Term 2 Week 4 Monday

Hi everyone,

As usual on a Monday morning, we went to Music and Spanish:

Patience: There were numbers on the board and we had to write them in Spanish. It was a bit hard, but I finished all of it and had free time.

Leon: In Spanish I wrote some Spanish numbers in my book and it was hard.

Vince: We sang mass songs and then we did Garage band. I used a love of learning when I gave it my best shot.

Ava: We were doing garage band and finishing off from the last few weeks. I used resilience by keeping on going with my work and using my growth mindset.

Axel: I used teamwork when we help each other.


After having our brain food, we went out for fitness! We are lucky to have Mr. Winters to prepare fitness activities for the whole school with fitness kits. They come in bins, boxes and nets and are rotated around every Tuesday and Thursday. Savio, Marli, Naomi, Ava F. and Amber are our fitness monitors who help run these sessions!


After Recess, we said Pope Francis’ 5 finger prayer where we pray for others first.

In Religion we learnt about to to keep safe.

Why do we need to be safe?

Duy: You have to be safe because people might hurt you.

Mahi: To know how to get out of danger if there is any.

Chitra: You can call others.


We went on kids.triplezero.gov.au and learnt about what we could do in unsafe situations:

In our books, we drew our hand and on each finger we wrote down our 5 safe people to go to in an emergency.


After Lunch, we  continued our learning on Forces for science. Today we focused on contact forces; PUSH and PULL. We made a mind map of push and pull activities and made a flip chart showing these actions.


We also got a chance to explore the fish farm and see what things push and pull in there!


Thanks for reading!

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