Monday Week 6

What a beautiful sunny day to start our week!


This morning we started our day with Come Read with Me.

Literature Circle

On different days students in Year 4 will be invited to read in a small group with the teacher. This is to focus on specific reading strategies and to encourage exploration of a range of text types. Students will read to the teacher 1:1 during these sessions and will only read aloud to the group if that is something they are comfortable with.

Year 3’s will continue to be invited to read 1:1 on different mornings with their teacher.

Book Reviews:

This week the children will be adding their final details to their Charlotte’s Web book reports. It was wonderful to complete the book last week and to celebrate Book Week by doing a text/film comparison on Friday. It has been fantastic to see the children engaged with the story and the characters. It will be a hard book to beat as we select our next whole class text.

Writer’s Workshop:

This morning in writer’s workshop we encouraged the children to apply some editing strategies that included reviewing the introduction to their writing. We asked the children to re read their writing and decided whether they had a sizzling start that hooked in the reader. We shared some examples of the creativity that can be applied to the beginning of a story to make it sound less ‘generic’.

We look forward to reading some sizzling starts over the next few days.



Today in Library we shared the book

Together we discussed some of the ‘what if’s ‘ that we might have that stop us from doing things or make us worried in different situations.

We finished our discussion with the idea of replacing those ‘what ifs’ with WHAT IF IT’S FUN??



Today the year 4’s continued on with their backyard mini golf design. We are working on finding out the cost of our materials depending on how much of each material we used.

Lot’s of learning in the concepts of cost/m, multiplication, area and repeated addition.


Religion: Tomorrow the Year 4’s will undertake the RELAT assessment (Religious Literacy). This is a short multiple choice assessment and will be done in one lesson.

Today we did some final revision in preparation for the assessment exploring Pentecost and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Have a great week!




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