Wednesday, Week 7 Term 2

This morning, we read the next story in our bible, Joseph Saves His Family:

We had a discussion about how the bible stories linked in together with the previous ones we read.


We then learnt some literacy skills on nouns, verbs and using conjunctions in compound sentences.

During fitness we played number hockey.


After Recess, we learnt about 3D shapes. This is what some of us knew about 3D shapes before the lesson:

Ryan: A cube is a square with 6 faces. And a sphere is a circle but 3D.

Kimberley: A triangular prism has 5 faces. And a rectangular prism has 6 faces.

Fiona: A 3 Dimensional shape is something with depth and width.

Chitra: 3D shapes has lots of 2D shapes built up on it.

We sang the 3D shapes song. We then listed all the 3D shapes we know. We then went on a 3D shapes hunt around the school.


After lunch, we had time to finish off our bin labels for the recycling bin, organics bin, and waste bin.



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