinav

  • They eat to much sea grass.

Students inquiries will follow shortly 🙂

Fun fact from Mr McCarthy, the yabbie tank is currently home to over 400 baby yabbies!

All photos were taken by the students 🙂

Australian Inquiry

Just to finish off, unfortunately last week we were unable to upload some of the amazing inquiry creations the students presented in regards to their learning about South Australia! Have a look below!

Our Journey around Australia is complete!

This term we have been travelling around Australia. We started in New South Wales and today we completed our journey in South Australia.

Over the course of the term  we brainstormed what we know about  each state. The students then  asked  questions as a class we could research.

We are now using these skills to do our own mini Inquiries, asking the questions and locating the answers. The students are then presenting their learning using 100 languages!

Some students have chosen to work in pairs others on their own.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our journey with us. We’ve had lots of fun!

This is what we know about South Australia.


Watch this space tomorrow for the student Inquiries.