Tuesday, Week 11, Term 1

Today we began our day with fitness.

Today the children played an old favourite, Gaol Break!

When we got back to the classroom, we ate our fruit and read our last Mem Fox Book of the term ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’

We voted on our favourite Mem Fox books that we have read.

The winner, with 17 votes, is……

I’m Australian Too!

We then started some research about our next Author, Mo Willems. Here is what we found out;



Ava R


After recess today we practised the NAPLAN online Numeracy section under test conditions. Some year 4’s challenged themselves to attempt the Year 5 demo test.

After lunch today, we went to the library. Today’s book was ‘Archie and the Bear’.

Ryan – It wasn’t a book that I would usually choose but I liked it! 9/10.

Naomi – 4/10. I thought it was a bit confusing, the sentences and also how he took his bear suit off.

Kevin – 7/10. I liked the pictures. I think they were crayon!?


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