A little reminder – Laptops


Hi Parents,

we are just wanting your help to remind the children to charge their laptops each evening so that when they arrive to class it is fully charged.

We are finding many students are needing to charge their laptops in our first few lessons which is problematic given we only have 2 chargers between over 50 students. These chargers are only in place for urgent charging where circumstances have prevented students from charing at home.

Unfortunately many of the games that students play on the laptops before school, playtime and during OSHC drain the battery significantly so we are reminding students that they need to manage their screen time accordingly.

We thank you for assistance with this.

In kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

Week 8

Apologies for no blogging last week ! We had some glitches and lost several posts when we tried to publish them.


The children have been working extremely hard for over a week now creating their own dreamtime stories. After listening, watching and reading a range of dreamtime stories the children are creating their own stories. It has been wonderful to see them incorporating traditional elements of indigenous culture within their stories and including values and moral messages within their story. Watch this space for some work samples soon !


As a class we shared the book Holes by Louis Sachar. The children were really engaged with this text and used it as a provocation during Literacy and Mathematics. Here is some of the fabulous problem solving we shared.

We have also been experimenting with some multiplication activities focusing on groups and how many in each group. You may like to ask your child about the dice arrays game. It’s one you can play with at home all you need is 2 dice!

A very exciting event last week was the introduction of 2 baby yabbies. We have our own small aquarium in the classroom and are acting as a yabbie nursery. We will raise the yabbies until they grow to large to stay in the small tank where they will graduate to a bigger tank. Feel free to pop in and check out the yabbies, we are still deciding on how we might choose names for the new arrivals !

Today the children explored their circles of control. This activity was based on decision making and choices. It was working with children on what they can control in their decision making and the factors that are outside of their control.

Here is a completed example however look out for some of the circles created by the children as we continue to work with the children on how they can use this to assist them with decision making.


We are looking forward to another busy week of learning and fun!


In kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes



Thank you, thank you !

We would  just like to thank all parents for their generosity in supplying food for our shared lunch today. It was a lovely way to farewell Miss Hassan as she departs to continue her studies. She has been an important part of our class community for the last four weeks and we will miss her very much. Thank you for everything Miss Hassan.

Thank you to Miss McCarthy for working with us since Wednesday in Mr Murray’s absence. We look forward to welcoming Mr Murray back on Tuesday.

We wish everyone a safe and happy long weekend!


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes

Guest Speaker Dom Barry

As part of our HASS studies this term we have been exploring the concept of sacred places with a particular focus on those places considered sacred in Indigenous Communities.

This morning we were fortunate enough to have a guest speaker Dom Barry talking to our class sharing his story of growing up in the APY lands in Fregon.

He explained the unique nature of his sacred homeland including some of the significant customs and spiritual rituals that are performed within his culture.

We have been learning about dreamtime stories connected to sacred places so it was wonderful to hear Dom’s recount of the story of the snake and the python and the battle that Uluru represents.

The student’s found it fascinating that in Dom’s culture there were no celebrations such as birthdays, Christmas, etc. In fact may Aboriginal Australians like Dom’s grandmother actually didn’t know how old she was. They were relieved to find out there were celebrations when boys were initiated into manhood and the birth of a child was also celebrated and rejoiced in the community.

The students  demonstrated their curiosity about both the culture and customs. They enjoyed sharing the research they have done so far and enjoyed adding to their understanding by listening to Dom’s story. Dom is a talented sportsman and had just begun his AFL career when he decided to return home to Fregon to reconnect with his community and culture. He is now studying teaching in Adelaide.

We would like to sincerely thank him for sharing his personal story with our class and thank you to Miss Hassan for organising this special opportunity for us.

In Kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Miss Hassan

Week 6

This morning we began our day with Reading Groups.

Activities today included word work focusing on adjectives, guided reading, speakers box, story planning, writing instructions and persuasive arguments.


We had such a great afternoon of coding this afternoon. It was amazing to see all the students demonstrating a growth mindset as they challenged themselves to learn new skills. Peer teaching was in full swing and it was so wonderful to see the progress of their projects.



We farewelled Ms Baldock today who has been working with us this week while Mr Murray has been away. Thankyou Ms Baldock for helping us out.

Tomorrow the students will receive a note about having a shared lunch on Friday to farewell our student teacher Miss Hassan. We are asking students to bring in a small plate of savoury food to share.


In Kindness,

Mrs Hawkes, Ms Baldock, Miss Hassan.


Mission Day

Due to a glitch today the Mission Day Mass will take place tomorrow at 11:00.

Tokens will be on sale in the classroom in the morning. Students are also asked to make a gold coin donation for wearing casual clothes.

We have been busy preparing our Fruit Loop necklaces and Super Hero lollipops ready to sell tomorrow.

It should be a great day !



Welcome Circle to start the day

This morning we began our day with a welcome circle. It was a way of greeting each other and wishing the person next to us a nice day!


We had a busy day starting off making our Mission Day products…..Took a lot of self control not to taste test!


We were busy this morning with the final touches to our published books……

Reading groups were busy doing a variety of tasks including Independent Reading, Word Work, Guided Reading, Story Writing, and Creating arguments for and against different statements.


We are so close to the end of our whole class novel…..its almost riveting ……Thanks to Mrs Moise for lending us the movie, we can’t wait to compare it to the book.

In Kindness

Mrs Baldock, Miss Hassan and Mrs Hawkes

Week 5 happenings

Today your child (eldest) should have received a note regarding Mission Day activities and details.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

For our stall we will be making super hero lollipops and fruit loop necklaces. We would welcome any donations of Chuppa Chups or Fruitloops that you would like to make by Thursday.

It should be a great day.


Catherine House visit: Today we were visited by two very inspiring women from Catherine House. As the children heard the house is a safe place for homeless women. On reflection we were all in awe of the bravery of one woman who shared her story of how she found herself living at Catherine House and relying on the assistance of those who work there and the volunteers that contribute. We are very much looking forward to raising funds for this worthwhile cause on Friday.


Hot off the press: we are working hard in class at the moment adding the final touches to our stories for publishing. We cannot wait to share these masterpieces with you.


Holes: As a class we have been sharing the novel Holes by Louis Sacchar. We are so close to the end and finding every opportunity to read a few more pages hanging off every last bit of the story as we reach the conclusion. Look out for a note coming home soon seeking permission for the students to watch the movie as a great way to link written and visual texts. PS if anyone owns a copy of this DVD we would love to borrow it !


We have been very lucky to have  Miss Hassan (student teacher) working with us the past few weeks and are very much enjoying having her teaching and leading our lessons as she completes her final few weeks of placement.  We also have Mrs Baldock with us in Mr Murray’s absence.

We look forward to a busy week of learning, sharing and fundraising!

Please note cafe will be open for Mission Day on Friday afternoon.

Cafe Open Flyer-19dlnhb

In kindness

Mrs Hawkes, Miss Hassan, Mr Murray


PS. Mr Murray we miss you already !