My Special Place


This term in HASS we are exploring our connection to special places and our Heritage. As part of this inquiry we have asked the students to interview their parents about their special place.

Where is it?

Why is it special?

What significance does this place hold in your family?

How did it come to be special?

We are asking that with your child you respond to the questions on our blog so that we can examine them as a class.

We can’t wait to read all of the responses.

In Kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

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17 thoughts on “My Special Place

  1. 1/ my parents/family shack
    2/ many Easter and Christmas celebrations spent together
    3/ when bought, my parents had no grandchildren, now have 3 with a 4th on the way. Many happy memories made with them all. Lovingly called ‘The Shed’ by toddler Mia.
    4/ from time spent with family and friends.

  2. 1.My special place is near a park. 2. My special place (Cecilia’s mum) is my home because I feel comfortable. 3.Love holds our family together. 4. It became special because this is my home and my home is where I belong.

    From Cecilia and Cecilia’s mum

  3. Mum’s special place
    Where is it? Palm Cove, Queensland
    Why is it special? We had our honeymoon there, and also spent our 10th wedding anniversary and Cameron’s 6th birthday there.
    What significance does this place hold in your family? Special family occasions spent there.
    How did it come to be special? Lots of special memories.

    Dad’s special place (also said Palm Cove, so he had to pick his other special place)
    Where is it? Yarrawonga, Victoria
    Why is it special? Born and raised there.
    What significance does this place hold in your family? My hometown, some family members still live there, and Cameron was christened in Yarrawonga.
    How did it come to be special? Childhood memories, wonderful times with family.

  4. My mum special place is Ho Chi Minh City. Because this is the place she was born and her family still live there. This was the place keep all memories about her childhood. This was also the place where she and her sister, brother grew up. There is still kept some pictures, evidence about her successful in study and work.

  5. 1. My mums special place are beaches.
    2. Beaches bring good memories for Mum
    3. Our family spend lots of summer weekends on the beach.
    4. We love to have birthday parties on the beach.

  6. 1) dad’s special place is Bhutan,

    2) dad was born and went school in Bhutan

    3) dad’s family were born and raised there and they lived in a big family.

    4) Dad has got lots and lots of memories and friends from this place

  7. my mum said her special place is the bathtub
    It is special because she gets quiet time to relax and think
    It is significant because we all use it ( except dad, he likes the shower)
    It became special because she has always loved water and likes to just spend time in there.

    Dad: his special place is his shed
    It is special because he can get away from everyone and work on his bike with his music on
    It is significant because we keep our old stuff in there and all the things we need for our garden.
    It is special because thats were Dads motorbike is and where he likes to work on it. 🐬

  8. 1.My special place is grange jetty crabing
    2. Because we all had fun and we caaghet a lolt of crabs
    3.we go there in the school holidays and we have a lot of fun became special because we speand a lot of time togater and had lot’s of fun

    From Shriya and Uncle Maheson 😍😎🦀

  9. my mum’s special place is Port Rickaby beach in our caravan.
    It is her special place because it’s where we go all together as a family and we get to spend quality time together making lots of special memories.
    Port Rickaby is the place we go to on the Christmas holidays, its a special time cause we all get to stay for a few weeks together and dad doesn’t have to go to work.
    Mum says it became special because we all love it alot and she likes to watch us all so happy, also the phones and internet don’t work up there which makes mum happy because we have to make our own fun.

  10. Tiffany’s mum: My house is special to me because I am so happy when I am here with my husband and my 3 children. This was the place where I lived ever since I moved from Vietnam and I have made a lot of special memories.

  11. 1 My special place is at home
    2 Because it is were our family lives together
    3 Because we love being together and spending time together
    4 Because this is were we live together

    From Destiny and her mum

  12. MoM: My favourate place to visit is Isckon Temple.

    It is special because it gives me strength and power.

    It significances because its give me strength for life and our parents and grand parents also visit this place regularely.

    It became special because this place give us peace and way of life.

    Dad: My favouraite place to visit is Library.

    It is special because I read all the books and newspaper with peace and quietly.

    It hold significance place in our family because everybody borrow their personal interest book and DVD in Library.

    It become special every week visit this place and borrow our favouraite DVD and books from Library.

  13. This is from Celine and Celine’s mum
    1. My mum’s special place is her country, Vietnam.
    2. Vietnam is my mum’s special place because it was where she was born, and her whole family lives there.
    3. The significance of Vietnam to my mum is that the family lived with together for 20 years. She decided to go to Australia, and thats where she met my dad.
    4. It became my mum’s special place because the family and her parents and her parents, parents lived there. She started to feel calm and joyful when her mother was there. Her father was also thee, her whole family was there, they all took care of. each other and made my mum happy. Since my mum’s parents pasted away, her sisters and brothers had to take care of each other. This is why my mum’s special place is Vietnam and how it became her special place.

  14. 1. Todd, my step dad, says his special place is the River Murray.
    2. It is special to him because he likes to go camping and relax, enjoying the scenery.
    3. it is significant because he visited the river when he was young with his family and brings back happy memories.
    4. It is special because Todd learnt many things like camping, paddling a canoe, cooking damper and also learnt to drive a car.

  15. My mum said her special place is our home because we are lucky that we have a house that we can live in it and we have shelter and that is my mum’s special place.

    From Hiep

  16. My special place is our shack at North Beach Wallaroo
    It is special because we spend time there as a family doing fun things together like swimming and crabbing and playing charades
    The significance of our shack is that it has been a part of graces dads family for the last 40 years and is a very big part of the family
    It is special because the shack was graces late grandfather’s pride and joy

  17. 1. Severina (Shannae’s Mum)
    a) Where is it? Home
    b) Why is it special? This is a safe place to rest and share our love with our family and friends.
    c) What significance does this place hold in your family? This is the place Shannae and her older brother and sister were born and raised.
    d) How did it come to be special? Mum bought this land when she was 20 years old and built the house just before her 21st birthday. She worked long hours and several jobs before starting a family.

    2. Alan (Shannae’s Step-Dad)
    a) Where is it? Morialta Falls and Waterfall Gully.
    b) Why is it special? It is peaceful and gives me true inner peace.
    c) What significance does this place hold in your family? Something the family can do together that keeps us fit and costs nothing.
    d) How did it come to be special? Visiting and experiencing it.

    3. Jeff (Shannae’s Dad)
    a) Where is it? Flinder’s Ranges.
    b) Why is it special? Nice scenery; quiet; rivers running through the hills; wildlife (kangaroos, koala’s, reptiles and big spiders).
    c) What significance does this place hold in your family? It brings back happy childhood memories of family holidays.
    d) How did it come to be special? Best memories of my mum and dad now that they have passed away.

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