A reminder that 3/4 BH have their assembly on Friday. Students are asked to wear their sports uniform to school and get changed into casual clothes later. The cafe will be open to parents while they wait for Assembly to start.

Friday is a casual day with a gold coin donation to support the spring fair.


The Outdoor Education Day that was planned for Thursday this week has been postponed. Students will still be sharing healthy salad rolls for lunch provided by teachers in the classroom.

In Kindness

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Murray

3/4 BH Assembly – Important Request

Hi Parents,

On Friday 3/4 BH have their assembly. It is also a casual day to collect items for the Spring Fair. Due to the theme of our assembly we are pleading with the students to please wear their sports uniform to perform in the assembly (it will make sense when you see it) and then they are welcome to get changed into their casual attire afterwards.

They have been working incredibly hard on this performance and we look forward to sharing it with you.

PS. Some children are also being asked to come in ‘character’, please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.



Mrs Hawkes

Week 6 already !

Week 6 !

Time flies when you are having fun…..


We have a busy few weeks ahead.


RELAT: Tomorrow the Year 4 students will be undertaking the online Religion assessment. This is an assessment done in Catholic schools to collect data and information about student responses to a range of Religious Education topics. We have prepared the students within our Religion lessons in the class room and several weeks ago they also accessed a practice test to assist them with the format of the test. Results will be available to parents later in the year. We encourage all students to do their best in this assessment.



NAPLAN TRIAL: Year 4 students will be involved in trialling the new NAPLAN online testing this Wednesday. It is a test to see how our school infrastructure copes with large cohorts of students accessing the browser at one time and for staff and students to familiarise themselves with the new format of the test in preparation for 2018 testing. The results of the test will not be given to parents or staff and will not contribute to students NAPLAN assessments in the future.


ASSEMBLY PREP: Both classes have begun preparations for their buddy class assembly. 3/4 BH will perform in Week 7 and 3/4 CM will perform in week 8. We can’t wait for you to see your children once again sharing their gifts and talents on the stage.  The parent café will also be open in Week 7 prior to the assembly.


MITIOG: We are still waiting for a large number of permission notes before we can begin our MITIOG units of work. Please return these notes or let us know if you need another copy.


Learning Topics: At the moment students are busy on a range of activities including researching Australian landmarks, making 3D models, information report writing, fraction investigations, exploring concepts of time and lots more.


Here are some snapshots of our learning over the past few weeks.W




Father’s Day: On Friday there will be a Father’s Day stall for students to purchase from. Gifts range from $2-$5. There is also a raffle for Father’s Day, tickets available online (see prior post) or at the office.


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Murray


School Photos



Hi Everyone,


Due to school photos on Tuesday all students will need to be in their full winter uniform (not sport uniform). Please ensure your child is wearing their tie and winter shirt.

Sport lessons will be adapted to suit this. They do not need to bring their sports uniform with them.


Please bring back any order forms that have not been returned. If you are wanting family photos the order form needs to be collected from the front office.


Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

Friday Presentation

On Friday the children will be sharing work that they have been focusing on the past few weeks. The task was to create an original movie trailer for the book we have been reading in class. They were encouraged to use their creativity, take risks, try new technology and create a hook for the viewer to encourage the viewer to want to watch their movie.

Some children may need to spend some time at home fine tuning their movie trailer.

We are looking forward to seeing all of their hard work on Friday.


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Murray

3/4 BH Sports Clinic

Dear Parents,


On Wednesday 3/4 BH will be participating in a hockey sports clinic. This was booked last term when our sports lessons were on a Wednesday. Rather than cancel the clinic we will be participating in the clinic as a second sport lesson this week. Students are therefore welcome to wear their PE uniform on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.


In kindness,

Mrs Hawkes