Friday 25th May 2018

Good morning everyone.  Hope you are all well and trying to avoid a cold or flu –  Stock up on vitamin C,citrus fruits and leafy greens!

We had a fantastic assembly today. It was all about the Guarna people and Sorry Day.

Next week is Reconciliation Week or Nadoc Week.  As a nation we come together to apologise to the Indigenous people for all that happened to them in the past. In class we spoke about The Stolen Generation and how that would have looked like,  felt like, and sounded like.  Some children chose to write about it, others went on to photo booth to record their understanding and others chose to dramatise the situation.

The children were so engaged in what they were doing and also very eager to show the rest of the class what they had done. Look at them!

We continued with this after recess and then shared.

After lunch we had meditation and then wrote in our prayer journals.  We wrote sorry prayers to the Indigenous .

Have a lovely weekend.

God Bless


This morning  Investigations were Buzzing. We observed  many Learning Powers at work.Including leadership with students teaching other students how to make stress balls for Mission Week.

Students also displayed collaboration working as a team on their chosen provocation.

As always creativity as students lead their learning.

Mason and Zac looked at loose parts. They then used the internet to assist them find where and what the part was.

Mason “So this was a part of lots of stuff like snipper holes and part of a computer”



Share in the fun and learning in2SB and3MS!!!!!



I’m so exhausted after all that!!!!!!!!!



REMINDER: Please join us  tomorrow Thursday  at 11.30 2SB and 3MS  class Mass in the centre. Love to see you there.



Today we visited The Fish Farm with Mr McCarthy.

We noticed many changes since we last visited.

There were fish in the tank with Max” Anna

“There was some more plants in the black containers and fish tanks have been moved.” Sam

” There were more plants.” Deng K

“There was a big waterfall where Max was.” Meitraeyi

“There were some new fish.” Stacey

We then had a chance to feed the fish and Max the turtle.

The Baramundi were especially hungry today.




After that we did some planting in the garden. Mr McCarthy showed us how to seperate beetroot seedlings and plant them.


We then ended the day with a fun fishing game.

What an AMAZING time today!

The Week that was…

Hi all,

Week 3 has proven to be a very busy week with the Year 3’s undertaking their first ever NAPLAN tests and using their growth mindsets to guide their way through all four tests. Students participated in the following areas of Writing, Reading, Conventions of Language and Numeracy.

A Speck of Gold for me personally was witnessing all the students doing the best they could across all four areas, determined to finish each section, and to see their resilience in challenging times was a credit to their ongoing ownership and growth mindset towards their learning.

During this time it was amazing to see how well the year 2 students adjusted, having to move classrooms whilst the year 3’s undertook their tests. The flexibility and versatility capabilities the year 2 students showed was again a credit to them and their ongoing development of their learning and leadership.

Creative Learning

In our learning community this term we have an Indigenous focus and looking into the Kaurna people, the original custodians of the Adelaide plains.

Students have explored and engaged with ‘An Irish Blessing’ which incorporates traditional Aboriginal art work.

“May the long time sun shine upon you. All love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on” – Sat Nam

Students discussed the ways in which the quote above, ties into our learning through our growth mindset. As a class, students explored their creativity by developing our own ‘Irish Blessing Sun’, shining light into our learning community.

Today the students were able to explore their creativity, collaboration, IT skills, making, question their scientific experiments and explore imaginative play.

To finish off a very busy week of fun filled learning, the students reflected on the visit from Jane who is a representative from Vinnies. The students discussed reasons as to why we donated cans, and thought it would be kind to add a prayer to their prayer journals about people who are less fortunate than us! Have a look at our creative, thoughtful prayers below 🙂

Have an amazing weekend everyone! 🙂

Friday 11th May

Hi everyone.  Time is flying…..another week gone. However, as I was leaving home this morning, I saw a beautiful, bright and full rainbow.  I just had to breathe it in and think how wonderful our world is and how grateful I was for Gods’ creation.

This morning, our assembly, hosted by 2IB and 2DT was about what the children wanted to be when they grow up, lifecycles of turtles and jellyfish, cultural backgrounds of the children, mothers being our heroes, giving it our best shot.

It gave us a lot to think about.  When we got back to class, the children wrote their reflections.

It was then time for us to visit the mothers’ day stall.

Today we started a prayer journal where we will have the opportunity to write prayers for people, or just talk to God.

Well, that’s it for today.  All mothers, have a beautiful Mothers’ Day. Hope your family spoil you for all your goodness and hard work, that you willingly do EVERYDAY – WHY???????  BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM!!!!!

God BlessXXXXX


Exploring Creativity

Hi all,

Sorry for the delayed update! Yesterday students had the opportunity to explore their investigations through their 100 languages! Students extended their learning capabilities by sharing, collaborating, questioning and investigating as they lead their own learning. Have a look below 🙂

The Start of Something New

Hi all,

That it a wrap, week one has come and gone! It must have been because of all the amazing learning that we have all shared throughout the week!

The students have continued to show how they are capable/competent learners and have led their learning through their 100 languages, showcasing their ability to share, create, collaborate, investigate, explore and work towards growing and expanding our learning community.

This afternoon, we finished our day off with Religion. This term our focus is Prayer. During our time students discussed ideas for us to create our own sacred space in our learning community. Have a look at some of the creations and ideas students discussed below 🙂

We wish everyone a relaxing, fun and safe weekend and cannot wait to continue our learning journey with you all next week! 🙂

Bye for now…

Exploring Thursday

Afternoon everyone,

Once again, the students had an amazing day full of fun filled learning! The collaboration, team work, sharing, trust and support all the students offered one another throughout today was incredible to see. Students are embracing their opportunity to lead their own learning and is evident through the engagement levels in all aspects of our learning.

A highlight from today was our Art lesson which focused on Aboriginal Art in the form of animals, known as x-ray art where students had the opportunity to use their growth mindset to illustrate a native Australian animal, and incorporate traditional Aboriginal symbols to fill in their drawing.

Have a look at our amazing creations below 🙂

Exploring Creativity

Hi all,

This morning the students engaged in our first investigation time of the term and what an incredible learning time it was. The students really turned it on and showcased their creativity, growth mindsets, collaboration, team work, imaginations and an abundance of fun, positive energy and numerous laughs.

Our investigations ranged from students manipulating with our science experiment, exploring electrical devices, constructing/creating a foosball table, designing fashion accessories and much, much more.

Throughout the day the students continued to showcase their amazing qualities, and enhanced their growing capabilities.

Have a look at our amazing learning below 🙂