Monday, Week 8, Term 2

This morning, we went to Music and Spanish. This is what we learnt:

Leon: I learn about the weekends and it was Spanish words.

Vince: In Spanish, we wrote down what we did on the weekend in Spanish. In Music, we learnt to make our own music by using Garage Band.

Savio: I learnt how to write “On the weekend” in Spanish. In Music, the teacher told us to continue on our song. Sammy helped me with setting up the chords for Garage.

Chitra: “en el fin de semana” is how you write ‘on the weekend’ in Spanish.


After Recess, we inquired about the Our Father. We then wrote the Our Father in our books.

During Lunch, some of use stayed in to help finish our sunset backdrop.

After Lunch, we did guided reading. We then read the story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

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