Tuesday Happenings ….

Hi Everyone,

We have had a very busy day of learning.

We started our day with Come Read With Me which gives everyone an opportunity to read their borrowed library books as well as books they bring in from home.

We are reaching the end of our shared text Charlotte’s Web


We explored how Wilbur’s friendship with Fern improved his life and how Charlotte’s friendship touched his life.

In the text Wilbur wins an impromptu award and the children had to imagine what this award might be for.



Today while the Year 3’s were at Music the Year 4’s focused on addition of dollars and cents. We explored extended place value with decimal points.

There was lots of new learning, persistence and resilience on display.

Year 3’s returned and they focused on different ways to make monetary amounts using a combination of notes and coins.

We will continue exploring these concepts throughout the week.



Today in PE the students enjoyed Tennis. They focused on racket familiarisation, forehand , drop and hit serve.



Today we commenced our inquiry into the liturgical calendar.

Our provocation today was:

Why do we sometimes have purple cloth on the prayer table and other times it’s green?

We will be continuing this inquiry throughout the week.

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