Holy Thursday

Today we celebrated Holy Thursday.

Firstly we were The Friends of Jesus and celebrated The Last Supper.

We set the table and then we shared the meal just like Jesus did with his Friends!

After Lunch we performed The Last Supper for the school.


Making BookMarks

This morning after Come read with me we discovered we had a need for bookmarks so we could remember where we finished reading our book. This displayed Student Agency at work. The students realised they had a need and decided to come up with a solution.

So we used our creativity to design our personal book marks.

The Man with Small Hair


Today in library we shared this text together:


The man with small hair loves his small hair. He also loves his short pants, zing-a-ding boots and clickety-clackety beads. He cartwheels with joy and bursts into song when he wears them. But the man with small hair is the only person who wears his hair small, and no one else has colourful boots or musical beads either. He decides to hide the things that make him happy in order to blend in with the crowd. Until one day he looks in the mirror and doesn’t recognise the man staring back at him.

The Man with Small Hair is an uplifting story about self-confidence, bravery and dancing to the beat of your own drum.



Jai : Don’t change for other people, just be yourself as they might just be jealous.

Charlie: Don’t let people judge you by what you are wearing

Ruby: You can be different to other people

Kayla S: You don’t have to be like everyone else, just be yourself

Lucas: Doesn’t matter what others say , you can be whoever you want

Amelia: Everybody is different and that is ok

Stacey: No one has to be the same, just have confidence

Leah: It’s boring to be like everyone else

Melody: Just be yourself

Bella: just keep being yourself

Harsimrat: Be brave enough to be different

Athou: You will feel happy when you are yourself

Stefan: Just be yourself

Abbey: When you are trying to be like  someone else you are not really yourself