FEASTING FRIDAY August 16 – Week 4 Term 3

Today it’s FRIDAY let’s FEAST

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Today was a long assembly all about the Lion King. When we were eating our recess we reflected about the character strengths we saw in today’s assembly…

  • Will- I saw bravery when a reception kid came up to speak
  • Ava- The character strength I saw was zest and bravery. Zest when they were dancing and bravery for the new kids
  • Aurora- I really liked all the songs and dancing
  • Ash- I saw 3 character strengths- Bravery when the little kids tried their best to speak to everyone and another one was perseverance when they kept trying to dance and the last one was zest when they were dancing and using energy
  • Jevan- I saw bravery when they were dancing because the receptions did a really good job when they were dancing
  • Krissy- I liked it when they sung Hakuna Matata
  • Ava- I also saw creativity and humour – when the kids made their mask and when the kids were dressed up in their costumes
  • Tcross- I liked when they did all the dancing and singing
  • Annaliese- I liked the receptions dancing
  • Aurora- I also liked the theme of the assembly which was the Lion King


Today we went to the playground to have our fitness. Some children were doing time trials of the playground turning it into an obstacle course.


Wow! What an experience we had today at our first dining hall feast. I had some wonderful helpers who helped me to set up the centre, transforming it into our own dining hall.

The children all came in found their place and then waited to serve their lunch.

They served them selves some spring rolls for entree and then came up to serve their noodles for lunch. They all had a cupcake for dessert 🙂 It was so lovely to share a meal with our buddies all together.



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Mr Holmes who was in for Miss B today bought in a dvd for us to watch on animal sustainability. We watched the short film and then answered some questions…

What is the name of the famous actor who narrated the dvd?

  • Jadien- Morgan Freeman

Dr Birute Mary Galdika has studied what animal for almost 40 years?

  • Angok – orangutan

For over 50 years Dame Daphne Sheldrick has rescued and looked after what mammal?

  • Ash- Elephants

Daphe Sheldrick’s elephant orphanage sits in a corner of which National Park?

  • Makur- Kenya

What is a poacher?

  • Will- Human hunters

Why are baby orang-utan’s orphaned?

  • Joey- they are not strong enough to live in the wild
  • Jevan- they are taken from their families
  • Jevan- deforestation

How can we help these people who are trying to make a difference?

  • Joey- stop tearing down the forest
  • Ash- you shouldn’t take down the trees where people are living

What happened to the elephants tail?

  • Joey- hyena’s attacked its tail

Elephants have good….?

  • Mary- their families
  • Joey- tusks
  • Ash- they are very good drinking water out their trunks
  • Jevan- memory


Gratitude Writing 

What a wonderful busy week we had!


THIRSTY Thursday August 15 – Week 4 Term 3


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Thinking Thursday

Think about a food you don’t like… how could you use a growth mindset to try it?

Why is it important to eat healthy/ mix up your diet?


This weeks art provocation is the book ‘The Dot’.

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The children were all given a piece of paper with a random dot somewhere on their page. They then had to use this as a base for their art. This is what they came up with…

What was Vashti’s mindset at the start of the story;

  • Nate- She didn’t believe in her self that she could draw
  • Rho- She used a fixed mindset
  • Jevan – She used a fixed mindset because she said she couldn’t draw
  • Libby- She used a fixed mindset because she was saying she didn’t know how to draw or how to paint
  • Holly- She was using a fixed mindset because she said she could only draw a small little dot
  • Aurora- She used a fixed mindset because she didn’t think she could draw and she was not using enough creativity

How did mindset change;

  • Annaliese- She kept on trying and never stopped
  • Ash- She kept on trying to do what the teacher said and it actually came true and she was surprised
  • Nate- She started from a little dot to a bigger dot and then an even bigger dot and she kept going
  • Holly- She kept on trying and she had so many dots that she made an art show
  • Kurt- The teacher told her to preserve
  • Ava- She used a growth mindset by keep on trying and never giving up and she used creativity to make lots of dots and she used perseverance to keep going on making dots
  • Anna- She followed the teachers instructions and made a dot and then kept making more dots
  • Mia- She taught her self that she can become a real artist and used perseverance
  • Aurora- She followed the teacher and then the teacher kind of tricked her and then she saw the dot and Vashti started making more


Today Ash and Lucas and Mrs H shared about a special day that is today in their culture.

Rakhi is a day to celebrate brothers and sister. Rakhi is a day in Indian culture where a ceremony takes place and brother’s are given a special bracelet to wear as a reminder to protect their sisters for the following year.


Today we had the assumption of Mary Mass.


This afternoon we worked on angles again. The children had to create a picture with angles. They all did a great job.




Wasabi Wednesday August 14 – Week 4 Term 3


Welcome to August 14!  


  • Lynn – We learnt about different colours


Our focus story for today’s library session was ‘‘Goat on a Boat“!. This story was a wonderful example of rhyme and also related back to this weeks theme on food.

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What was the moral of the story or what character strengths did you hear in the story?

  • Raf- The used kindness because they let the other animals into their land
  • Rho- The moral of the story was that you have to share with other people
  • Mia- One of the character strengths was social intelligence because the sheep were teaching each other to share and another was kindness because they said everyone was welcome
  • Libby- Most of the sheep used kindness to let the others on their land but the boss didn’t and then he ended up missing out
  • Krystian- They used bravery because they wanted to have another friend
  • Raf- They were using perseverance when going up to the rocks
  • Nate- They used hope as they hope they didn’t fall off the rocks
  • Libby- The goat used bravery so he could try and jump on the rocks
  • Noah- Bravery because they didn’t know what was up there
  • Iris – The goats were in still grass and one didn’t want any and the goat could jump very high
  • Jevan – It was set on an island
  • Ava – I heard that there was a volcano on the island

Thanks to Miss Moore and Miss Battifuoco and Ann for reading the story to each class. We have been focusing on our reading aloud strategies and both Miss Moore and — showed an amazing growth mindset to these. Great fluency, expression and volume were all on show! 


This week something very special might be happening in Miss Battifuoco’s family. There is a baby due! Her brother and his wife are expecting their first baby. Today for prayer we read through the story of Jesus’ birth.

Matthew 1:18-2:23 

The Birth of Jesus Christ

18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ[a] took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been betrothed[b] to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. 19 And her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly. 20 But as he considered these things, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, “Joseph, son of David, do not fear to take Mary as your wife, for that which is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” 22 All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had spoken by the prophet:

23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
    and they shall call his name Immanuel”

(which means, God with us). 24 When Joseph woke from sleep, he did as the angel of the Lord commanded him: he took his wife, 25 but knew her not until she had given birth to a son. And he called his name Jesus.

Special prayers for Baby Battifuoco;

  • Miss Battifuoco – Dear God, please watch carefully over Isabella as she brings a little miracle into the world. Please make sure she is safe and baby Batt is the happiest, healthiest baby in the world! Amen.
  • Miss Moore – Dear God, please guide Isabella and Daniel to become the best parents they can be and support Isabella as she brings Baby Batt into the world. Amen.
  • Aurora – Dear God, please look after Isabella and Daniel as they become lovely parents and please look over Baby Batt and that he is happy, healthy and always has a smile. Amen.
  • Libby – Dear God, please make sure that the baby is healthy and doesn’t have any illnesses when it is born or older. Amen.
  • Lynn – Dear God, please take care of Baby Batt because I want him to be a safe baby and I don’t want anything to happen so anything is wrong.  Please let the baby be safe. Amen.
  • Anna – Dear God, I hope that Baby Batt won’t have any illnesses or conditions even if its a boy or girl I bet Isabella and Daniel will take care of them really well. Amen.
  • Jas – Dear God, help Isabella to give birth and nothing goes wrong and I hope the baby is healthy. Amen.
  • Holly – Dear God, please look over Isabella when she gives brith to Baby Batt and please look over the baby to make sure she or he is healthy and strong. Amen.
  • Cierra – Dear God, please look after them while they’re having a baby. Amen.
  • Tcross – Dear God, please look after Isabella while she has her birth to give Baby Batt happily and all of them to be safe. And for Miss Battifuoco to be a wonderful aunty. Amen.
  • Bianca – Dear God, I hope Isabella is a good mum and the baby is safe. Amen.
  • Ava – Dear God, make sure that Baby Batt has a happy life and has lots of friends. Amen.

What do we think it will be? A healthy baby boy or a healthy baby girl? 

  • We moved to one the side of the room we though – boy or girl!. 9 girl votes VS 31 boy votes. We can’t wait to find out!!! 🙂


Together we read through the next few chapters of our exciting class novel…


Keeping with the theme of food, today we attempted to make sultanas dance!!! How on earth do you make a sultana you might ask…

  • Jake – My raisin in the sparkling water had LOADS o bubbles. The normal water had not many bubbles so it didn’t make the sultana dance.
  • Iris – The sultana sunk in the water and jumped in the fizzy water
  • Ann – It looked like the sultana was glued on the fizzy water then got unglued
  • Kurt – In the fizzy water it kind of looked like it was levitating
  • Lynn – It sunk in the fizzy but went a little higher
  • Ebony – It went up and down and danced a bit in the fizzy
  • Deakyn – The fizzynes made the sultana jump around
  • Holly – The fizzy sultanas kept going up and down and the first and second sultana moved too much and then they ended up together kissing
  • Aidan – The normal water didn’t move an inch



3JM worked on their assembly with their buddies today. They read the story Hello Mr Moon and then the children used their 100 languages to research and present 5 moon facts. The children will be presenting this at the assembly in week 8.

3IB worked on their assembly with their buddies today. They did some ART…..




TASTY Tuesday August 13 – Week 4 Term 3




The children practiced their reading skills by reading the stories they wrote in brain teaser to a partner. In this time they are able to hear whether their stories make sense when read aloud and are also able to share with someone else their creativity with story writing.


Prayer before meals… 

Round this table, here to pray
First we thank you for the day
For our family and our friends
Gifts of grace that heaven lends
Living water, daily bread
Countless blessings our God sends
Thank you, Jesus, for them all
For the great ones and the small
When we’re happy, when we’re sad
On the good days and the bad
We are grateful, we are glad

Why is it important to pray before eating?

  • Lynn- It is because you have to be grateful for the food you have
  • Makur- Bless the food
  • Bianca- You should be grateful for what you are given
  • Ava- You should be happy with what you are given because you get food and the homeless don’t get good
  • Aidan- You should bless what you get
  • Ash- You should be proud of what food you get and what you eat because some people don’t get that
  • Krissy- You should be thankful for the food you have been given and you can’t just put it in the bin or it is a waste of money
  • TT- You should say thank you and be grateful you even have food
  • Frankie- You should be grateful for the food you have because some people don’t get to eat dinner
  • Rho- You should be happy for what food you get and it doesn’t matter what it is but don’t waste it
  • Mia- You have to be grateful for what you go because your mum and dad might not always be able to afford it and the poor might like to eat it even if you don’t
  • Libby- Be very grateful because some people in the world only get one piece of food a day






What is poetry?

  • Jake- I think poetry is when your hand is on something and then you spin it around
  • Cierra- It is when you write to someone you love
  • Aidan- Poetry is rhyming to someone in a note
  • Ann- Poetry is when you write something like roses are red violets are blue
  • Ava- Rhyming song
  • Libby- I think it is a letter that you write to someone that rhymes and you write something nice about them

We opened dialogue about what we know about poetry and the different types of poetry. Today we are working on rhyming poetry. We used the rhyme ‘Humpty Dumpty’ to unpack rhyme. We read the rhyme together and then picked out the words that rhyme.

This afternoon the children wrote a poem about food. They needed to try and include 6 lines and include rhyme.


Mmmm Monday August 12 – Week 4 Term 3

Welcome to MMMMONDAY August 12!

We begin another Monday but remember…

This Friday we are having a Shared Dining Hall experience with our buddies in the Centre. We will be treated to a delicious spread of Asian foods. If you have not already returned the permission form outlining dietary requirements and paid the $5 for this to happen, we are asking that this is done ASAP 🙂 We are using this experience as a guide to our learning for the week with a theme of FOOD!


Provocation: Choose 3 Character Strengths and match a food to them. Explain your choices!

  • Miss B – I think for appreciation of beauty and excellence you could had have a donut because donuts are beautiful and taste excellent!
  • Andy – Love is an orange because I love oranges
  • Holly – Teamwork can be grapes because they are stuck together
  • Angok – Love is KFC because I love KFC
  • Ann – Noodles for a long, good healthy life for kindness
  • Ava – Love of learning can be instant noodles because I love to eat them
  • Jas – Love can be candy hearts because you love someone
  • Bianca – For honesty I have a tomato because their are vitamins in there and help your brain
  • Ebony – An ice-cream for bravery because it will not melt
  • Nevada – A strawberry for love because it is red like a heart and it can be an odd shape like a heart
  • Jake – I did McNuggets for kindness because you can share the food!
  • Aidan – I think for bravery you can have a lemon because you have to be brave to eat a lemon
  • Will – A pizza for teamwork because it is stuck together!
  • Kyrstian- Kindness for ice cream because it is delicious.
  • Cierra- Humour is sour patch kids because they give me energy.
  • Eva- Humous is mega sour lollies because they make me go crazy.
  • Lara- Love is hot coco because its warm.
  • Jaiden- Love is gummy bears because it makes me feel good when I eat it.
  • Raf- Sushi is bravery because it has a lot of things in it that make me confident.
  • Libby- Love is subway cookies because they are nice and I love them.
  • Nate- Zest is chilly noodles because they are hot and they make you go crazy.
  • Mia- Sushi is fairness because each sushi taste the same.
  • Kristina- Sushi is fairness because sushi is made out of fish and fish is always fair.
  • Mason- Zest is candy because candy gives you energy.
  • Lucas- Creativity is a banana because it is brain food that helps you think.
  • Joey- Zest is hot chips because I like to eat them.
  • Dion- Zest is warheads because it makes you crazy.
  • Noah- Love is chocolate because it is yummy.
  • Akem- Zest is sugar because it makes me feel silly inside.
  • Mary- Love is learning is a sandwich because it makes me feel more smart.
  • Rho- Kindness is cake because it is warm.
  • Frankie- Creativity is cake because you can decorate it.
  • TT- Curiosity is gummies because gummies are always chewing for new ideas.



  • Raf – We were playing recorders and new songs
  • Nate – We were playing the recorders and we learned things with the books


Matthew 14:13-21 – Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

13 When Jesus heard what had happened, he withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place. Hearing of this, the crowds followed him on foot from the towns.14 When Jesus landed and saw a large crowd, he had compassion on them and healed their sick.

15 As evening approached, the disciples came to him and said, “This is a remote place, and it’s already getting late. Send the crowds away, so they can go to the villages and buy themselves some food.”

16 Jesus replied, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.”

17 “We have here only five loaves of bread and two fish,” they answered.

18 “Bring them here to me,” he said. 19 And he directed the people to sit down on the grass. Taking the five loaves and the two fish and looking up to heaven, he gave thanks and broke the loaves. Then he gave them to the disciples, and the disciples gave them to the people. 20 They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over. 21 The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children.

What happened in the story?

  • Akemjot – He prayed to God and some food came down
  • Libby – He had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish and he blessed it and more bread and fish came
  • Makur – He put the food on the floor and blessed them up to heaven and then it became more
  • Jevan – He blessed the food to make more
  • Nate – He blessed it and then he cracked it in halves to give to disciples an the disciples gave it to the crowd
  • Aidan – He blessed the fish and then there became more and disciples put it in baskets
  • Ava – He blessed it and then somehow divided it into some pieces for them to feed the crowd
  • Libby – He blessed it to God and then I think God saw there there were a bunch of people who were hungry and so he made more of it
  • Akemjot – I think God listened because Jesus was a kind person and God helps kind people so he sent more bread and fish down


Today, as agents of our own learning, we planned the who, what, when and where of our investigative play. 

We also checked in with the teachers and updated our list of books we have read for the Readathon. We have read over 100!! Less than 200 to go until we reach our goal. 

What Character Strengths did you use in your investigations?

  • Akemjot – I used creativity because I tried a self-portrait of myself and I finished it just before we had to clean up
  • Deakyn – I used perseverance when me and Aidan were trying to draw Pokemon
  • Joey – I used teamwork because I built a boat with Nate
  • Kristina – I used creativity because I used the blocks that were in the block area
  • Kurt – We used kindness, creativity, teamwork, social intelligence and perseverance to make an iMovie
  • Maddox – I used teamwork to play a game


We calmed our bodies and minds ready for learning by watching a video about a chocolate factory!


As a class we discussed that we understood all foods can be put into 5 different groups. We thought hard about what food groups we knew…

  • Noah – Dairy
  • Tcross – Fruit and Vegetables



  1. What are the 5 food groups? Write a sentence to explain each of them.
  2. Sort the foods into the appropriate food group

Just a reminder that our MS Readathon is still happening!!! 🙂 Thank you so much to those who have already donated – we appreciate every single cent! We have read over 100 books and have no intention of stopping any time soon!


 Have a lovely night! 

On-going THANK YOU!

Just a quick message to say….

T H A N K   Y O U

T H A N K   Y O U

T H A N K   Y O U

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Thank you

Thank you for your kind, generous, thoughtful, charitable, thoughtful and compassionate donations to our MS Readathon! We are half way through August and have reached our target of $600! We are aiming to raise as much as we can for the rest of the month!

We also are busily reading books and our class tally is 100+! 

Below is the updated link to our page 🙂 Thank you so much for your ongoing support!


FRI-YAY August 9 – Week 3 Term 3

YAY It’s Friday! 


ASSEMBLY – 5/6DE and R/1MP

If you were a toy, what would you be?

  • Samurai – A car toy because I could go fast
  • Will – I would be a plane so I could travel anywhere
  • Kiziah – I would be a teddy bear so I can get lots of cuddles
  • Andy – Pac-man
  • Jake  – I would be one-punch man
  • Cierra – I would love to be a cute little teddy bear because everyone would cuddle me
  • Bianca – I would like to be a little teddy bear
  • Libby – I would be a lucky charm, they’re like fortune cookies but come with bracelets
  • Noah – I would be a toy plane to travel anywhere I want
  • Jevan – I would be a toy jet so I could go somewhere very fast
  • Makur – I would be Thanos so I could rule the world
  • Mason – I would be a drone so I could fly wherever I want
  • Bella – I would be a Roblox toy because it would be cool being a toy from a video game
  • Mary – I would be a teddy bear so I am never lonely
  • Nevada – I would be a teddy bear so I can lots of cuddles and chill out all day
  • Angok – I would be Flash so I can be anywhere
  • Darcy – I would be Spiderman because he saves the day
  • Holly  – I would be a little teddy bear so everyone would want to cuddle me


We didn’t make it outside for fitness this today because of the weather. We have been doing an angle work out in the classroom. Try it at home. Make a right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle with your body.


Today for prayer Ebony bought in a special coin for us to use. It has a prayer inside and we read it together as a class group.

Prayers for the weekend:

  • Akem- Dear God, I prayer that my baby brother stays safe in the holidays
  • Cierra- Dear God, please look after my aunty and uncle in Sydney because it is stormy over there
  • Anna- Dear God, I hope my dog is safe if she is still alive
  • Angok– Dear God, I pray for my friends because they are nice
  • Holly- Dear God, Please look over my teachers at the weekend and that they have a good sleep at the weekend
  • Ash- Dear God, I hope we have a safe holidays and a good week and good sleep on the weekend
  • Darcy- Dear God, I would like to see my mums dad and other brother
  • Lynn- Dear God, please take care of my teachers and family on the weekend
  • Bianca- Dear God, take care of my Grandpa
  • Jevan- Dear God, I pray for that my family and friends are safe and they have a nice weekend
  • TT- Dear God, I pray for 3IB 3JM to 3Jm to have a safe weekend
  • Iris- Dear God, please take care of my family
  • Mia- Dear God, please make my Grandma safe on the plane tonight and whilst she is away


We continued our learning about angles with a flip chart. The children had to recognise different angles and label them. They also had a go at drawing a right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle and straight angle.


Today for the investigations the children were able to work on different things they are interested in. They are agents of their own learning and practice mindful agency. Mindful agency is being aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions as a learner and able to use that awareness to take responsibility, to plan and manage learning processes.


Image result for gratitude quotes

On Friday’s we reflect on our week and find something we are grateful for. Today the children were grateful for a number of different things…



Have a lovely and safe weekend! 

Reminder-  Please return and pay for the Dining Hall Shared Lunch that will take place next Friday.

We need these back ASAP for catering purposes. 


We are having some technical difficulties recording the books we are reading but we are still reading lots of books in class. 

TRANQUIL Thursday August 8 – Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to TRANQUIL Thursday!

Today and every day we aim to…



Why is it important to read?

  • Mia – It helps you know better words and is good for the Readathon
  • Ash – If you read it will be good for your life and good for university
  • Anna – It helps the MS Readathon
  • Ann – In life you need it to get a job like a customer needing to get milk and you need to know the word
  • Ava – Its not just for the MS Readathon it is also for when you get older for communication
  • Lynn – You need to read because if you don’t read you won’t really know that much words or how to write it
  • Iris – You need to know a lot to especially for a vet to know how much liquid for medicine to give to a dog or animals
  • Aurora – We need to read because it helps our brain grow and it helps us get a higher level at the library
  • Noah – We need to learn to read because in life you have to workout what you need to get
  • Annaliese – You need to read because it helps you with your brain to learn
  • Joey – If you have a job and you need to do stickers like on cars you need to read where to put the stickers
  • Jas – We need to learn ho two read because if you want to become a teacher you need to read books to kids

What do you like about reading?

  • Mia – I like how it is stories that have sad things and good things. My brain feels exercised!
  • Nate – It is fun to learn new things. It is exciting to learn new things about things you don’t know
  • Miss Moore – Reading books is fun because sometimes their can be jokes in there and it can make you laugh when you are reading it and it is even better to read as a whole class group so we can share in the fun together!
  • Kurt – Reading is fun because if you read it might go to your imaginations!
  • Holly – I like to read because they bring me on new adventures and new pathways
  • Akemjot – I like to read because I normally read ones without pictures so then I have to use my imagination more


Following on from reading chapter 8-10 yesterday, today we reflected!

What happened in those chapters?

  • Anna – Mermaidia was a sea witch and it was superfingeeeeer!
  • Nate – Andy blew up the bubble and got stuck in it
  • Jas – Andy got scared in the bubble and then he helped
  • Jake – When Andy was in the bubble, Terry took a golf club to try and hit the bubble and on his last attempt he got the bubble
  • Bianca – Andy kept going burp burp burp burp when he was stuck
  • Ava – While one of them was stuck in the bubble. The other one tried to save him!
  • Mia – They made a story about Superfinger helping everybody have another finger
  • Aurora – Superfinger helped his favourite guitarist and he needed an extra finger so Superfinger came along and helped him

Provocation – Use your 100 languages to create your own comic about SUPERFIIIINGER!


After recess we met as a whole school to celebrate mass for Mary MacKillop. After mass we we put on our artist hats and attempted to draw Saint Mary MacKillop.



This afternoon we continued our Super Finger Comics. The children activated their best growth mindsets and had a go at creating their own comic. Once finished, children moved into their own investigations.

  • Ebony and Eva opened up a jewellery shop
  • Keren, Mia and Kiziah are using Lego to create iStop motion videos
  • Holly, Rhoda, Tcross and are creating an imaginary world using rocks and gems to then make a movie
  • Bianca and Ava are celebrating Christmas Eve!
  • Angok explored Gacha Life to create his comic
  • Jevan and Joey made a garage using the blocks

Just a quick reminder to please return Moon Lantern Shared Lunch form and money asap 🙂 This is happening next Friday. There is an option to pay online using the app!


Have a lovely night – stay dry and warm!!!

WONDERFUL Wednesday August 7 – Week 2 Term 3

WONDERFUL Wednesday 🙂 


Today in library we read the story Joey and Riley by Mandy Foot. Libby read the story for 3JM and Anna read the story for 3IB.

The children summarised the book….

  • Joey– Riley and Joey did everything together and Riley got lost and then right at the end he. came back
  • Rho– In the story Riley and Joey were best friends and Riley was Joey’s dog and then the mum said that they were going to move into time and then his mum said he couldn’t bring Riley and he had to leave him at his pops house and then Riley got lost and then he came back
  • Angok – Riley found Joey
  • Kurt – I liked when Joey and Riley reunited
  • Bianca – I liked when Joey found Riley

Libby appreciated the illustrations in the story “I loved the pictures in the book”. Anna says, “I like the beginning, middle and end.”


  • Rho– today in Spanish we did stuff on colours and made this game where we had to say what our favourite colour was.


The Story of Mary MacKillop.

  • Anna -When I am older and have lots of money and I see someone poor or disadvantaged I will give them at least a few dollars
  • Libby – When I am older I will open a care home for people who have no homes and people who are disadvantaged
  • Mia– When I am older and have a job as a scientist I will give the poor a handful of money to buy a house
  • Annaliese– When I am a bit older and I see someone who needs it I will give them my money because I will to be nice to them and not let them feel left out
  • Nate– I could give people things if they don’t have any
  • Aurora– I could always use my manners
  • Lynn– I could make a store and sell some stuff and then the money I get I could give to the poor
  • Bianca– I will say thank you to people who give me stuff
  • Cierra– I could give people things I don’t want any more
  • Joey– I could be kind to people
  • Eva– I could always be honest and loyal
  • Rho– I could help people who are sick
  • Anna– I could open a store and make some money to donate
  • Mia– I could work at a money factory
  • Angok– Be kind
  • TT– I can provide food for the hungry people
  • Aurora- The whole school already does this when we donate the food to Fred’s Van
  • Ava– Help with the MS Readathon
  • Akem– When I am older I can make my own website for donations


Today we read chapters 8 and 9 for the 13 Storey Tree House.

Who were we introduced to in this chapter;

  • Darcy– Superfinger, his job was to help stuff

What happened in chapter 8?

  • Libby– they are trying to write a book and they get to distracted but then they finally get a story going


Image result for lets paint picture book

Today for our art lesson we used the book Let’s Paint as our art provocation. We read the story as a group and then the children had the opportunity to paint as their heart desires. The book was a reminder that there is no mistakes in painting!

…Whether you drip, dot, daub or carefully dab – there is a marvellous, messy world of art waiting to be explored. From exquisitely detailed paintings to crazy kaleidoscopes of colour, art is as essential as the air we breath and much more fun… 


Today for mindfulness the children were drawing in their new mindful drawing books.


Both classes began preparation for their assemblies. 3IB’s buddy assembly will be on Friday Week 7 and 3JM’s buddy assembly will be on Friday Week 8. We will be working together over the term to share our learning in preparation.

Have a lovely night with your families.


Tell me a story TUESDAY – Week 3 Term 3

Welcome to…

Tell me a story Tuesday August 6!


We put on our creative thinking hats and wrote a story….

  • Iris – I am writing about a dog from the World War and its a staffy
  • Holly – I am writing about a rainbow unicorn
  • Maddox, Andy and Angok all wrote a story about a magic apple
  • Deakyn’s story was about seeing a Pegasus out the window
  • Aurora’s story had her seeing God calling her
  • Darcy wrote about Roblox and entering that world
  • Ebony saw a cat out the window
  • Nate’s story included animals
  • Annaliese wrote about trees and rainbows near her house
  • Mary saw a dog through her window
  • Joey had a flying pig in his story!
  • Welcome to Candy World in Cierra’s story
  • Raf found a free box of Pokemon cards!
  • Ashvarn’s favourite sport of cricket was included in his story
  • Mia was impressed when she looked through the window and saw a rocket!
  • Rhoda’s friends Eva and TCross were outside the window
  • Tcross makes her bed every morning and takes a look out the window each time


Our focus this week surrounds reading. One of the most important parts of reading is being able to successfully read-a-loud. We discussed what we thought makes a good reader.Expression, volume, fluency and self-correcting is what we are focussing on this week. This morning we practiced our expression as we shared our stories with a friend. We chose one of the following voices to read our stories in;


How could I make Mary MacKillop proud?

  • Joey – When I am older I could make a school
  • Akemjot – I  could help people like she helped people. I could help them if they are hurt
  • Eva – I could help the poor
  • Jas – I am going to help the people that need help because it is kind
  • Angok – I will help the sick people
  • Mia – I will find kids that are poor and open an orphanage
  • Nate – I could make a big group of people and go around the city and help the poor people and give them food
  • Kristina – I would help the disadvantaged if they need stuff to survive
  • Darcy – I could help poor people, give them food and money to be healthy
  • Nevada – I can help the poor so that they can survive
  • Tcross – I could be honest, kind and loyal like her
  • Anna – I could follow in her footsteps and respect God
  • Aurora – When I am older I could adopt an orphan
  • Rhoda – I can make Mary MacKillop proud by opening schools for people who can’t learn
  • Aidan – I will help the sick and the poor
  • Bianca – I will help lonely kids who don’t have friends
  • Ava – I can help raise charity higher and higher! Love one another and teach the bad people to do good things
  • Holly – I can help the poor people by donating money to them
  • Ash – I can help the poor people by opening like a home that is like triple storey and they can live inside and they don’t have to pay the bills, I can
  • Lynn – I will help the poor people by giving them medicine and healthy food and money and maybe even build them a home for free


Today we began learning about angles!

What is an angle?

  • Ava – I think it is probably the corner or a side
  • Anna – Yeah I think a side
  • Rhoda – It is the sharp edge of a shape
  • Ash – It is the side of a shape
  • Nate – I think it means when you are taking a photo you get the right side of it
  • Aurora – I think an angle is when you know how photographers say angles its like that for a shape like how you see it
  • Anna – It is like almost a corner in a triangle
  • Akemjot – This is an angle and this is a triangle, like a shape can be an angle as well

An angle is the amount of turn between two lines that meet each other. It is something we can measure. 



  • Bianca – We did tennis, we were practicing
  • Nevada – We were learning how to play tennis
  • Darcy – We were learning tennis a lot and I got sweaty
  • Kurt – We practiced doing tennis so Miss Cooymans can see how good we are to go to a tennis carnival
  • Ava – We did tennis!!!!!!!


LITERACY continued… 

Sometimes when something works and we are in flow – we just go with it! Our writing this morning was a perfect example of this. We worked so beautifully and engaged this morning as we created our own stories and read them with expression that we continued some learning with these this afternoon.

What is editing? What do we need to look for when you edit your stories from this morning?

  • Ash – Put more detail inside it
  • Akemjot – If there was a long sentence you can find places to put a full stop
  • Ava – When you edit your writing you have to check that if there are too many ‘ands’ you can break it up so you can read it properly
  • Aidan – You can add commas
  • Lynn – Editing means that you write something and then you write the book who wrote it

Provocation – Create some comprehension questions for your story that you created this morning. Swap with a friend for them to complete. 

Tomorrow is our library borrowing day. Please remember to bring your books 🙂 Have a magical night!