Play Based Investigations

Today the students used their creativity , resilience and teamwork.

They enjoyed creating with lego, working with each other to build and establish houses and other locations.

Some chose to try painting using tooth brushes with beautiful results.

Barbie heads hair dressing was popular with some amazing hair styles.

The cash register and money was also popular. Some of the children encountered a problem with the cash register. Unable to rectify the technical problem they worked around it.

Everyone was in flow and assisted each other if difficulties arose.

Isabelle ” I played at the kitchen”

Manseerat ” I played with the lego and made a house with Natalie and Nhu.”

Thien An ” I went outside and did some drawing with Abbey.”

Phillip Today in Investigations I played 4 in a row with Jeffery, Ayrton, Harsimrat, Farah and Bella.”

Neisha ” I did checkers with Chelsea and Mason.”

Deng “I played lego with Ayrton Alex and Stefan.”

Jed ” I played real races with Deng Sukhman and Sampann then I played chess.”

Sampann ” Today in Investigations I played with Deng and lots of customers came.”

Wow Im exhausted!

If you have any old shirts or big tops you no longer need could you please send to schools we can use them for painting.

Thank you

Games from around the world

As part of our work last week on Harmony Day, the students worked in groups to research traditional games from countries around the world. They had to find a game that was new to them and research the rules and origin of the game. They then had to write instructions for the game, collect equipment they would need and practice teaching the game to others.  After lots of preparation, this afternoon we invited our buddies to join us to play these games. We had so much fun and we look forward to doing it again soon so our buddies get a chance to play all of the different games! We will share some photos of our fun filled afternoon with you tomorrow. 


Today we celebrated Harmony Day. We started the day with an amazing assembly celebrating the diversity of our school. Anne-Marie and Athou were fantastic, representing their communities in the African dance. After recess, we listened to the book “Whoever you are” by Mom Fox and reflected on our families and the diversity within our class. We then continued with some Harmony Day activities and reflections. This was followed by a delicious shared lunch! We would like to thank all the families for their hard work preparing food to make this lunch such an amazing success. We loved seeing all the costumes and orange clothing in recognition of Harmony Day. Please enjoy these photos from our day!



Click on link to play clip

We had an amazing day. Happy Harmony Week to all our families

3MA and R/1MS

This afternoon we went to visit our buddies. We were so surprised when they had made us cards.

Thank you Buddies!

The Night Zoo Keeper



Today we explored a digital text titled The Night Zookeeper

After reading we had to create our own mythical creature to go in the zoo.


Isaiah: My character is called Dilly Dilly Dino, his special ability is he can eat really fast and used camouflage.

Ayrton: My character is called Flash he is an eagle. His special ability is invisibility and he can run fast.

Melody: My character is called Lily the Superdog. Her special skill is eating chicken in less than 10 seconds.

Ruby: My character is called Mr Bob. His special skill is staying up all night to watch that the animals are asleep.


Kiara: My character is called Ducky. His special ability is that he is a maths expert!

Kayla: My character is Kayla the Spy Panda. Her special ability is great at gymnastics.


Lucas: My characters name is Detective Duck . His special ability is he has a special magnifying glass that can see through walls.

Amelia: My character is called Stella. Her special ability is she can run fast.

Farah: My character Speedy the Fast Swimming Shark. His special ability is swimming really fast!


Jai: My character is called Sneaky Snake. His special ability is he can camouflage anywhere he goes.


Counting Collections

Today in numeracy investigations we explored efficient ways of counting large collections. At the end we shared our strategy for how to not lose track of our count if we were to be interrupted.

Here are some of our ideas


Ash Wednesday

Today we celebrated Ash Wednesday with a school mass.

Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent which is 40 days before Easter Sunday

Our students were involved in the Mass

We are very proud of the they represented our classes.

Please share the Mass with us


Play Based Investigations

Today the students engaged  vigorously during this learning. Some students chose to build with Lego the entire time whilst others tried several investigations. Pick up sticks tested students hand eye coordination and we had many cooks in the kitchen. We also were Scientist investigating with the microscope!

The students were inclusive of each other and displayed cooperation and team work.

Ruby G: I played in the kitchen and I was with Charlie at the front answering the phone.

Jed: I played lego with my friends and we built a house.

Ayrton: I played Real Racers with Deng and Sampann. I keep winning all the rounds.

Winnie: I played with Isabelle with the microscope and we went to the sandpit and we got some sand and we went to Miss Canala’s and got kinetic sand. We got red beans from Miss Angilletta and the sand and the kinetic sand are the same.

Kayla S: today me, Thien-An and Melissa were all writing books and I wrote Marshmallow Guy 2 and I’m still going on with it.

Ruby: I played loom bands with Charlotte and Leah. I made a bracelet, a necklace and a ring.

Phillip: today in investigations I beat Mrs Adams in four in a row!

Farah: In investigations I played bingo with friends.

Sampann: in investigations I was the customer in the kitchen. The service was a little bit good.

Helen: today in investigations I also played four in a row and I also beat Mrs Adams.

Stefan: in investigations I played the lego and I built a plane.

Ann-Marie: I was playing with the Lego and I made some loom bands.

Melody: I was playing the the dolls and I learnt how to dress them.

Kiara: today in investigations I made a stupid story joke.

Isaiah: in the kitchen I played as a cook and as security and Lucas was like “give me food” and Charlie said “kick him out!”.

Charlotte: in investigations I played with the loom bands with Leah and Ruby and made two bracelets and a necklace.

Kayla R: in investigations I played with the dolls with Melody, Charlie and Ruby.

Stacey: I played with the little tiny dinosaurs because I love dinosaurs.

Share in our play!