Catholic Identity Day

This week we have had a very busy, engaging and fun week of learning. Today we celebrated Catholic Identity Day and reflected on what Catholic identity means. We have been exploring the three pillars of our school (Ecology, Catholic Identity and Pedagogy) and how they relate to our own lives.

Today students wrote a letter to Jesus. Some students chose to write very vulnerable and personal thoughts and feelings in their letters and other students chose to ask Jesus different questions. These letters helped students understand the connection between prayer and a letter. Students were able to understand how prayer is similar to writing a letter to someone. This letter gave students the opportunity to give thanks, write any worries they might have and ask for guidance. These letters were then placed on our prayer table during mindfulness.

This week we were able to explore a range of different materials and observe different chemical reactions. Many students were able to observe different changes in their materials, such as fizzing, bubbling, colour change and dissolving.

Students were given the provocation of vinegar, soda water and water in jars. They were given a range of materials that were both natural and man-made. Through a hands-on approach, students were able to reflect, observe and anaylse different chemical reactions. They were also given a “mystery powder” which was bi-carb soda. Many of them noticed a different reaction in the vinegar, as opposed to soda water and water.

Mentos dissolve in soda water – Carter

Baking soda reacts to vinegar- Darcy

I didn’t know the blueberry was bubbling in the soda. It was fizzing – Myla

I could see the strawberry dissolving. I could see it dissolving because it was breaking – Dion

The saltuana was dancing in the soda water- Armeet

The mentos, it went all white in the vinegar. It was purple and then it went all white- Izzy

They put an edible colour on the mentos- Thierry

When you put the mystery powder in the vinegar, it bubbles up- Jasmine

When I put the sour gummy in the vinegar, the sugar on the sour gummy was gone – Kanye

When we put the sultana in the soda water, it got smaller- Portia

When I put the mentos in the water, the water changed colour – Matthew

The gummy turned clearer when we put in vinegar- Ann

In most of them, if we put them in water nothing really happened – Manseerat

When we put the strawberry in the vinegar, it lost seeds- Anna

When you put the mentos in the vinegar it got smaller. It was dissolving- Nate

My gummy was yellow’ish. When I put it in vinegar, it turned orange- Olivia

When we put the powder in, it fizzed up. We mixed it to try and get it to go down- Jaiden

The powder went in and then it went out- Alphonsa

The strawberry was floating in the vinegar- Angok

The strawberry lost colour in the vinegar- India

When you put the sultanas in the vinegar, it turned a little bit green- Michael

When I put the gummy in the vinegar, it started fizzing- Monika

I saw some things. The mentos turned white – Maddox


Yesterday we welcomed  40 endangered yarra pygmy fish into our school.

If you find any mosquito larvae (also known as “wrigglers”) at home, can you please bring them in to help feed our new yarra pygmy perch.

Last week:

We have explored the importance of recycling plastics and paper in our enviornment. We then had the opportunity to use the scrap paper in our class, to make recycled paper.


Check out our recycled paper:

To follow on from our learning around sustainability and Indigenous perspective, we decided to create different toys/ tools, using natural materials only. This was challenging for many students, as they were unable to use sticky tape or glue to hold their tools/toys together. Take a look at our critical and creative thinking:

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