Tuesday, Week 7, Term 2


This morning we started off with Writer’s Workshop. We were drafting, editing, conferencing and publishing.

We went out for  fitness.

After we got back, we had a mini lesson about Story Structure.

We watched an episode of ‘William’s Wish Wellingtons’ and identified the ‘Beginning, Middle and End’.

After recess today, we did some numeracy. Today we were finishing off our learning about ‘Arrays’ and Multiplication. We built our fences on our own block of land outside.

After lunch today, we participated in some mindfulness to calm our bodies, minds and spirits.

Today was a guided meditation, ‘The Magical Enchanted Tree’.

We then wrote down our thoughts and feelings in our gratitude journal.

At the library today, we read the book ‘Go Home Cheeky Animals’ by Johanna Bell and Dion Beasley.

The children enjoyed the images that were used and the repetition in the story.

We then chose our books for the week and read with our reading partners.

We love their 1:1 correspondence and can see their green light thinking as they sound out tricky words. AMAZING!



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