Farwell to 3/4MC and SM

Dear families,

It is with a heavy heart I leave today. I would like to start by thanking each and everyone of you for your support and friendship.

In such a short time I feel like I have grown not only in being apart of your child’s learning but in what they have taught me. You should be so proud of your children they are developing such amazing character strengths like resilience, bravery, respect and a growth mindset.

As I commence my new role in Adaptive Education I leave your children in the capable hands of Mrs Hayley Stam. She works alongside Mrs Emily Monaghan and Ms Natalie Baldock who will continue to help your children flourish both academically and socially.

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe holiday and amazing rest of the year.


Maria Ciccarello


Thank you to everyone for the wonderful food. We had a yummy party!

Music Assembly

This mornings Music Assembly show cased the incredible talent at Holy Family!

Four of the amazing students were in our classes.

They are:

Ryan Tai

 ” I felt nervous when I went up stage but I still did it. I used the charecter strength of Bravery.”

Hayden Mai

” I felt really nervous. When I looked at the people I felt even more nervous. But when I started playing my nerves went really low. I used the charecter strength of Bravery.”

David Tran

“I felt really nervous because there were over 700 people down there watching me. I had to use bravery because I was back stage and had nowhere to go but on stage.”

Isabella Rogers

” When I went up on stage i felt really nervous and I thought I was going to mess up. But  when I went on stage and saw Mrs Sharman and Ms Ciccarello I felt better. I character strength of Bravery.”


One Hundred Languages

What are 100 languages?

Anthony-  Like 100 voices

Carlo – lots of different languages spoken in the school

Ryan- 100 languages is doing it the way you want to do it

Isabella- is 100 ways you can do stuff

Skye- 100 things that make a child special

David- 100 different ways of loving

Deepthi- 100 languages a child can speak

When we read the poem and watch  the clip what do you think the word languages mean?

Khoi -everyone has a different ways of doing things

Joshua- its not speaking a different languages saying different things

Anthony -100 different parts in your body

Why do use language with each other?

Skye- so we can talk to each other and understanding

Examples of 100 languages:

Thinking, speaking, practising, sharing, investigating, understanding, researching, caring, teaching,exploring,listening,experimenting, trying, conversation, making, drawing, creating, painting, imagining, writing, building




Watch this space ???????????????????



Today we visited The Fish Farm with Mr McCarthy. We spoke about our homes needing to be safe. He then told us fish need safe homes too. We then recorded our findings. We learnt about PH levels that is” Part of hydrogen”- David

Deepthi– “That PH levels are important for the fish. I learnt about the Nitrogen Cycle”

Hayden-“I learnt how to find PH of the water so you can refill it”

Lorraine– ” I learnt on the fish farm that you don’t change the water the fish might die because the PH levels are too high.

Alan- ” At the fish farm I learnt about the PH level. That if its a low number you have to swap the water. The safe is 6- 8″.

Amy – “Baby goldfish only have half their colour. For the water to be safe the PH level needs to 6-8”.

Kristina- I learnt that if you don’t change the water that the fish can be in danger because if the PH level is lower than 6 or higher than 8″.

RyanT– ” If the water is below 6,7 or 8 that means the water is poison. If it was on 7,8 or 6 it means it isn’t poison.

We are Australian too- Assembly

Dear parents

just a reminder our Assembly is tomorrow at 9am.

The students need to be here by 8.50am so we can go over and be ready to start.

Also it is a casual day for Fred’s Van. Bring a can and the students can wear casual clothes.

We have told students they can wear Traditional Dress for the Assembly and then change into other clothes if they would like too.

Also a reminder that tomorrow is not soup day however it is the last day to put in an order.