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Hey guys.... Im a year 3/4 teacher at the greatest school (HFCS).... I love trying to make my classroom the funnest place to spend your day.... I love Soccer, Basketball and many other sports and my favourite subject is Science.

Budding Journalists

Look out 9 News, HFCS students are coming for your jobs. As part of our literacy unit we have been watching the news, and then using our comprehension skills to create our own news report.  Some students decided to create a news desk report utilising the fantastic new spaces within our school (STEaM room and Centre) which both now have green screens, and some decided to create a newspaper front cover summarising a range of stories they watched. Check out the photos below of students using the green screens.


Hi everyone,

This morning was fantastic. With everyone having a laptop, everyone was engaged with the coding task we did this morning. Coding is an essential skill for future jobs. Learning the language, but also the ability to think conceptually is essential. We look to continue our learning with this throughout the year.

As soon as our Making Learning Visible notes are back, i will update this post with photos.

Regards Daniel Pearce

Making Learning Visible Note

Hi everyone,

A note has been sent out regarding Making Learning Visible at Holy Family. Once signed it allows us to post photos of students working in the classroom onto our Blog. If you need another note please contact either myself, Nadia or Laura via emails below.

Regards Daniel Pearce, Nadia Pinneri & Laura Adams

Parent Information Night

Hi everyone,

Parent Information Evening


All parents and caregivers for class 3/4 DP & 5/6 PA are invited to a Parent Information Evening at the school on 7th of Feb from 6.00pm to 7.00pm

These evenings are led by us, your class teachers, giving you information about the coming year.

This is a chance to meet us and other families and have any of your questions answered. A crèche will be available to take care of your children for this hour.

We sincerely hope that you are able to attend.

Mr. Daniel Pearce, Mrs. Nadia Pinneri & Mrs. Laura Adams

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