Play Based Investigations

Today the students used their creativity , resilience and teamwork.

They enjoyed creating with lego, working with each other to build and establish houses and other locations.

Some chose to try painting using tooth brushes with beautiful results.

Barbie heads hair dressing was popular with some amazing hair styles.

The cash register and money was also popular. Some of the children encountered a problem with the cash register. Unable to rectify the technical problem they worked around it.

Everyone was in flow and assisted each other if difficulties arose.

Isabelle ” I played at the kitchen”

Manseerat ” I played with the lego and made a house with Natalie and Nhu.”

Thien An ” I went outside and did some drawing with Abbey.”

Phillip Today in Investigations I played 4 in a row with Jeffery, Ayrton, Harsimrat, Farah and Bella.”

Neisha ” I did checkers with Chelsea and Mason.”

Deng “I played lego with Ayrton Alex and Stefan.”

Jed ” I played real races with Deng Sukhman and Sampann then I played chess.”

Sampann ” Today in Investigations I played with Deng and lots of customers came.”

Wow Im exhausted!

If you have any old shirts or big tops you no longer need could you please send to schools we can use them for painting.

Thank you

One thought on “Play Based Investigations

  1. Fantastic learning through play and it is great to see all the children in flow. I’m glad they sorted out the cash register 🙂

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