Friday information

Hi Everyone,


Just a reminder that some students are needing to interview family members to assist them with their documentaries. It would be amazing if they had these interviews ready on Monday please.


We are also asking all students to bring in a shoe box for an activity we are doing in a few weeks. If you happen to have more than one shoe box to bring that would be fantastic.


Have a happy and safe weekend.

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

Reminder Reminder Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our excursion to Morialta. Students need to wear their summer sports uniform. Please ensure they apply sunscreen at home.

In a suitable backpack they need to carry their drink (WATER), recess, and lunch. We will take sunscreen for them to reapply.

As the weather is predicted to be warm please ensure they have a full drink bottle of water to keep them hydrated.

Looking forward to exploring the playground and taking a short hike through he beautiful recreation park.

Thankyou to those parents who are accompanying us tomorrow.


We will see all of the excited (and tired hopefully) students back at school for the sleepover at 5pm !

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes


Film making in year 3/4

This term the children are working with an Artist in residence to make their own film in the form of a documentary. The topic of their film has evolved from looking at significant events in their lives so far with many children choosing to create documentaries about themselves, their families and their cultures.

It has been very exciting to work through he planning process with the children as they begin to story board their ideas with many of them having filmed interviews and clips ready to begin the final stage.

It would be great if you could discuss with your child their chosen topic and work with them to record any interviews of family members that will assist with a high quality final product for each student. They have the software required on their school device or alternatively can choose to record on another device and transfer it to their school laptop.

Our expert film maker will be back with us on Wednesday and it would be great to see many more students ready to get into the nitty gritty of editing etc. with him.


In kindness

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Murray

Welcome Martin!

Good Morning all!

Today we welcomed our artist in residence Martin Pascoe into our class.

He will be working with our class for the remainder of the term as we work towards producing documentaries on a variety of topics.


We hope to share these with you before the end of term.

In Kindness,

3/4 CM & BH

Thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the parents who assisted with the Spring Fair both working on our Gelato stall and with setting up on Saturday morning. Without your help this event would not have been so successful.


We hope you all enjoyed the day.


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Murray

Ride Passes for the Spring Fair

Please note that the ride passes for the Spring Fair are available until Friday from the front office for $40 . The passes are to be paid for at the front office and will be available for pick up at the fair.

If you have any questions please contact the front office.

In kindness,


Beth Hawkes and Che Murray