Hello !


Yesterday we welcomed a new student into 4HA. Welcome Adeng.

This morning we started our day with something different. The teachers are collecting some data about student achievement in literacy and numeracy by using an online assessment called PAT testing. Today was the children’s first experience with this and they did a fantastic job.

We have encouraged them to slow down a little as they work through the assessments to ensure they are giving each question the attention it requires. The data from these assessments will assist us with developing our learning programs and inform our teaching in the future.



Today we continued reading Charlotte’s web. As part of our reading we are examining some of the new vocabulary we are hearing in the text.

Yesterday we looked at the words

  • monotonous
  • forsake
  • distinguish



Today we continued our fraction investigations. It was great to see the children challenging themselves to explore some of the more complex fraction concepts.


Have a great day !




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