Friday 22nd June

Hi everyone, thankyou to all the parents, grandparents and caregivers who turned up today to watch our childrens’ assembly.

Mr Stramare, Mrs Ciccorello and myself were very proud of them. We’re sure that you were too.

It is so lovely to see so much learning happening and the children having so much fun at the same time.

We have had a very busy term and the children have indeed been engaged in all that they have done.

Special thanks to Mr Stramare who put the music and images together.

Here are a few photos to show you what went on in assembly.

The children had a wonderful time and so did we, watching them.

Today, with much sadness we say goodbye to Mr Dew who has been in our 2/3 class for a while and doing some fabulous work with the children.  We wish him luck along his journey to becoming a teacher.  He will certainly be fabulous.

After lunch we were very lucky to have some time with our buddies.

First we had some reading time together and we went outside and enjoyed the sunshine at the same time.

We then had some fitness together.

We had a lovely day today and look forward to a nice relaxing weekend.  Be safe and most of all BE HAPPY and GRATEFUL.

God Bless



Thursday 21st June

Good morning everyone. Isn’t it lovely to have the sun shining through the window and feeling the warmth??????

Well today will be another busy day as we continue to prepare for our assembly on Friday

Please remember to be at school on time.

YES, it is OUR ASSEMBLY at 9.00am.

There is a Refugee Art Exhibition in the Hall so please take a look around after the assembly is finished.

Also if your child is in the liturgical dance they can come to school wearing all black or all white or black and white……(Top, Pants, shorts, leggins and socks ) They can then change into their school uniform after assembly.

The children are very EXCITED so please come along if you can to support them.

We’re going to bed early tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here’s to BREAK A LEG!!!!!!!


Today for Investigations Mr Dew lead  a provocation with the Students.

The students made their own clever book marks.

Share in the fun!

Zac made an AMAZING  Structure. Then tested its ability to work using marbles.


The children are so excited it would be lovely to see you there if you can attend!

Friday 15th June

Hi everyone. Winter is upon us and what wild weather we had last night. I believe that the weekend will not be much better.  Time to cuddle up and read or watch movies!

Today we had an amazing assembly by RC and RM and we learned many things from that assembly.  When we came back to the classroom the children reflected upon what they had learned.

Everyone was busy writing and drawing pictures.

After recess we practised our two dances for our assembly which is on Friday next week. Please make sure you come if you can afford the time.  The children really love it when you attend and see them performing in front of the whole school.

After lunch we took a magic carpet ride with our imagination and relaxed and practised our core breathing.

We then traced our hands and decorated them in indigenous colours and design.  They were amazing!

Have a great weekend.


Today in Numeracy we had two new provocations to try.

The first was the Thousands, Hundreds, tens and ones game.

The player has to throw 5 beanbags into the buckets then record the number they made.

The four buckets each represented one of the units of ten.

The students then recorded their number.

The second was using dice and timer write as many addition sentences as possible before the sand runs out.

Some students chose Numeracy using the laptop, some played numeracy games.

Lots of NOISY learning today.

Friday 8th June

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend as we all are.  If travelling, please take care on the roads as a lot of people will be travelling as well. We are at the end of week 6 at school and the end of term is very close.

The Assembly this morning was hosted by REF and REQ and our children then wrote a reflection on what they enjoyed or something they got interested in.

After recess we spoke about the theme of the Fifa World Cup. The children were paired up to find facts about one of the countries, their flag and a map of the country. The question “What does the Fifa World Cup celebrate?” was part of the students research.  They were very excited about the topic and worked enthusiastically.  It was amazing to watch the collaboration and the communication going on and the fantastic learning.

After lunch Mrs Braiotta took some children over to the centre to practice a liturgical dance for our assembly in week 8.

We also received a toothbrush and toothpaste pack from colgate to take home.

Please remember that the children DO NOT COME TO SCHOOL ON MONDAY!


HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND and we will see you all on Tuesday.

God Bless.

Building Resilience and Trust

Good morning everyone,

This morning the students explored a provocation that promotes Resilience and Trust as they continue to use their growth mindsets to build on these capabilities. Students had to maneuver their way around a circle, whilst closing their eyes and relying on a partner to guide them around the circle by communicating verbal instructions.

A Speck of Gold for me from this provocation, was to see the resilience in the students, how they encouraged each other to keep trying and challenging themselves, and how by the end of the provocation, the trust they showed one another was amazing!

Take a look below 🙂

Exploring Creativity

Hi all,

Yesterday the students explored their weekly investigations. During this time the highlight for me was the discussion and sharing that was displayed by all students. The students continue to build on these capabilities through their growth mindsets, and support from one another.

Take a look at our learning below 🙂