Magnificent Monday

What a beautiful day!


Today we spent the morning exploring the idea of friendship from our class text Charlotte’s Web

We discussed the characteristics of Wilbur’s friends Fern and Charlotte.

Ayrton: I’d rather be friends with Wilbur as he is friendly but playful as well

Charlie: I would rather be Charlotte friends because I have all ways wanted a pet spider that code talk

It cold tell me when it is hungry or other tings and I will have a lot of fun with it.

Helen: I would rather pick Wilbur because he is kind and if I was with Charlotte I might have stepped on her but Wilbur is big enough and more playful because Charlotte is always busy working on her web or doing something else.

Kayla R : Both charlotte and Wilbur are good friends for different reasons. Like charlotte could save me from someone killing me if a was charlottes friend. I could be Wilbur’s friend and always have someone to talk to. It was a hard decision but I know what happens in the end so…I would rather be friends with Wilbur because I’m scared of spiders and if I was friends with Charlotte my parents would probably want kill her just because she is a spider. Also, I did not pick charlotte because spiders die after having babies so, that would mean that Wilbur would live longer to be my best friend. I think Wilbur would be a good friend to me because, he cares not only about himself but he also cares for Charlotte and Fern. I also think that if a get sad about my dad when he goes back to hospital for a few days just like he did last night Wilbur would be there with me the whole time to keep me happy.

Meitraeyi : I would chose Wilbur because charlotte will die early if you step on her .when spider have to many babies she might die.The reason i chose Wilbur is because he is very playful and charlotte is a adult and adult don’t really play. Wilbur is Awsome at backflips and very active .

Isaiah: I would rather be friends with Wilbur because Wilbur looks cute and Charlotte is a spider and I hate spiders and Wilbur is the nicest one in the book, he is the nicest animal on the farm and Charlotte is kinda bossy. Wilbur cares about everyone in the book but Charlotte kinda cares about everyone but that much.

Jed:I would be frees wife wilber because he live longer and he can wile and I like him And his proslate.and he is a pig and I like a pigs

Nhu:I like Wilbur because

  •   He is Humble
  • He is Cute
  • He is Radiant
  • He is Unique 

Ruby: I would rather be charlottes friend because she loves everyone, she is caring and she would help anyone who needs help even if she didn’t want to she would still do it.

Sukhman:I rather be friends with Charlotte because she is kind and she helped Wilbur from dieingand and she is brave to Save Wilbur and she smart And clever.

Writer’s Workshop:

Today for writer’s workshop we got onto the topic of fairy tales. It seems we have a lot of students interested in exploring fairy tales and perhaps writing some of their own fairy tales. For now we are finishing the texts we have already started.

Numeracy: We are commencing our investigations on Money this week. To start off we were given he task of telling the teachers everything we already knew about money!


Singing Practice:

This afternoon we joined the rest of the school in the hall for singing practice. We have a whole school mass on Thursday at 1130 to celebrate the feast day of Mary McKillop. Parents are welcome to join us.


Have a great week.

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