Tuesday, Week 4, Term 2

This morning we began our day with prayer.

We continued our reading from the Bible and the Tower of Babel.

Following the story we had some discussion.

Chitra – If they were being arrogant would God still let them continue building the tower? Why was God upset that they were building a tower?

Axel – God keeps the Earth regenerating itself.

Patience – Wouldn’t you just fly up in to Heaven? Instead of building a tower.

Ryan – Your soul goes up to Heaven.

We went out to fitness for our ‘Positive and Healthy Lifestyle’ program.

After we got back from fitness, we had a discussion about why it’s important that we do fitness.

Angelina – So you can keep fit.

Ava F – It’s fun for kids and it’s another way to stay healthy

Sukhi – It keeps you moving

Axel – It keeps you active and it gives you sun.

Katarina – It’s good for socialisation and you can make new friends.

Chitra – If there is a stiff bit then it gets looser.

Rocco – Fitness can make you pumped up.

After fitness and fruit we began our numeracy for the day.

Today we continued on with Arrays by building a farm in their maths books. This also looked at area and their multiplication skills.

After recess today we continued on with our Numeracy report reflections.

Jakob – I make connections to theworld when I count my money when I am at the canteen

Brodie – Trying to work out whats the ancer and saying to are group fineding out the ancer the same time so we all finish at the same time as a group.

After lunch today we went to the library and read the book ‘All I want for Christmas is Rain’ by Cori Brooke. 

Omid – I give this book 5/5 stars cause it’s like it can actually happen. It’s real life.

Katarina – I like this book because of all of the effort that they’ve gone to and the different textures.


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