Week 5

Ash Wednesday

Today we reflected on Ash Wednesday, the importance of lent and the relevance it has to our Catholic Identity. We all attended and participated in the Ash Wednesday Mass today and were able to get Ash signed on our forehead in class afterwards.


What is lent?

Matthew- 40 day count down to Easter.

India- When Jesus gave up something.

Anna- You give up something you like for 40 days and 40 nights.

Portia- Jesus went to the desert for 40 days.

Avleen- You help someone.

We started creating some beautiful artwork this afternoon around lent. We started designing a cross and are in the process of writing what we are going to give up for lent.

Check out some of our work:

“Repent and believe in the Gospel”

Welcome to The Lost Kingdom!

Welcome to the Lost Kingdom!

Thank you to all of our parents and carers who came to the assembly this morning. Our students thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their learning and talents with the whole school around the theme ‘The Lost Kingdom’.


Here are some of our reflections from the assembly:

Blake – I liked doing the dance because it was very fun and it was very easy because it was easy to learn. I liked the song it was very good and I liked the dance moves because they were very fun to do.  when I did them it was nice to do.  the whole dance was  great to do.

Winnie – I was so nervous when the curtain opened my.  I liked the part when Jake/ Mr Urdanof came up and said “it comes at a cost and it comes to an Uno battle”. And Mr Urdanof said NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! And he walked off angrily and went side stage.

Amelia -My favourite part in the assembly is the dance because I was in the dance. My second favourite thing is the uno people because I was in it . My favourite thing was when I show the card to the crowd.

Carter – I liked the dance because it was fun to dance with my friends but I liked the song as well it was very good liked the actions a lot.

Jasmine –  I liked the dance in the assembly. We all did well at the dance and the students liked it, just like us. It took us 3 practices I think. What I liked about the assembly was everything. Everyone did so well at the assembly and at the end, we were happy. When we were about to do the assembly, I was kind of scared, but now I’m not. The UNO BATTLE was so good and the UNO card was good too and it took us 3 practices of the assembly.

Dion- I really enjoyed the dance it was really fun and that’s the best thing that I liked. And also I liked the UNO battle it was fun to watch and I liked all of them and there was a lot of people and my friend Felix liked the UNO battle two. All of my friend liked the UNO Battle too.

Izzy: This morning was our Assembly. I was a little nervous. I enjoyed doing the dance and seeing Jake being funny. I also liked the UNO battle and when Mr. Snell Said “STOP”.

Ebony– I loved the assembly it was Amazing. My favourite part was dancing and reading my speaking part.

Krish – My favorite part was when the dance started. It was easy and the school was looking at class and also I liked the song but Michael helped when I going to the wrong side. I was nervous. The dance moves were easy to learn. I thought I was doing good in the dance and that is why I liked the dance part in the assembly.

Vi – Today at the assembly I really liked it because I got a reading part and it was about the Kaurna acknowledgement and the reading part was “We acknowledge and pay our respects the Kaurna people, the traditional custodians whose ancestral lands we gather on”. I really liked the part when we did the dance because even If I don’t really like dancing, the dance was really fun. And my last favourite part is. When someone pretended to be Mr Urdanoff and the person who was being Mr Urdanoff was Jake.

Darcy – I liked the dance because it helped my blood move very fast and I was happy for my friends and teachers because we did all things together.I liked the UNO battle and Jake was being funny. I was happy.

Felix – I really enjoyed the Uno battle part because it was really funny and there was wild card which were 4+ and a Colour Changer. Another reason why I liked the Uno battle because everyone was going wild because of my friend Kanye had a 4+. I also liked my speaking part and my speaking part was this “ Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Also I liked the dance because some people were confused and some people were really good at it (I don’t know who they are) and I liked the Pokémon battle intro because it said a wild Mr Urdanolf and it said he was against a Uno card I’m pretty sure though.

Aiden – It was our assembly today and my favourite part was when Jake/Mr. Urdannoff said “an uno battle” hahaha!

Kristina – The part I loved about the assembly was the speaking part and the dancing because it was super fun. My favourite part was the Uno battle and the Mr Snell bit because it was funny!

Sampann – The dance was hard to learn because there was lots of moves. I was so nervous and I was about to laugh when the Pokemon song came on. I enjoyed being a Uno person because I was a the starting card and I had a yellow 3. The Assembly was so funny that the whole school was laughing.

Deng – I liked Jake as Mr Urdanoff because Jake was funny. I liked the way he walked.

Armeet-  I liked when we danced and did the national anthem because it is respectful and good to listen to and I liked to do the dance because it was easy and fun.

Monika – Today was the best day ever!! It was my assembly and I was doing the acknowledgment and I did it off by heart it was fun because I get to speak in the microphone and I just love doing it and I was with my friends to do it with me and I love the ending because I love dancing and one day I will tell my mum to go to Australia got talent and sing and dance with friends and I love how I get to stay out stage so then I don’t have to be nervous and when it was time to dance I took a deep breath but if it took a deep breath on stage then I will be still nervous because people a still looking at me and that was why it was so fun and we will have lunch with the whole class and It is going to be the best day at school!!! XD

Kanye – I really liked the Uno battle when everybody went wild because I had the +4 card and I liked the dance a little bit because it was confusing, everybody was nervous I was scared because there was a lot of people. Also it was scary because my heart was beating so fast and Felix to, I liked the assembly because I liked everything that we did. The reason why I liked the Uno battle because I like it when it said” A Wild Mr Urdanof has appeared” It was funny and everyone was laughing and some people was confused. The reason why I liked the dance it’s because I liked it and I liked it when some people went confused because it was funny and some people were very good at it. Some people was good at not looking at the screen, I also liked the assembly because the assembly was so funny. Everybody laughed because the Mario song went on. Everyone had laughter and I some people on stage were laughing they were being loud and it hurt my ears but I love loud though.

Mia – My Favourite part in the assembly was the dance because it was fun. My Favourite part was the uno battle. My favourite part was when Jake was Mr Urdanoff.

Ann – What I really enjoyed about the assembly was seeing people smile because it makes me happy when I see other people happy. I also liked the UNO BATTLE! But I feel bad for Jake/Mr Urdanoff. I also really like how the dance was made. It was easy and fun at the same time. What I enjoyed the most was the UNO BATTLE. It was the funniest thing in the assembly.  The dance took a lot of practice though, but I know it still. The reading part was hard at first but now I know it. In the assembly I was feeling nervous happy and scared.



To celebrate a fun and successful assembly, we had our dinging hall experience in the centre for lunch. Pizza, salad and jelly were on the menu!

Assembly and Dining Hall – tomorrow

Dear Parents and Carers,


A friendly reminder that tomorrow we have our class assembly starting from 9am in the Hall. Our students have been working very hard the past 1-2 weeks getting the big performance ready.

Tomorrow, we also have our dining hall at 12pm. Students will be given pizza as a main, salad as a side and jelly for dessert. Can you please send a labelled plate or bowl along with cutlery. This will help minimise plastic/paper waste. Students will then wash their plates/bowls and cutlery so that they can take them back home.

Students will still need to bring recess and brain food.

Thank you for your support. Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

We look forward to seeing you at the assembly.


Kind regards,

Jake Winters, Jodi Giancaspro and Emmaline Matthews

Sausage Sizzle

Dear Parents/Carers,


To use up the stock purchased for the Fish Farm fundraiser, we will be holding a Sausage Sizzle at Recess on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week unless otherwise sold out.


Sausage on bread will be $1.50 each for purchase by students with payment by cash only.  They will be available from the area near the table tennis table.

Dining Hall this Friday

Dear Parents/Carers,


Just to add to the excitement on Friday this week, at 12pm our students will have their first dining hall experience for the year. A reminder that as of 2020 each class will have 2 dining hall experiences per term free of charge. Therefore, this Friday you will not need to send lunch with your child.

Please note the canteen will be providing these meals and will cater for vegetarians & vegans. If there are any other dietary requirements that we need to know about can you please let us know as soon as possible.

Kind Regards

Jodi Giancaspro, Emmaline Matthews and Jake Winters


Assembly Friday

Hi Parents/Carers,

This Friday is our assembly! We would love for you to come and share in this experience with the students. Not going to give too much away but our theme is ‘The Lost Kingdom’. It starts at 9am and will finish at approximately 9.40am.

Look forward to seeing you there.


Kind Regards


Jodi Giancaspro, Emmaline Matthews and Jake Winters


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