Spring Fair Donation Day


A reminder that this Friday is a casual day in lieu of donations of unopened bags of lollies or blocks of chocolates. This is to support the Lolly Stall which is a popular attraction on the day.

We are also asking for parents to let us know if they are able to volunteer a little of their time on the day of the fair to help us out with our stalls. Please see Beth, Maria or Laura if you are able to help out even if just for half an hour.


In kindness,

Year 3 and 4 teachers



Monday Week 9

Hello and Welcome to Week 9…



This morning we began our morning with Literacy. As usual some children read independently, some read with the teacher and some read in groups.

We use this time to build our reading stamina and teacher groups focus on consolidating  specific reading strategies by exploring a range of appropriate texts.

As a class we have been focusing on the skill of inferring. That is using clues in the text and our prior knowledge to make inferences, assumptions and judgements about characters, setting and plots in a story.

Todays activity was a where am I? the children had to decide on the setting for the text based on the clues within..


 The water felt so good on such a hot day. I heard the other children laughing and yelling across the way.The concrete was wet from a group of teenagers splashing each other in the corner. The lifeguard watched closely to keep children from running. Where am I? What makes you think that?


As we entered, a large blast of water hit the windshield. Huge flopping sponges began to slap at the hood as we slowly moved forward. Soon, there were suds spilling over the sides.I was glad the windows were up. Where am I? What makes you think that?

The children are really beginning to fine tune their skills for inferring and are recognising that they will often need to ‘read between the lines’ when responding to texts.


Writing this morning was focused on both an engaging beginning to a story and the inclusion of a ‘sticky situation’ that needs to be resolved. It has been fantastic to see the children using these provocations to build their writing skills.


Today Year 4’s had library and shared the text

It was a wonderful story about keeping promises and the beauty of kind individuals.



Tuesday !

Welcome to Tuesday 🙂

We started off busy this morning with Come read with me and Reading Groups.

Today Ayrton, Paxton, Kiara, Stefan, Lucas shared a text called Saving the Little Penguins. We predicted from the title that it might be a non fiction text but soon discovered it was in fact a narrative.

Our focus was on finding directly and indirectly stated information in the text.

Questions included:

How do we know that the jumpers are not for a baby?

Why might some penguins need to wear a jumper?

How did Grandma learn about the penguins?

Who is teaching Grandma about the internet?

Why would the penguin story be on the news?


Writer’s Workshop:

Today we again focused on creating sizzling starts for stories. The idea is too hook the reader in within the first few lines of the book.

Some examples from the children are:

Topic: Getting blamed for something you didn’t do

  • My goodness this is so unfair ! Why do I always get the blame?
  • Why did my friend blame me ! As if it’s my fault….so unfair.
  • Did my mum just shout at me!? I did nothing!!!
  • I wish I didn’t get up this morning, now I’m in trouble.

Topic: Playing with a pet

  • Why did my dog bite me? I was just trying to play….
  • I love my pet dog….whoops !
  • OUch ! Why does he always bite me when I’m trying to play?
  • I was playing with my pet cat when something terrible happened…
  • Come back ! Come back ! oh noooo……
  • Now I’m really mad! As if that was my fault….I didn’t do anything to make him scratch me.

We are looking forward to the children using sizzling starts in their stories.


Numeracy: Today we revised the strategies the children can use when calculating change.

We acted out scenarios where they used coins that had a greater value that the cost of the item they were purchasing.

Some of the skills required for this include

  • Knowing how many cents in a dollar
  • skip counting in 5’s and 10’s
  • Counting on a back
  • Rounding to the nearest 10
  • Coin combination

We would love you to encourage your children to handle money in their after school activities, weekends etc. to assist them with this important life skill.


Relat Assessment: today the year 4’s did a fabulous job completing the RELAT assessment. They did their best and we look forward to receiving the results later in the year.


Class Mass: 4HA and 3MA will celebrate mass on Thursday at 1130. All are welcome.


Spring Fair Update:

We are very keen to hear from parents who may be able to assist us on the day of Spring Fair or with setting up. If you are able to donate an hour of your time we would really appreciated it. Please email your Child’s teacher if you are able to assist.

Casulal Day : This Friday we are asking for donations of good quality second hand books, dvd’s, toys or other items for our second hand stall. A gold coin donation will be accepted in lieu of a good and in exchange for wearing casual clothes.

We will continue to collect donations of small beauty and bathroom goods until the end of term as we create a hamper prize for the fair.

Thank you for your continuing generosity.



Monday Week 6

What a beautiful sunny day to start our week!


This morning we started our day with Come Read with Me.

Literature Circle

On different days students in Year 4 will be invited to read in a small group with the teacher. This is to focus on specific reading strategies and to encourage exploration of a range of text types. Students will read to the teacher 1:1 during these sessions and will only read aloud to the group if that is something they are comfortable with.

Year 3’s will continue to be invited to read 1:1 on different mornings with their teacher.

Book Reviews:

This week the children will be adding their final details to their Charlotte’s Web book reports. It was wonderful to complete the book last week and to celebrate Book Week by doing a text/film comparison on Friday. It has been fantastic to see the children engaged with the story and the characters. It will be a hard book to beat as we select our next whole class text.

Writer’s Workshop:

This morning in writer’s workshop we encouraged the children to apply some editing strategies that included reviewing the introduction to their writing. We asked the children to re read their writing and decided whether they had a sizzling start that hooked in the reader. We shared some examples of the creativity that can be applied to the beginning of a story to make it sound less ‘generic’.

We look forward to reading some sizzling starts over the next few days.



Today in Library we shared the book

Together we discussed some of the ‘what if’s ‘ that we might have that stop us from doing things or make us worried in different situations.

We finished our discussion with the idea of replacing those ‘what ifs’ with WHAT IF IT’S FUN??



Today the year 4’s continued on with their backyard mini golf design. We are working on finding out the cost of our materials depending on how much of each material we used.

Lot’s of learning in the concepts of cost/m, multiplication, area and repeated addition.


Religion: Tomorrow the Year 4’s will undertake the RELAT assessment (Religious Literacy). This is a short multiple choice assessment and will be done in one lesson.

Today we did some final revision in preparation for the assessment exploring Pentecost and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Have a great week!




Monday Musings

Welcome to Week 5!


This week we celebrate Book Week. Each day there will be special book week activities in the centre for the children to participate in if they are interested.

We will also be focusing on shared reading during our Literacy sessions this week. Today we shared a big book called

The children really enjoyed this text and in particular liked the visual challenge of finding the different images within the graphics.

We continued with our Charlotte’s Web book reports. Today the children focused on giving the book a rating and recommendation. They have also re designed the cover of the book including their own blurb.

On Friday the children are invited to celebrate Book Week by dressing up as a book character. There will be a voluntary costume parade at 1030 in the hall for children to show off their costumes.



Today we began an integrated task that includes simple budgets. The children will be designing their own mini golf backyard course. This task will also include area and shape concepts.


Today in prayer we shared the following scripture:

Acts 2:43-47

 Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles.  All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts,  praising God and enjoying the favour of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

We discussed the ways people gathered and shared in the story of Jesus Christ.

We then spent time investigating what the church would look like during the different liturgical seasons. This included colours, symbols and scripture.


Tennis Carnival:

Congratulations to those students who attended the tennis carnival today. A chilly day to play but great sportsmanship was shown by all children.


Football Carnival:

Several students have nominated to attend the football carnival tomorrow. It is a strict 8:45 am departure and they must have their consent form returned before departure if it has not already been returned.


Welcome to our new student Fravashi who started in Year 4 today.





Book Week

Book Week will be celebrated in Week 5 (next week)

On Friday the 23rd August the children are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character.

We look forward to celebrating the day with the children with a costume display and some fun book activities.



Monday 12th August

Welcome to Week 4 !

Can you believe how quickly the term is going?


We started our day with Prayer and reading the Gospel of Matthew. Today we shared how the angel came to Joseph to tell him he was going to be the father of Jesus. We talked about the name Emmanuel and its meaning of “God is with us”.

Year 4 students are preparing for the Religious Literacy assessment in Week 6 and we will continue to share different scripture throughout the next few weeks as part of that preparation.


School Photos:

School photos were taken today. If you had not yet returned your form but still wanted to order, please return your form by Wednesday.


Charlotte’s Web:

Today we explored the idea of ‘making a movie in your head’ while reading. The children chose their favourite scene from the book so far. We had some amazing illustrations and visualisations.


Library: Year 4 read a wonderful text in library about being welcoming, sharing and making new friends.




Tuesday Happenings ….

Hi Everyone,

We have had a very busy day of learning.

We started our day with Come Read With Me which gives everyone an opportunity to read their borrowed library books as well as books they bring in from home.

We are reaching the end of our shared text Charlotte’s Web


We explored how Wilbur’s friendship with Fern improved his life and how Charlotte’s friendship touched his life.

In the text Wilbur wins an impromptu award and the children had to imagine what this award might be for.



Today while the Year 3’s were at Music the Year 4’s focused on addition of dollars and cents. We explored extended place value with decimal points.

There was lots of new learning, persistence and resilience on display.

Year 3’s returned and they focused on different ways to make monetary amounts using a combination of notes and coins.

We will continue exploring these concepts throughout the week.



Today in PE the students enjoyed Tennis. They focused on racket familiarisation, forehand , drop and hit serve.



Today we commenced our inquiry into the liturgical calendar.

Our provocation today was:

Why do we sometimes have purple cloth on the prayer table and other times it’s green?

We will be continuing this inquiry throughout the week.

Magnificent Monday

What a beautiful day!


Today we spent the morning exploring the idea of friendship from our class text Charlotte’s Web

We discussed the characteristics of Wilbur’s friends Fern and Charlotte.

Ayrton: I’d rather be friends with Wilbur as he is friendly but playful as well

Charlie: I would rather be Charlotte friends because I have all ways wanted a pet spider that code talk

It cold tell me when it is hungry or other tings and I will have a lot of fun with it.

Helen: I would rather pick Wilbur because he is kind and if I was with Charlotte I might have stepped on her but Wilbur is big enough and more playful because Charlotte is always busy working on her web or doing something else.

Kayla R : Both charlotte and Wilbur are good friends for different reasons. Like charlotte could save me from someone killing me if a was charlottes friend. I could be Wilbur’s friend and always have someone to talk to. It was a hard decision but I know what happens in the end so…I would rather be friends with Wilbur because I’m scared of spiders and if I was friends with Charlotte my parents would probably want kill her just because she is a spider. Also, I did not pick charlotte because spiders die after having babies so, that would mean that Wilbur would live longer to be my best friend. I think Wilbur would be a good friend to me because, he cares not only about himself but he also cares for Charlotte and Fern. I also think that if a get sad about my dad when he goes back to hospital for a few days just like he did last night Wilbur would be there with me the whole time to keep me happy.

Meitraeyi : I would chose Wilbur because charlotte will die early if you step on her .when spider have to many babies she might die.The reason i chose Wilbur is because he is very playful and charlotte is a adult and adult don’t really play. Wilbur is Awsome at backflips and very active .

Isaiah: I would rather be friends with Wilbur because Wilbur looks cute and Charlotte is a spider and I hate spiders and Wilbur is the nicest one in the book, he is the nicest animal on the farm and Charlotte is kinda bossy. Wilbur cares about everyone in the book but Charlotte kinda cares about everyone but that much.

Jed:I would be frees wife wilber because he live longer and he can wile and I like him And his proslate.and he is a pig and I like a pigs

Nhu:I like Wilbur because

  •   He is Humble
  • He is Cute
  • He is Radiant
  • He is Unique 

Ruby: I would rather be charlottes friend because she loves everyone, she is caring and she would help anyone who needs help even if she didn’t want to she would still do it.

Sukhman:I rather be friends with Charlotte because she is kind and she helped Wilbur from dieingand and she is brave to Save Wilbur and she smart And clever.

Writer’s Workshop:

Today for writer’s workshop we got onto the topic of fairy tales. It seems we have a lot of students interested in exploring fairy tales and perhaps writing some of their own fairy tales. For now we are finishing the texts we have already started.

Numeracy: We are commencing our investigations on Money this week. To start off we were given he task of telling the teachers everything we already knew about money!


Singing Practice:

This afternoon we joined the rest of the school in the hall for singing practice. We have a whole school mass on Thursday at 1130 to celebrate the feast day of Mary McKillop. Parents are welcome to join us.


Have a great week.