Guest Speaker Dom Barry

As part of our HASS studies this term we have been exploring the concept of sacred places with a particular focus on those places considered sacred in Indigenous Communities.

This morning we were fortunate enough to have a guest speaker Dom Barry talking to our class sharing his story of growing up in the APY lands in Fregon.

He explained the unique nature of his sacred homeland including some of the significant customs and spiritual rituals that are performed within his culture.

We have been learning about dreamtime stories connected to sacred places so it was wonderful to hear Dom’s recount of the story of the snake and the python and the battle that Uluru represents.

The student’s found it fascinating that in Dom’s culture there were no celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. In fact may Aboriginal Australians like Dom’s grandmother actually didn’t know how old she was. They were relieved to find out there were celebrations when boys were initiated into manhood and the birth of a child was also celebrated and rejoiced in the community.

The students  demonstrated their curiosity about both the culture and customs. They enjoyed sharing the research they have done so far and enjoyed adding to their understanding by listening to Dom’s story. Dom is a talented sportsman and had just begun his AFL career when he decided to return home to Fregon to reconnect with his community and culture. He is now studying teaching in Adelaide.

We would like to sincerely thank him for sharing his personal story with our class and thank you to Miss Hassan for organising this special opportunity for us.

In Kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Miss Hassan

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