Spring Fair helpers needed

Hello everyone,

This year at the HFCS Spring Fair our classes will be required to operate the ‘Galati Stall‘. It is always a winner, especially on a hot day. So if you can spare some time to help out we would love to know. Even if it is just for an hour. We have a roster up and going so please let up know asap what time you would prefer.

  • Spring Fair is held this year on Sunday 22nd October.
  • Helpers needed from 11am onwards.

Thanks 🙂

Made in the Image of God

Today we read a story and showed the children the development of a baby from 1 month to 9 months. (For those with parental consent only)

The children had many, many questions. Some we weren’t able to answer as the content may have been not able to be answered at this year level OR we just didn’t know the answer!

Please have a talk with your child about what they learnt today and answer any further questions they might have.

Perhaps you could talk to them about the story of their birth.

We had a very captivated audience for the whole hour of learning.

Outdoor Classroom Day…

Yesterday we all had such a lovely day outside. Student participated in 4 activities around the school ranging from Nature craft, AFL skills to Log Park worrier challenges. It was such a beautiful day and the weather could not have been nicer. Here are some photos….




Spring Fair

Our stall this year is the Gelati Stall – yum!
Can you volunteer 1 hour on the day to help run the stall please? The only job will be scooping gelati and taking the money. Easy!

We would appreciate 2 people during each hour. Can you reply with what time you would be able to help and we will add you to our list.








Many thanks

Outdoor Education Day

Tomorrow the student’s will be participating in Outdoor Education Day.

Your child has chosen 4 activities to participate in during the day. They chose between Football, Ninja Warrior Course, Nature Art, Balloon Ping Pong, Fishing and Mosaic Art.

Could all children please wear their sport uniform for the day and if they could bring an old top from home if they are doing the art activities so they don’t get paint on their uniforms.

They will still need to bring their own recess and lunch, the canteen will be open for both eating times.

Dream Catching

As part of the Moon Lantern festival our classes have created a giant dream catcher (instead of a lantern). It’s made up of all of our photos and hanging below are feathers with all of our hopes and dreams for the future.

Have a read of these reflections of what the students hopes are for in their future, What they’ve always dreamt of and What they want their future world to be like…


I hope to be a specialist doctor to help cure diseases and I get calls from other countries to do operations. DEEPTHI

I hope to have a really nice family and a job in a hospital as a mid wife. KIRRA

I hope in the future I am really famous and everybody will know me. ERIMINA

I want to live in a world full of You Tubers. DENZEL

I want to live in a world that is full of nice people. UDESH

I have always dreamt of a going to a giant candy land with unicorns and going to Queensland too. GEORGIANA

Want to live in a world where there is peace, love, fogginess and where people have a great time. ARIFAH

In the future I hope for a peaceful world where I am safe and I’ve dreamt of being a famous soccer player. THINH

Id like to live in a world with no bullies or rude people in the future. I also wish for there to be no homeless. CARLO

I want to live in a world with lots of surprises. RYAN

Ive always dreamt of being an engineer. I want to live in a world where everyone is free and there is freedom. GOWTHAM

I want to live in a world where my brother plays with me every day and I go to Sydney to see wild animals again. CHRISTINE

I want to be a famous rugby player. I want the world to be clean with no litter. JAIDA


It was so nice reading all of their reflections.

Casual Days and Shared lunch

Week 9, Friday September 22 – Bring a bag of lollies for Spring Fair and wear casual clothes.

Week 10, Friday September 29 – Wear RED or traditional clothing to celebrate the Moon Lantern Festival. We will have a SHARED LUNCH on this day. Please bring a small plate of food to share.

CHANGE OF DATE Week 1 of Term 4, Tuesday, October 17 – Wear casual clothes if you bring a plant for the Spring Fair


Thanks for your support

Week 7

It has been a very busy week this week!

We had our class Mass on Wednesday, AFL footy clinic for 3/4 MC and a shared ‘Healthy Roll’ lunch on Thursday for Outdoor Classroom day (which was postponed due to weather). We have also started the Made in the Image of God curriculum today. Students have enjoyed all of these great learning opportunities.  We joined our  buddies from 5/6 for Buddy fitness and shared our great learning in the Royal Show Inquiries.


Kirra – I enjoyed the footy clinic because I learnt some different skills.

Solomon – I enjoyed the healthy roll because I have never tried tomato before.

Mathewos – I liked the healthy rolls because I gobbled everything up.

Anthony – I enjoyed getting with our buddies because I got to meet new people. I also enjoyed doing the MITIOG lesson because it was fun.

Ruth – I enjoyed the roll because it was DELISH!!

Carlo – I enjoyed the footy clinic because I like footy.

Gowtham – Ummmmm he he he



Here are some of our pictures from the week!

Book Week dress up fun!!

It was so much fun today to see the students arrive in book week costumes. We had such variety of ideas and students all enjoyed guessing the characters.

We attended a great assembly from R/1 MS and 5/6MN based on Book Week and the adventures we can go on. We then returned to class and took some pictures…… Take a look….