Tuesday, Week 5, Term 4

This morning we began our day with fitness. With the forecast being so hot, we thought it was a good opportunity to head out in the morning.

Today we played european handball and 3/4TD played a big game of chasey.

Whilst we ate our fruit, we read the story ‘Rosie’s Hat’ by Julia Donaldson.

In religion today, we explored the different images of God that are present throughout the Bible.

What kind of person is God?

Alfred – A good person, sharing love around the community.

Vince – I think God would be like a good person who plays with his friends and is nice.

Savio – A person who forgives everyone’s sins.

Jakob – God is a person that’s kind and helps people.

David – God is a person that is ancient and mythical but is still alive. He heals people.

Luka – God is a person that cares about everyone.

Fiona – God is a person who has lots of character strengths like love, kindness and leadership.

Rachael – God is a person who dies for our sins.

Axel – God is a peaceful person and forgives any bad people.

We explored God through stories in the bible.

What does the Last Supper tell us about God?

The Last Supper

Chitra – He is someone who sacrifices his life for us. 


Alfred – God is a forgiving person.

Creation Story

Vince – God is a creator.

Axel – God is a provider.

When Jesus got baptised

Savio – When Jesus rose up in the water, the dove and the holy spirit came down to Jesus and God said “This is my beloved son.” God is loving, he is three people in one.

In numeracy today, the children continued exploring the idea of volume.

They showed their working of volume using a flipchart.


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