Today we visited The Fish Farm with Mr McCarthy. We spoke about our homes needing to be safe. He then told us fish need safe homes too. We then recorded our findings. We learnt about PH levels that is” Part of hydrogen”- David

Deepthi– “That PH levels are important for the fish. I learnt about the Nitrogen Cycle”

Hayden-“I learnt how to find PH of the water so you can refill it”

Lorraine– ” I learnt on the fish farm that you don’t change the water the fish might die because the PH levels are too high.

Alan- ” At the fish farm I learnt about the PH level. That if its a low number you have to swap the water. The safe is 6- 8″.

Amy – “Baby goldfish only have half their colour. For the water to be safe the PH level needs to 6-8”.

Kristina- I learnt that if you don’t change the water that the fish can be in danger because if the PH level is lower than 6 or higher than 8″.

RyanT– ” If the water is below 6,7 or 8 that means the water is poison. If it was on 7,8 or 6 it means it isn’t poison.

We are Australian too- Assembly

Dear parents

just a reminder our Assembly is tomorrow at 9am.

The students need to be here by 8.50am so we can go over and be ready to start.

Also it is a casual day for Fred’s Van. Bring a can and the students can wear casual clothes.

We have told students they can wear Traditional Dress for the Assembly and then change into other clothes if they would like too.

Also a reminder that tomorrow is not soup day however it is the last day to put in an order.


Today Mr McCarthy showed us some mysterious objects.

He asked us to hold them and pass them around and try and guess.

We had some guesses:

David: “I guessed that the Yabbie was a shell” 

Tristan  “I guessed it was shell that fossilised”

Eric “I guessed that one of them was a fossil

Isabella “I guessed it was an animal with a shell”

Mr MCarthy then explained they are fossils. He found them in Northern Territory.

One was a shell fish fossil and the other a yabby.

Mr MCarthy then asked us how old we think the fossils are. We had many guesses and Ann Maria guessed it was 2000 years old which was spot on!

Her are some pictures of us holding them.


Week 1

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Term 2. The students have been excited about their return to school and have already dived into their learning enthusiastically.

This term we are going to be doing some learning around continents and Australia. This has come from reading the story, “I am Australian too”, by Mem Fox. The students told us which countries their families identify with and we recorded these on our world map. We talked about how we are all Australian whether we or our parents or grandparents were born in a different country. You should have also received a note asking for the children to prepare something for an Oral language where they have been asked to bring in an artefact. If you have something very precious, your child can record a segment for others to watch in Photo Booth of them with the artefact. We would also love to find out, “Why my family moved to Australia.” We will use some of these examples at assembly if you are happy to share your personal story.

Change of date: Please note the date for our assembly has CHANGED! We are now in

Week 3, Friday, May 19th, not Week 8 as previously recorded on the school calendar. We hope to see many familiar faces there. The children love having an audience.

Finally, many students would like to use headphones in class. They can be bought cheaply from many department stores. If each child could have their own pair that they transfer back and forth between home at school that would be great. Alternatively, they can be kept at school as well. Please make sure your child’s name is written clearly on the headphones.



Today we tested our Egg Drop Contraptions. We had 12 contraptions and 6 eggs survived whilst 6 didn’t. That means the result was half survived and half didn’t.

We had so much fun experimenting. We loved how different all the designs were. Please enjoy this with us.

When we went to class we reflected on the results.

These are the questions that helped us reflect.

Did your egg crack when you dropped it from the balcony?

Why did your egg crack? Why didn’t your egg crack?

Draw the design- label the parts including the safety features and materials used.

Show the features that helped your egg survive.

What would you add to your egg drop to help make it safer.




Over the past few days the students have been busy designing and constructing a parachute device can safely carry an egg from the balcony to the ground.

Today we are continuing to construct then tomorrow.


Below are our designs.