Thursday the 8th of March

Hi all,

Yesterday the students explored their learning through 100 languages with an abundance of energy, laughter and fun!

Maths mini brought a bright a positive vibe to the classroom as students demonstrated the engagement and flow they were in as they lead their own learning through Numeracy. Challenging their Growth Mindsets and show an ever growing resilience towards their learning.

After lunch students continued to explore their Artistic genes through another provocation in regards to using colour and opposite colours. Students challenged themselves to be able to build a pattern, using their own knowledge and creativity to produce some amazing, quirky creations! Have a look below 🙂

We were blessed enough to finish our day off as a learning community through a reflective Liturgy. A Speck of Gold from the Liturgy was how well the students engaged in the Gospel reading from Luke. The insight and thoughts the students had about how the teachings of Jesus can be portrayed in our lives today, demonstrated their developing character strength and learning powers.

Great Vibe during Investigations

Wednesday is Investigations time. The room was buzzing! We saw lots of sharing, conversation and invention.

Share some of the fun with us!

I’m exhausted!!!!!!!

Tennis Clinic

Today the year 2’s experienced the first Tennis clinic.

Lynn-” I liked playing throwing the ball up and hitting.”

Sienna- I had fun doing the tennis racquets cause we got to take turns.”

Mason K– “I liked the tennis and the ball catch.”

Abinarv – “When Mason had the ball and threw it to me and I hit it with the tennis racquet.”


Watch us play!

Whats new at the Fish Farm

Today we visited the Fish Farm to help with  our Inquiry learning. Whilst we were there we noticed Max the turtles home has had some major additions. It has a wonderful water fountain and new plants. Max was not to concerned in fact he was happy having a rest.

Some of the students helped take photos!


2RB and 3MS Liturgy  2.30pm  Thursday in the classroom


The next 4 Wednesdays

March 7th




Students to wear sports uniform Tuesday and Wednesday

Friday 2nd March

Hi everyone.  Just when we thought the hot weather was finished, it has snuck back on us.  I definitely am over it.  Bring me cool days.  We have had an eventful day today, beginning with assembly.

It was a lovely change to have soft relaxing music as the children from 6/7 MS and NB showed us their beautiful dream catchers that they made in class.  They were amazing.

Our children played a fantastic game with Mr Do called CAMOUFLAGE.  It was an amazing game, and I’m sure we will play it more often.  The children loved it.

We then wrote our reflections about assembly.


As we were working so well, we went on to do Writers’ Workshop.

After recess we had investigations and used our creative minds to the max.


After lunch we had mindfulness followed by Religion.  We watched a video about the Prodigal Son and discussed the story together.  Then with a partner, the children spoke about times when they were sorry they did something and asking for forgiveness. We then listened to the Prodigal Son song and then recorded the story in our learning journal.


Manseerat: My speck of gold was listening to the song of the prodigal son.

Lolla: My speck of gold was when me, Leah and Amira made food in the kitchen.

Darcy: I like school.

Bianca: I liked playing with Annailese and My.



Welcome to Autumn

Hi all,

Today the students shared an abundance of learning through their 100 languages and demonstrating their ever growing growth mindsets.

During our Numeracy Provocations, students used their inquiry skills to question, challenge and use their problem solving skills to explore and express their learning.

After Recess students continued to explore their Learning Powers, moving from Mindful Agency to Hope and Optimism. Students continued to construct their goals from last week, this week learning they may have obstacles they need to overcome in order to reach their goals. Students then constructed a pathway to their goal using their 100 languages to demonstrated how they are going to achieve this through their growth mindset and resilience, incorporating their new knowledge of Hope and Optimism.

After Lunch, students continued exploring their understanding of ‘Colour’ and questioned the ability to use opposite colours together in order to create amazing pieces of Art. The our learning, students collaborated with one another to discuss ideas, techniques, and share their pieces with each other, being extremely proud of the learning they had explored. Love of learning was a strong energy in our learning community through this time.

Photography taken by Alex.R

Wednesday 28th of February

Hi all,

This morning the students entered the room with an abundance of energy, and engaged with their weekly provocations in our morning investigation time. Provocations ranged from hairdressing stations, clothing designs, construction of blocks, Lego and cardboard, Hama beads, role play, research.

It was amazing to see the engagement levels of the children through our investigations. All students were immersed in their love of learning and collaboration with each other as they explored their creativity, imagination and growth mindsets.

A Speck of Gold from our investigations was seeing Shashant show his ever growing resilience and determination as he used his creativity to design, and construct his own Robo Shark. He constructed his designs from materials such as a toilet roll, paper and cardboard.

We are also very excited to announce that as a learning community, we have created five names for the five new members of our classroom! Feel free to come in and meet our fishy friends…

Tuesday 27th of February

Hi everyone,

This morning whilst the Year 2’s were actively working on maintaining a high heart rate, the Year 3’s explored our ‘Descriptive’ language through character profiles with others in the classroom. Students brought out their acting skills and with expression and emotion, described their partner from head to toe!


Alex R – Samuel has long, straight, blonde hair

Phillip – Jeffery has big, white teeth

We then practiced our Kung Fu Punctuation! Expressing all our understanding of punctuation through movement and being active!

My Speck of Gold through our learning, was seeing the laughter and happiness on the children’s faces as we worked together to challenge our way through our learning, and support each other.

Whilst the Year 3’s ventured off to Spanish,  the Year 2’s were immersed in their learning and explored their creativity through the 100 languages of learning. Challenging themselves, and leading their own learning.

After Recess we all engaged in Maths Mini as a learning community, and then explored our Numeracy through our 100 languages and numerous provocations organized around the classroom. Students were in flow as they shared ideas and questioned their learning, challenging their ways of thinking and using their inquiry knowledge to problem solve.

Welcome to Monday

This morning we started the week with Come Read with me. We then went out to Log Park and used our imagination. We used our creativity to become builders and constructed amazing structures through sharing and collaboration.

We have also been learning how we can ask open ended questions to help with our  own Inquiry.

This afternoon we went to the Fish Farm for some inspiration to compose our Inquiry Question.

Whilst we were there we noticed some changes. The biggest being Max the turtles home had plants. Max wasn’t too concerned he was having an afternoon sleep.

Some of the children took some photos.

We would like to introduce you to our new friends in our class aquarium. Our classes our thinking of some names. Stay tuned for that!

Thursday 22nd of February

Hi all,

Our learning community was in full swing today as students consistently challenged themselves, showing their love of learning and collaboration with one another.

As a learning community, the students were introduced to Learning Powers, focusing on Mindful Agency as our first of 8 Learning Powers to explore.

From understanding what Mindful Agency is for our learning, students started to develop their own Goals for Term 1 which will be shared in the coming days.

Mr White has set a provocation for our students, to develop Holy Families very own logo’s for each Learning Power. Students have started to develop their own logo for Mindful Agency by exploring their 100 languages and will be ready to be produced very shortly. Watch this space…

After lunch students continued to explore their creativity through Art where students, manipulated colours to create dark and lights shades. Experimenting how much paint they would need to mix together in order to change to certain shades.