Week 8

Apologies for no blogging last week ! We had some glitches and lost several posts when we tried to publish them.


The children have been working extremely hard for over a week now creating their own dreamtime stories. After listening, watching and reading a range of dreamtime stories the children are creating their own stories. It has been wonderful to see them incorporating traditional elements of indigenous culture within their stories and including values and moral messages within their story. Watch this space for some work samples soon !


As a class we shared the book Holes by Louis Sachar. The children were really engaged with this text and used it as a provocation during Literacy and Mathematics. Here is some of the fabulous problem solving we shared.

We have also been experimenting with some multiplication activities focusing on groups and how many in each group. You may like to ask your child about the dice arrays game. It’s one you can play with at home all you need is 2 dice!

A very exciting event last week was the introduction of 2 baby yabbies. We have our own small aquarium in the classroom and are acting as a yabbie nursery. We will raise the yabbies until they grow to large to stay in the small tank where they will graduate to a bigger tank. Feel free to pop in and check out the yabbies, we are still deciding on how we might choose names for the new arrivals !

Today the children explored their circles of control. This activity was based on decision making and choices. It was working with children on what they can control in their decision making and the factors that are outside of their control.

Here is a completed example however look out for some of the circles created by the children as we continue to work with the children on how they can use this to assist them with decision making.


We are looking forward to another busy week of learning and fun!


In kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes



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