Caterpillars are ravaging our cabbage garden. Time to catch them all!



Ava: What I thought about it was that some of them were camouflaged because they were green like the leaves

Chitra: If we played a game of Camouflage with them, they would win every time.

David: I noticed that most caterpillars most of them don’t lay at the top, they lay under the leaves, so I looked under the leaves.

Khiem: If you put vaseline on the rim of the cups, the caterpillars can’t pass and escape.

Riley: I think the eggs are black.

David: Maybe the black caterpillars are the sunburnt ones.

Luka: There’s different types of caterpillars, some turn into moths, others butterflies.

Rachael: I know that the yellow eggs are. they are moths because I used to have moths and the eggs were yellow and silked up.

Rachael: They don’t have eyes, they smell around them to know where to go.

Thien: They have antennas so they can smell around.

David: When I was catching caterpillars, I looked in the cup and I saw this black thing on its head.

Kayliegh: We can weigh them.

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One thought on “Caterpillars!

  1. I loved that activity me Katrina and Madison found about 16 it was so much fun. At lunch me and Katrina found a caterpillar on a leaf, we called it Fuzzy LOL 🙂

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