BOOK WEEK 2019 Friday 23 – Week 5 Term 3






Who are you dressed as and why?

  • Angok – I am dressed as Superman because I like him
  • Mary – I am dressed as Elsa because I used to watch it a lot when I was younger
  • Aidan – I am dressed as Ash Ketchum because I like Pokemon
  • Makur – I am dressed as a soccer player because I like playing soccer
  • Dion – I am dressed as a football player, well crows because I like sports
  • Kurt – I am dressed as a Minecraft Creeper and I have played for a long time
  • Maddox – I am dressed as Hulkbuster because he is strong
  • Goku Do – I am dressed as Goku because he is in the Dragon Ball Books
  • Samurai – I am dressed as Flash because I like Flash
  • Raf – I am dressed as Charmander because I like Pokemon
  • Andy – I am dressed as a Panda
  • Keren – I am dressed as Thing 2 because I thought it was cute to match Kiziah
  • Mia – I am dressed as Hermoine Granger because she has a Dress on and I wanted to wear my dress
  • Ebony – I am dressed as angel
  • Miss Battifuoco and Miss Moore – We are dressed as 2 of the 101 Dalmations. Miss Moore is so clever and made the t-shirts for us! How kind and now we can match all day 🙂


What is Jesus’ secret power?

  • Joey – He can perform miracles
  • Anna – He can forgive people easily
  • Rhoda – Jesus secret power is to perform miracles and forfive peoples sins
  • Bianca – I think he believed people
  • Jas – His power to heal people
  • Nevada – I think his power is to be kind
  • Ash – I think his power is helping people do good things
  • Anna – I think another one of his super powers is leadership
  • Aurora – I think Jesus’ super power is honesty because he can’t lie
  • Holly – I think one of Jesus’ super power is fairness
  • Jaiden – I think Jesus’ power is looking after the whole world
  • Jake – I think Jesus’ power is looking after everything that lives in the world and is in the world


Wow!!! We had so many amazing characters join us in class today for Book Week! Who can you see???

MINDFULNESS – Gratitude Writing 

We use Friday’s to reflect on the specks of gold from our week…


Provocation: Show us the different types of angles we have learned about…

Have a lovely weekend!

TRUST your reading Thursday August 22 – Week 5 Term 3

Hi all! Welcome to…

Trust your reading Thursday August 22!


Some games or apps tell stories. Write or create an advertisement for your favourite game!

  • Dion – I love Fifa and you can play with your friends and play soccer
  • Raf – I did Super Smash Bros. I play it on Nintendo
  • Darcy – I like Minecraft because you can build stuff and go on adventures with friends
  • Samurai – My favourite game was Star Wars and I play on PS4!
  • Noah – My favourite game is Jump Force! You can do missions and do multiplayer with friends
  • Keren – Aqua is an app I play on my mums phone. It’s like a real waterslide!
  • Aurora – My favourite game is Monopoly! I like it because if you’re 8 you can buy stuff when you’re only 8 so you pretend you’re an adult!
  • Nate – I play Forza Horizon! It is a racing game but you can do anything
  • Mia – I play at my uncles house Super MarioKart and you get to race people
  • Anna – My favourite game is Roblox because there are lots of games inside like inside one game!
  • Joey – My favourite game is Injustice. I play that on Play Station. It is a superhero game and you choose characters and you get to choose a place to fight in the place

Once we finished our advertisements we had some time to practice our reading! It is so super important that we are reading each and every day. We are trying to increase our reading stamina. Today our goal was 10 minutes of straight reading but we couldn’t quite reach it. That’s okay – there’s always tomorrow! And the next day… and the next!


Today for our art study we are exploring famous artist Frida Kahlo. We read a story about her life and how she became an artist.

Image result for Frida Kahlo book

The children were able to choose a Frida portrait to recreate. They were given 5 different images to choose from and then had a go at drawing them on brown paper, creating an outline and then adding some colour. Miss Moore gave an example of how she used a growth mindset to have a go at the activity.