“Imagination is Everything”

Hi everyone,

We hope you all had a lovely day yesterday spending it with your loved ones 🙂

Our Monday morning starting with our play-based investigations where students explored, experimented, imagined, created and laughed their way through collaborating ideas with peers and creating amazing pieces of art!

We explored our shared reading of the week together, keeping with our Australian themed inquiry, we explored Mem Fox’ Koala Lou. Students then used their 100 languages to explore the text with peers and discuss what the story was about, their favourite characters and using their artistic skills to sketch them and use their developing inquiry skills to find out a little more about one of the native Australian animals 🙂

After lunch we continued to explore our Celebrations of the World inquiry extending on learning about important days Australia Celebrates, such as Australia Day, ANZAC Day and National Sorry Day.

Friday 31st August

Greetings everyone.  Hope everyone is doing well.  Today, the assembly was all about Fathers’ Day. The presenters were REQ and 6/7PN. We saw lots of pictures of children and staff with their dads.  Some of us have dads in heaven and on Sunday we celebrate them as well, because they will never be forgotten. When we were in the classroom we had time to be creative and make something for dad or for an important male figure in our lives.

Take a look at these amazing photos :

Have a great weekend and enjoy the last day day of winter.

Cheers! Also, thanks to all the parents that volunteered at the Fathers’ Day Stall.

Thankyou for all the donations for our SpringFair.



G’day Mate!

Hi everyone,

In light of our shared library book this week, ‘If I was Prime Minister’, and the recent election of a new Prime Minister of Australia, students decided to learn a little more about our nations capital, Australian Capital Territory (ACT). Students discussed and collaborated ideas that they may know in regards to our nations capital, before we dug a little deeper and created our own inquiry questions.

After students discussed with one another the prior knowledge in regards to the ACT, students then used the learning powers of curiosity, creativity and mindful agencies to formulate inquiry questions to research to learn a bit more about our nations capital.

From the inquiry questions students formulated, they then proceeded to enhance their research skills by developing their learning power of sense making and collaboration. Below is some of the information students found through their developing inquiry skills.

This afternoon the students enhanced their artistic skills with creating sketches of ships and scenery from the ‘First Fleet.’ Students showcased their growth mindsets, creativity and persistence as they navigated and included a sound amount of detail to their sketches.

Have a look at our amazing artists! 🙂

“Play is the highest form of research!”

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to the start of Week 6!

This morning the students engaged in our Monday morning play-based investigations where the class was in full swing and an abundance of creativity, sharing and collaborating was witnessed and students were immersed in their learning.

This afternoon students used their ongoing development of their inquiry skills to research special days we celebrate in Australia and further around different countries of the world. Students collaborated to reflect on the information they had found and shared their findings with the class.

Australian Inquiry

Welcome to the latest installment into our Australia Inquiry!

Students spent time discussing and thinking about everything they know about the state of Queensland!

From observing our class mind map above, students explored further questions they could create to find out a bit more about Queensland and key information we would need to know about the state! Through collaboration, being mindful and collaboration, students listed specific questions they thought were important to ask…

Students then went off to explore their 100 languages of learning and create new student lead learning of the state of Queensland! 🙂

Book Week Dress up!

Wow what an amazing day. Lots of great dress ups, Super Heroes,  Fairies, Harry Potter , Mad Hatter, Sports Players etc.

Enjoy the day with us!

Books are fun!

Wednesday 22nd August

Hi everyone.  Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the sunshine.  What are we grateful for in our lives?

Sure, we would all love extra money, a new car, a new home, but just stop and think about what we do have.

Questions to ask yourself: Do I live in a house?   Do I sleep in a bed?  Can I send my children to school to get an education?  Do I have clothes to wear?  Do I have food to eat?  Am I able to walk and talk? Have I got reasonably good health?  Well if you answered yes to at least one of these, then it is time to give gratitude for what we have. We asked the children what they were grateful for:

Hannah: My family because they are kind and helpful

Amira: My friends because they are nice to me

Ayrton: My family because we go out together

Alex M: My family because they love me

Seanna: My family because they love me and care for me

Farah: I am grateful for God because he takes care if us

Mrs Ciccorello: I am grateful for my family, my friends and the children I teach

Ms Moise: My family because I am lucky to have them

We had a very busy morning with  play based investigations and mathematical investigations in the morning. Our pictures will show you what we got up to.

We later drew mandalas because some religions use this as a form of mindfulness and inner peace.

We also started learning a Jewish song called Hinei Ma Tov which is a song about how great it is to be together in our community.

We had a lovely day


Play with Miss Canala’s Receptions

Just before lunch the receptions invited the year 2’s to participate in their play based investigations.

We had lots of fun making new friends and sharing in play.

We hope to meet again soon!