One Note

Hi everyone,

This year with all students having a laptop, one of the ways we are trying to stay connected is through using OneNote. OneNote is a program that is on every students laptop, and allows us to create an online workbook (saving the need of using many paper books). The benefits of this program are as follows:

  • Students can organise their work neatly with automatic save features
  • Students can access their work from different computers if needed
  • We can provide an alternative learning style – called Flip Learning (this is where we can provide students with resources before class allowing them to explore on their own)
  • As teachers we can easily view and mark work on the computer

We will use this program when we feel it is needed, along with still using a literacy and numeracy book.

I hope your children will be able to show you the fantastic work they are doing when they come home with their laptops.

Any queries feel free to contact us via email

Regards Daniel Pearce, Nadia Pinneri and Laura Adams