Camp Greenlake Homework



Students have been working on a reading task to complete a brochure for Camp Greenlake from the book Holes.

We are asking that students spend a small amount of time each night completing this task to have it ready to hand up on Friday.


In Kindness

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

Healthy Active Kids

We have been very lucky this week with the introduction of our Healthy Active Life tubs that have all of the resources we need to run a variety of games and activities.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first tub playing Wind and Sun and HIIT rotations. Below are some photos of us in action. 

In Kindess,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes


A reminder that tomorrow we are collecting cans for Fred’s Van. As a token of thanks for their donation the students are invited to wear casual clothing.

A reminder that although mission day soup orders are due in tomorrow the Soup Day is not until week 5 so they need to bring/order their lunch as per usual tomorrow.

In Kindness

Mrs Hawkes and Mr Murray

Keep the learning going

As part of our numeracy investigations this week we have been using and exploring  measuring tools. This week we had a close look at measuring using mls and grams.

There has been some fantastic mathematical thinking and problem solving on display.

A fantastic way to continue this learning at home (homework) is by encouraging your child to join you in a cooking task. Using scales, measuring jugs, spoon measures etc. Reading the mass of ingredients being added from their packaging.

We look forward to hearing back from students about their home cooking adventures. 

In kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

An invitation to donate


This Friday we will be collecting cans of food to donate to Fred’s Van. In return for their donation students are able to wear casual clothing.

We look forward to hearing the guest speaker from Fred’s Van on Friday at assembly.


In kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

My Special Place


This term in HASS we are exploring our connection to special places and our Heritage. As part of this inquiry we have asked the students to interview their parents about their special place.

Where is it?

Why is it special?

What significance does this place hold in your family?

How did it come to be special?

We are asking that with your child you respond to the questions on our blog so that we can examine them as a class.

We can’t wait to read all of the responses.

In Kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

What’s the mass of my sandwich?

Morning all,

This morning during numeracy we looked at the weight (mass) of a variety of objects, including our sandwiches! 

We will be continuing our investigations throughout the week. We have been looking at standard units of measurement, including grams and kilograms. Using this as a guide, we have been able to compare the weights of a variety of objects.

Enjoy the day!

In Kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

Mother’s Day Stall

Tomorrow there will be a Mother’s Day stall organised by the Parents and Friends committee. Students are able to buy a small gift ranging from $1 – $5.

Look out for a little love token in your child’s bag that they have made in class.

We hope all the Mums and special carers  in our community have a lovely day on Sunday spending time with the people they cherish.

In Kindness,

Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes

Terrific Tuesday

Congratulations to the Year 3’s for the way they embraced the first stage of Naplan testing today. It was so wonderful to see them all rising up to the challenge during the Language Conventions and Writing assessment today ! The year 4’s were very busy working in the Cafe with Mr Murray on some independent learning and inquiry. A very busy day!

Tonight’s homework is to spend 10 mins listening to your child read aloud, don’t forget to ask them a few questions about what they are reading.

In Kindness,


Mr Murray and Mrs Hawkes