TRUSTING Thursday November 14 – Week 5 Term 4

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Welcome to TRUSTING Thursday!


Fairy bread seems like an easy snack to make doesn’t it? Bread, butter, 100’s and 1000’s right? NOT RIGHT! This morning Miss Battifuoco asked for some help in making a fairy bread snack. You would think the steps are quite simple? She followed instructions from students perfectly and we learned that the words we use and the detail we give matters. Get the bread and put butter on it. This meant that the loaf of bread had butter on the outside of it!

Miss Battifuoco took all of the ingredients out of the bag and then asked if someone could guess what we might be making. 

  • Nevada- Fairy Bread

What would be the first step? 

  • Annaliese- Get the bread out

What would be step number 2? 

  • Maddox- Do butter

Whats next? 

  • Andy- Put Sprinkles

Next step?

  • Iris- I think after you pulled out the bread you put butter on it

Next step?

  • Lara- You open the sprinkles and put it on the bread

It was at this point the children realised that something was wrong……….

  • Anna- Say the amount and where to put it

Who thinks they can tell me what to do from the start? 

  • Dion- Put the bread on the plate

Try again? 

  • Dion- Put one piece of the bread onto the plate
  • Krystian- Open the lid of the butter and put it on the table, grab one knife and spread the butter on one piece
  • Angok- Spill some sprinkles

NO NO NO NO NO, yelled all the children……….

  • Raf- Pour a little bit on the bread,
  • Raf- Sprinkle the sprinkles on the bread
  • Eva- Cut the bread with the knife into halves
  • Holly- Eat it


We changed our language and the words used a little to create a slice of fairy bread. We completed our own procedures for the fairy bread and a partner then used our procedures to make one. Most of us had success! Some of us worked on using more detailed language and action verbs to make sure we ended up with a perfect fairy bread piece!


We played a big class game of FAIRY BREAD TAG. We were either given the label of bread, butter, 100’s and thousands and had to dodge the hungry taggers in the middle.


We discussed the Bushfires occurring in NSW at the moment and how grateful we are for those who are risking their lives to try and battle the fires and save peoples homes and animals.


In preparation for HFCS Christmas Carols night, today we completed some art work that will be shown when we are on stage. We will be singing two songs, ‘I am Here’ and ‘Silent Night’. Our provocation today was to create a piece of art to be shown in an iMovie during Silent Night. Some of us used our black books to draw whilst others were interested in creating art work using their laptops.



This afternoon we practiced our vertical addition. We used our growth mindsets to give all tasks a go!



Image result for christmas lunch 

Dear parents and caregivers,

This year for our end of year shared lunch/class party students in 3JM and 3IB will be invited to a Christmas Dining Hall. Students will be fed a wholesome lunch whilst celebrating the year we have had together. We aim to set this up as a long table lunch with some Christmas surprises. The cost will cover preparation of the lunch.

Date: Thursday 5 December 2019 (Week 8)

Lunch Menu

Bread Roll

Main (Protein and Veg)


Cost: $5.00

What students should bring on the day:

Plate and Fork (non-disposable)




Please note payment is due by Wednesday 4 December and can be made at the front office by cash, EFTPOS or through the Qkr App.

If you child has any dietary requirements e.g. vegetarian please advise by return email or at the school office.  These can also be advised during the payment process on the Qkr App.

WORLDLY Wednesday November 13 – Week 5 Term 4

Let’s look after our world, it’s Wednesday

Related image



Today in Spanish the children did some art. The year 3s continued their learning on the Art style Surrealism. They were reminded of Salvador Dali’s famous artworks for inspiration, with particular focus on The Persistence of Memory (the melting clocks). In their Visual Art Diaries, they were invited to create their own ‘Surrealist’ drawings, using some of Dali’s strange techniques, such as making unusual objects melt or float, combining random things together, or creating a new species by putting different animals’ body parts together (like Dali’s spider elephants!). A small group was guided who wanted to learn how to draw a melting clock, while the rest of the class let their imaginations run wild with their Surrealist, fantasy drawings!


Image result for sarah's two nativities

‘Sarah’s two nativities’ by Janine M. Fraser and Helene Magisson.
In Sarah’s house the Bible and the Koran sit together on a shelf – two books bursting with stories. Sarah loves the nativities best – the stories her grandmothers tell at Christmas about the birth of Baby Jesus.
Thank you to Akemjot and Ashvarn for reading the story for 3JM today and Bianca and Jake for reading the story for 3IB.
How did your feel during or after the story?
  • Krystian- Happy and Sad. Happy because some of the story was happy and sad because some of it was sad.
  • Noah- I felt calm because I got to listen to a story from the bible.
  • Lucas- I felt relaxed, when the story was being read.
  • Jaiden- I felt calm because the story was about the bible.
  • Tcross- I felt relaxed and I enjoyed it because they were talking about God.
  • Nate- I felt calm because it looked like it was in a dream.
  • Akem- I felt calm because when I was reading the story it was a good story with happy thoughts.
  • Ash- I felt positive mind when I was reading and I quite tried my best to speak loudly when I was reading.
  • Deakyn – I felt relaxed after the story
  • Lynn – The person was telling the story about Jesus
  • Makur – It was about Christmas and Jesus


During National Recycling Week we wanted to open dialogue about our earth and how important it is to protect it.

Prayers for the earth;

  • Bella- Dear God please make sure our earth is healthy and clean, Amen
  • Lucas- Dear God, please tell everyone to not litter so we can have less pollution, Amen
  • Eva- Dear God, please make sure everyone takes care of the world and the trees, Amen
  • Nev- Dear God, please help us to look after the earth, Amen
  • Ash- Dear God, please make our world more better and air more better and use less cars, Amen
  • Keren- Dear God, please help us take care of the earth, Amen
  • Raf- Dear God, help the people to not litter and we use less cars and the doesn’t get hotter and destroy our world, Amen
  • Mason- Dear God, please look after the earth or it won’t be here in the next billion years, Amen
  • Jevan- Dear God, please stop the pollution and stop the cars using so much gas, Amen.


Today for fitness we did a circuit around the oval 3 times. The first two times we did it as a class and the last lap the children were able to go at their own pace. We emphasise the importance of fitness to increase our heart rate and help our bodies to stay fit and healthy. Building stamina the children had to try their best to keep up and push themselves to keep going. Here is the circuit we did today and some happy snaps of the children in action.


Miss Battifuoco introduced a lesson about heat after we came in from fitness. A perfect opportunity when our bodies were hot and heat was created from running in the circuit. She opened dialogue with the children about what creates heat, types of heat, sources of heat and how we measure heat. This is where the children are able to share what they alre(natural/ electricity and power), examples of things that change with heat and a challenge to sort heat sources into sun, chemical reactions, earths interior, friction and electricity.



It is National Recycling week so we thought it was a great opportunity to recap our knowledge around what we can and can’t recycle and the importance of recycling for sustainable living.

We started by opening dialogue about what recycling is;

The children then went off to critically think about how they already recycle and what they can do moving forward to improve on what they are doing to help our planet earth. This meant thinking about how they can recycle different things in different areas of their home. Two extension activities were to create a poster to teach someone how recycling and a recycling sorting activity.


THINKING Tuesday November 12 – Week 5 Term 4


Image result for thinking quotes for kids


We started our morning with some Sun Breaths together. The children gently closed over their eyes, sat in a comfortable seated position as I guided them through some soft gently breathing. This calm moment set us up for the learning to follow.


Rotations- The following rotations give an opportunity to use a range of skills we have been working on in a time frame. The activities are short and achievable but also stretch the children to use the skills we have learnt on their own or in a small group. They cover a range of different literacy skills including, reading, writing, oral language, comprehension etc.

  • Guided with the teacher- Homophone sentences- concentrating on the correct spelling of words. For example- write and right, flour and flower,
  • Guided reading- Magic Potion Procedure reading and questions to follow
  • Spelling- adding new words into their word bank
  • Oral language- rhyming game with a partner


Today for prayer we said our class prayer and then sang the school song.

Some children then offered prayers for the school;

  • Joey- Dear God thank you for this school because if we didn’t have this school or the children in the school we wouldn’t be able to learn
  • Jevan- Dear God, thank you for the school so we can learn and make new friends
  • Krystian- Dear God, thank you for the school so I can my friends play with me when I am sad
  • Libby- Dear God, thank you for the school because we can learn lots of things because some people in the world can’t go to school
  • Aurora- Dear God, please help our school to stay kind, loving, happy, joyful, grateful
  • Ebony- Dear God, thank you for the school because we get to make friends we can learn different things
  • Jaiden- Dear God, thank you the school because we can learn and if we learn in high school you might know the answer
  • Lara- Dear God, thank you for my friends


Today for fitness the children had to run the fastest lap they could around the oval.


We then came back inside to do a Kahoot. This Kahoot was a warm up using their division skills. It had random division questions by 2,3,5 and 10. After the Kahoot the children completed a division assessment. This just gives us a guide to how the children are going with division and creates a place to move forward with their learning. They should all continue to use these skills at home.



Typing Club

LITERACY – Procedure writing.

What is a procedure?

  • Libby- Something with steps
  • Ann- Its like a recipe, you need steps to make it
  • Ava- Method
  • Akem- Its like when we were doing the activity this morning, there was a method and it was step by step to do it
  • Ash- You have to see what things you need to have to do it and then method is what you put in and do

We talked about what a procedure needs and the importance of how clear the steps need to be to ensure that the reader knows exactly what they need to do. The children had a go at writing their own procedure about making a pizza. We will continue this learning over the coming weeks.

Friendship Friyay November 7 – Week 4 Term 4

Already that time of the week again?!?!

Image result for friendship friday

Happy Friendship Friyay!



Blue sky… science on our minds… to the park we go! We consolidated our science push and pull forces from yesterday with another visit to the park! Together we looked at the forces we could find.. and had some exploration time of course!


Together we sang, “Jesus you are my Best Friend.”

How was Jesus a good friend?

  • Mia – Jesus is a good friend because he’s always around you and he doesn’t let anybody down
  • Bianca – Jesus is a good friend because he is kind to everyone
  • Lara – Jesus is a good friend because he is nice
  • Noah – Jesus is a good friend because he is kind with everyone around him
  • Anna – Jesus is a good friend because he never lets anybody down

What makes you a good friend?

  • Ava – I am a good friend because I try my best to make brand new games for new people to play
  • Ebony – I am a good friend because I am kind
  • Aurora – I think I am a good friend because I always try to help my friends if they need me
  • Kiziah – I am a good friend because I make my friends happy
  • Maddox – I am a good friend because he makes people happy
  • Angok – I am a good friend because I make people happy

Who is a good friend to you and why?

  • Holly – I am a good friend because I let people join in games
  • Jaiden – Makur is a good friend because he helps me when I fall down and am hurt
  • Lucas – Joseph is a good friend because he always plays with me
  • Bella – Jesus is a good friend to me because he helps lots of people
  • Jevan – Makur is a good friend because he lets me play when he’s playing and gets the goals for us
  • Keren – Mia is a good friend because she always lets me play with her
  • Joseph – Jake is a good friend to me because he always lets me play with him
  • Lynn – Iris is a good friend because she lets me play with her
  • Aidan – Deakyn is a good friend to me because he always plays with me
  • Raf – Lucas is a good friend to me because he always makes me happy when I am sad
  • Krystian – Angok is a good friend to me because he always plays with me
  • Makur – Jevan and Jaiden are good friends to me because they always play with me


Today we introduced our new PROJECTS!!! Our projects are going to continue over the next four weeks and is the perfect opportunity for our agency to shine! We get to choose our own topics, create our inquiry questions, research, collaborate, discuss, communicate and use our 100 languages to support our learning! 

We discussed different levelled questions and how important it is to pose such questions.


What are you grateful for this week? What is your biggest speck of gold?

Have a happy and safe weekend!


OUTDOOR CLASSROOM DAY November 7 – Week 4 Term 4

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“Lessons learnt outdoors, whether maths, science or language, often stay with us for life. Being outdoors helps children focusboosts creativity and imagination, and can simply be more fun

Children who have the freedom to play today — making friends, getting lost in the moment, having fun — are better prepared for whatever tomorrow throws at them. Playing helps children build friendshipstest their own boundaries and solve their own problems. It’s central to a child’s development and their enjoyment of childhood.”

Today, weather permitted, we endeavour to spend as much time outdoors with our learning as possible! 


  • Mary – Relaxed
  • Noah – Energised
  • Jevan – Calm and relaxed
  • Aurora – I feel like I just want to go to bed
  • Jas – Tired
  • Aidan – That video gave me more energy
  • Raf – Tired
  • Rhoda – It made me more calmer
  • Ava – I want to do 1000 more of those
  • Mia – Energetic
  • Deakyn – Calm and relaxed and excited for outdoor day
  • Holly – Sleepy
  • Jake – I feel like I can finally survive my first night at Minecraft
  • Ebony – I feel relaxed and calm
  • Francesca – I feel calm
  • Lara – Tired
  • Anna – I feel like I am really weak
  • Kurt – I feel tired and kind of stressed
  • Akemjot – I feel calm, it was a bit hard but I managed to finish it
  • Iris – I feel sore
  • Krystian – I feel tired and calm and refreshed

SENSES SCAVENGER HUNT – Use your senses to find the following;

  • Something rough
  • Something smooth
  • Something you can eat
  • Something yellow
  • Something that makes noise
  • Something that is long


What do we think about creation?

  • Ashvarn – I think all the Gods in the world joined together and created their own stuff
  • Aurora – I think God made people and then those people made the buildings but God made the environment
  • Ann – I think that there was a different God that made the world and people didn’t care about it but then God made this world
  • Jake – I think no Gods made the world but maybe asteroids hit the earth and then things turned into grass and water and then after years creatures in the water made animals and people
  • Ava – I think that not really anybody made it just the environment made itself
  • Iris – I believe that the Big Bang happened. Like before space happened everything was asteroids then it made a lot of planets. Space was really small but it kept expanding
  • Akemjot – First I think earth was a different planet and then soon when God realised we need a place to live with oxygen we should change it to Earth. Then God put things on there
  • Libby – I think that there was a dark planet which is known today as Earth and people didn’t start out like us but actual like chimpanzees a long long time ago

Provocation: Write a nature prayer!


  • Aurora – “We are thinking of doing a real big iMovie where there is nature dancing and we ask people why they like nature”
  • Jasmine – “Me, Bella and Ann are going to make a nature comic on our laptops”
  • Jake, Kurt, Makur, Ash, Noah are continuing with their mansion but changing it into a forest to make it apart of nature!
  • Joseph – “Me and Raf making an area from super smash bros but it is based in the forest”
  • Deakyn – “We are doing a museum with animals and nature things. Me, Jevan and Darcy.”
  • Anna – “We are continuing the claw machine. Today Aidan is making the balls.”
  • Mary – “We are going to make a puppet show of how the world is made and use the sand.”
  • Eva – “Me and Ebony are making a Christmas diorama”
  • Tcross – “We are making a van”
  • Nevada – “Cierra and me are making an iMovie about nature”
  • Dion and Angok worked on a soccer skills iMovie – great collaboration by the boys!!!


  • Joseph – “We worked together to make a Super Smash Bros arena. You would choose your characters and then you get placed in the arena and have to fight. It took us half of investigations. Me, Raf and Lucas painted it.”
  • Raf – “we used creativity and perseverance because it was hard to make.”
  • Eva – ‘During investigations me and Ebony made a Christmas diorama. It has Father Christmas and Snowman at the back. We used different things to make it.”
  • Lynn shared her news report about rubbish at Holy Family! She worked independently on this – job well done!


Provocation: Write/draw any push and pull forces you see and make at the park!

  • Noah – Push when they pushed Kurt on the swing 
  • Eva – I pulled the rope by climbing up the thing on the playground 
  • Angok I pushed the swing
  • Keren – I pulled the branch
  • Maddox – I pushed a tree
  • Iris – I did a pull. I pulled a little branch to get myself up the tree
  • Jaiden – I pushed myself so the swing would go higher
  • Anna – I pulled myself on the tree


  • Bella – My speck of gold from today was going on the park
  • Lynn – My speck of gold from today was going to the park
  • Lucas – My speck of gold from today is going to the park
  • Darcy – My speck of gold from today is having fun with friends and jumping
  • Noah – My speck of gold from today was doing the scavenger hunt with my friends
  • Kurt – My speck of gold from today was playing basketball with my friends
  • Cierra – My speck of gold from today was making my iMovie with Nevada
  • Jevan – My speck of gold from today was playing with my friends in investigations
  • Akemjot – My speck of gold from today is spraining my ankle
  • Nate – My speck of gold from today was cooking a kangaroo

KIND Wednesday November 6 – Week 4 Term 4


“The purpose of World Kindness Day is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realise we are citizens of the world. As world citizens we have a commonality, and must realise that if progress is to be made in human relations and endeavours, if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence, we must focus on what we have in common.”




Thank you to Rhoda and Jevan and Darcy who bravely read our library story for the week to us.

Image result for Cat and Dog sarah bentley book

What would you rate the story? Did you like it?

  • Joey- I would rate it a 6 out of 10 because it was fun the cat and dog tried to escape the house.
  • Akemjot- I would rate it a 5 out of 10 because I liked the part when they were escaping but it wasn’t that exciting.
  • Raf- I would rate it a 8 out of 10 because it was funny. It was funny when the cat didn’t want to go outside.
  • Ash- I would rate it a 7 out of 10 because there was pretty good detail but not enough words but the pictures were good.
  • Mason- I would rate it 9 out of 10 because I liked the pictures because they were good drawings and had lots of detail.
  • Tcross- I would rate it 9 out of 10 because I thought it was really funny and when they owners came home the cat and dog were rushing to clean up.

How was kindness shown in the story?

  • Jake – The dog was trying to chew the cat up and make him go outside
  • Aurora – Cat and Dog were very different but they tried to make a difference that they were the same. At the end they kind of got better
  • Ann – Cats and Dogs don’t usually play with each other unlike real life where they don’t like each other
  • Ava  – The Cat and Dog

We borrowed our new books for the week and began reading 🙂


  • William – We did Day of the Dead making
  • Ebony – I made two flowers
  • Anna – I made a VISCO skull


  • Libby – Aurora is kind to me because when I need help she helps me
  • Aurora – Lara is a kind and good friend. Whenever I am sad she will always make me happy and laugh
  • Lara – Miss Moore is a great teacher
  • Miss Moore – Rhoda is one of the best helpers I have ever had. She alway knows the next thing I need. Kayden is very creative and good at basketball
  • Rhoda – Kiziah is a very nice friend
  • Kiziah – Mary is very kind and beautiful
  • Mary – Keren is really nice and smart
  • Keren – Ashvarn is very kind
  • Ash – Mia is very intelligent
  • Mia – Annaliese always stands up for others and always thinks of others
  • Annaliese – Bianca is nice and kind to me
  • Bianca – Akemjot is very funny
  • Akemjot – Kristina is kind
  • Kristina – Tcross is a generous friend and she never lets me down
  • Tcross – Angok is very sporty and kind
  • Angok – Mason is very nice
  • Mason – Nevada is always kind to her friends
  • Nevada – Cierra is a very kind friend
  • Cierra – Eva is very kind and beautiful and always comes to school with a smile
  • Eva – Ebony is very kind and beautiful
  • Ebony – Holly is nice and kind and beautiful
  • Holly – Lynn is full of love and curiosity
  • Lynn – Ava is kind because she gives me fruit sometimes
  • Ava – Jake is not only kind but he’s generous, humorous and creative
  • Jake – Nate is a very cool friend and he’s funny and he’s one of my best friends
  • Nate – Andy is kind because he lets people play with him and he’s very intelligent
  • Andy – Kurt helps me do my work
  • Kurt – William is kind and intelligent and he has a funny emotion
  • William – Jevan is fast and kind
  • Jevan – Darcy is a nice friend and he’s very funny
  • Darcy – Lucas is kind and funny
  • Lucas – Dion is a kind friend and always plays with me
  • Noah – Aidan is a kind friend and always plays with me
  • Dion – Noah is kind friend because he always lets me play
  • Aidan – Jasmine is one of the best friends in the world
  • Jasmine – Ann is really kind and she is good at art
  • Ann – Bella has been there for me since reception and always has a smile
  • Bella – Anna is kind and funny
  • Anna – Deakyn is really funny and fast and brave!
  • DD – Raf is a good friend and he’s energetic
  • Raf – Joey is creative, adventurous and has a nice sense of humour
  • Joey – Iris really brights up the school
  • Iris – Jaiden is really funny and nice
  • Jaiden – Makur is a kind friend, when I fall down he always helps me
  • Makur – Miss B is nice and generous and fast
  • Miss Battifuoco – Frankie is very very inclusive which means she always lets anyone play with her
  • Frankie – Libby is really nice and funny
  • Kayden – Joey is kind and lets me join and teaches me new stuff


After prayer we head outside to get out heart rates pumping and let off some energy before our PAT Reading Test. We warmed up with a backwards walk to the oval, some running stamina and then played a whole class game of capture the flag! Have a look at the collaboration skills!!


As a class we completed the second part of the PAT testing. Today we focussed on reading! Fantastic job to all of our students for showing a HUGE GROWTH MINDSET!


What is a push?

  • Darcy – A push is when you like throw it
  • Deakyn – A push is when you push a car forward
  • Tcross – A push is when you use your force to push something like a ball
  • Joey – A push is when push away from you
  • Jevan – A push is when you move something and it goes forwards

What is a pull?

  • Angok – A pull a chair
  • Bianca – A pull us for example if you pull a door that means pull
  • Mia – A pull is when you try to achieve something to come to you
  • Raf – A pull is when you pull it to the direction like you’re pulling it to you

Provocation for TONIGHT: Use your 100 languages to show 1 example of a push force and 1 example of a pull force. Record/write/draw your findings using your laptop skills. Please ask your children about this activity and feel free to join in on the learning fun!



As part of our end of year reports, we have chance to share our own social and academic learning and reflections. We worked on these this afternoon – stayed tuned to read them in our reports!

Tomorrow is Outdoor Education Day! We are celebrating with various Outdoor Activities. Please wear your PE Uniform 🙂

TRUST Tuesday November 5th – Week 4 Term 4

Show Trust, It’s Tuesday! 

Image result for trust and kindness quote

PAT Testing – Math

This morning we had our second PAT testing for Math for the year. We told the children about the test and how it will be run. They then had 40 minutes to finish it. This test provides data for us to see the children’s progress from when they last completed the test in July. Tomorrow we will complete the reading version.


  • Nate- When he was in the lead he saw that he tripped so he stopped and the other people passed the line and he went to help the other person to distract the bully so he could finish.
  • Libby- Micah showed kindness to Gabe when he fell because his shoe laces were untied so he wanted to help him
  • Frankie- Micah showed kindness to Gabe because when he fell down and the bully was going to get him he helped him get away
  • Kurt- Micah showed kindness to Gabe by grabbing money out of his pocket and giving to the bully so they both won
  • Raf- Micah showed kindness when the boy fell and Micah felt bad, so instead of winning he went to help him
  • Joey- Micah showed kindness by helping Gabe when he fell by grabbing some money out of his pocket to distract the bully and they they crossed the finish line

  • Ash- I feel very happy and thankful and pleased
  • Krystian- I feel happy and safe
  • Maddox- Happy
  • Mason- When someone shows me kindness I feel good
  • Cierra- When someone shows me kindness I feel grateful for them
  • Lynn- When someone shows me kindness I feel happy and thankful for that person
  • Holly- When someone shows kindness to me I feel belonging
  • Anna- When someone helps me I will be grateful for them
  • Aidan- I felt kindness when Anna took me to the office when I got home

MATH – Division 

Division Recap 2,3,5 

The children worked through some division skill work. We talked to the children about where we use division skills in everyday life and I gave some different examples. We talked about how important it is use this skill every day and that’s why we all need lots of practice.

Introduction 10 

We then moved into division by 10. In year 3 the children are to learn the division by 2,3,5 and 10. This is what we have focused on in the last 4 weeks.


After typing club we had some friends to share. Jas, Krystian and Lynn all did some sharing about places they have been, holidays they have been on or things they had made.


This afternoon we explored homophones. We taught the children what they are and showed some examples. As a class we said some together;

  • Akemjot- P, pea and pee
  • Kristina- Bye, by, and buy
  • Nate- sea and C
  • Lynn- four and for
  • Jas- mhoi and muy
  • Lucas- Hi and high

The children then had to think of 6 of their own and draw and write them in their black books. The extension task was to then put them in sentences. Here is what they came up with.



MAGICAL Monday November 4 – Week 4 Term 4

Welcome to Week 4 – MAGICAL MONDAY!

Image result for quote about magic

In light of this Wednesday being World Kindness Day, our learning this week is focussed all around kindness.


In light of World Kindness Day this Wednesday, this morning we began our week with a feel good video about Acts Of Kindness. We spoke about the effects of such acts of kindness and how people’s faces lit up!

Each of us have been give a Kindness Bingo for ideas of kindness acts during the week. We also have the option to add to the bingo list each time we think we are kind!

Some of us wanted to share what we’ve done already!

  • Ann – I complimented Jasmine saying she had a nice hair do
  • Jevan – I thanked a teacher for teaching me and invited someone to play with me
  • Anna – I have done cleaning after myself
  • Nevada –  I cleaned up after myself
  • Aurora – I said hi to Declan’s friend Harper



  • Darcy – We had to guess the beat for Baa Baa Black Sheep


For today’s prayer, and in light of kindness week, Miss Battifuoco read us the story ‘Words and you Heart.’ 

Image result for words and your heart book

How can you make someone’s heart happy?

  • Miss Moore – I like when you send me a message, or song, or picture that makes my heart happy
  • Miss Battifuoco – Thank you for always sharing your yummy treats with me when I have forgotten my lunch
  • Angok- I heard Mason say to Maddox that he is kind
  • Jaiden- Ash said you are kind friend to be trusted
  • Holly- Frankie said that I am a nice friend
  • Ava– I told Miss B that she is good teacher and helps out a lot
  • Ebony– Eva said I was beautiful.
  • Aurora- Lara said to me that she makes her heart happy when she compliments someone, I said that dancing makes me happy
  • Kiziah- Mary said that I am funny and kind
  • Jevan- Ash said that I am a nice friend
  • Eva- Ebony said that I was amazing
  • Joey- Raf said that I very sporty
  • Kristina- Libby said that I am nice
  • Krystian- Angok said that I am funny and kind
  • Mia- Keren said that I make her smile every day when she see’s me
  • Raf- Joey said that I am smart


Our investigations today were focussed on kindness and sense-making. Together as a group we discussed beginning our learning and how we can discover different things in investigations. We also discussed being able to continue our learning at a later date. Today we planned what we would do/make/create/explore in our investigation time. Having a focus and goal sometimes helps us with our focus and agency! This also gives teachers the chance to check in and extend our thinking!


In flow…


Together we looked through the above images and the children captioned and discussed what was happening in them. This gave them a voice to share the process of their learning to us all.


  • Deakyn –  I feel calm and sleepy
  • Ebony – I feel calm
  • Jake – I am ready to learn

Have a lovely Morning afternoon 🙂 

FREAKY Friday November 1 – Week 3 Term 4

Welcome to FREAKY FRIDAY! 

We hope you all had a very spooky but exciting Halloween night last night!


This mornings mindful moment involved taking 5. Taking 5 minutes to prepare ourselves for the day. Using our 5 fingers to help us. We traced around our fingers taking breaths in and out. We then used adjectives to describe how we were feeling about the day;

  • Kurt – Calm and positive
  • Frankie – Calm
  • Lucas – Calm
  • Tcross – Relaxed
  • Nevada – Calm
  • Jas – Make me want to go to bed
  • Jake – Chillaxed
  • Anna – Very energetic
  • Raf – Awake
  • Akemjot – Sleepy


  • Holly – I saw zest in the dancing
  • Noah – I saw creativity when they were drawing
  • Aidan – I saw bravery with the little kids reading
  • Ann – I saw hope because they had to remember the dance
  • Mia – I saw bravery when they tried their best to remember the moves
  • Libby – I saw bravery when the year 1’s remembered their speaking parts
  • Bianca – I saw bravery because my little brother he was trying to say his speaking part very loud
  • Ava – I saw creativity when they were doing the dance and doing cool moves
  • Anna – I saw bravery when Kevin and Jason my friends were saying their speaking parts and dancing


We shared and read a special weekend prayer together. 

Image result for weekend prayer

  • Nate – Dear God, watch over my poppy that is in heaven. Amen.
  • Mia – Dear God, thank you for the weekend because we get to go out for breakfast and pancakes. Amen.
  • Ava – Dear God, please look after all the people that I love and my family members love too. Amen.
  • Annaliese – Dear God, thank you for my friends and family because they help me and support me. Amen.



  • Jake – The possessed pumpkin that almost made my skeleton jump out my body. Jay and his mum and dad


  • Makur – A boy took too much candy
  • Mia – He got told to take one candy a day but he took a handful
  • DD – Every day when he took a handful of candy and he goes to school and the pumpkin looks scarier


  • Nate – It was happening on Halloween
  • Noah – It was happening near their house


  • Aidan – They were at the house
  • Kristina – Outside
  • Ava – They did it outside the house but also in the dream

Provocation – Create your own spooky Halloween story! 

  • Angok – Mine will be called the creepy clown who steals all the candy in the night
  • Bella – Mine is called the skeleton army!
  • Andy – The scary skeleton!
  • Bianca – My story is about the haunted house
  • Annaliese – I am writing about a candy house
  • Maddox – Mine is about a pumpkin
  • Holly – The Spooky Zombie
  • Darcy – I am writing about a Spooky Skeleton

Joseph’s Story:

Ann’s Story and Little Boy Character:

William’s Story:

Anna’s Story:

Cierra and Nevada’s Story:

Lucas’ Story:

Ava’s Story:


We completed a new obstacle course on the playground to get our hear rates pumping for the weather got a little too hot!



We participated in a whole group division game! In this game we explored dividing by 5 and making groups. We then chose our own 10 division sums to record and investigate using our laptops! This is really helpful website to practice what we have been covering in class!