Today we were finally able to share our learning with parents, friends and the school!

The teachers were the facilitators of learning for the students. All the learning presented was lead by each student.

If you were able to attend thank you for  being a part of  your child’s learning.

Genius Hour Presentation

Tomorrow the students will present their Genius Hour Learning.

They have been using their 100 languages to research ad present their learning. Our Presentation will commence at 9.10am until 10.10am.

If you are able to attend we would love to see you there!

Last minute preparations!



Outside Classroom Day


Today we celebrated Outside Classroom Day with our buddies.

We went to Grevillea Park first then we sat and ate our lunch together.

Just a reminder tomorrow is casual day for a soup  can donation. If you don’t have a can of soup any canned tomato, legume or vegetables  that can be used to make soup will be gratefully accepted.

Play Based Investigations

Today we enjoyed investigations. We used our 100 languages to help our learning.

Neisha and Chelsea set up free medical clinic. Ms Angilletta was given a flu shot. “I was worried it would hurt but Dr Chelsea said it would feel like a pin prick and to just think of happy things. It worked it didn’t hurt.”

Ayrton and Jefferey made a Space station.” It was on the moon and would travel to other planets. “said Ayrton.

Alex and Jed built a house on a deserted Island. “They got all the building things from the city and brought it there” said Jed.

Meitraeyi, Athou and Magot constructed a Pet House

Some students created joke books, played board games and even engaged in drawing tutorials

Mason  and Abhinarv engaged in a drawing tutorial and drew coloured and cut out  an Iron Man.

Everyone was collaborating using creativity and  resilience and there were many exciting learning conversations.

What a wonderful example of Student Agency at work.



WOW what an awesome learning experience.


REMINDER: Sports Day next Friday 10th May

Normal school day start 8.50

Sports day commences 9.00am on the oval

Hope to see you there!

Holy Thursday

Today we celebrated Holy Thursday.

Firstly we were The Friends of Jesus and celebrated The Last Supper.

We set the table and then we shared the meal just like Jesus did with his Friends!

After Lunch we performed The Last Supper for the school.


Making BookMarks

This morning after Come read with me we discovered we had a need for bookmarks so we could remember where we finished reading our book. This displayed Student Agency at work. The students realised they had a need and decided to come up with a solution.

So we used our creativity to design our personal book marks.

Play Based Investigations

Today the students used their creativity , resilience and teamwork.

They enjoyed creating with lego, working with each other to build and establish houses and other locations.

Some chose to try painting using tooth brushes with beautiful results.

Barbie heads hair dressing was popular with some amazing hair styles.

The cash register and money was also popular. Some of the children encountered a problem with the cash register. Unable to rectify the technical problem they worked around it.

Everyone was in flow and assisted each other if difficulties arose.

Isabelle ” I played at the kitchen”

Manseerat ” I played with the lego and made a house with Natalie and Nhu.”

Thien An ” I went outside and did some drawing with Abbey.”

Phillip Today in Investigations I played 4 in a row with Jeffery, Ayrton, Harsimrat, Farah and Bella.”

Neisha ” I did checkers with Chelsea and Mason.”

Deng “I played lego with Ayrton Alex and Stefan.”

Jed ” I played real races with Deng Sukhman and Sampann then I played chess.”

Sampann ” Today in Investigations I played with Deng and lots of customers came.”

Wow Im exhausted!

If you have any old shirts or big tops you no longer need could you please send to schools we can use them for painting.

Thank you


Today we celebrated Harmony Day. We started the day with an amazing assembly celebrating the diversity of our school. Anne-Marie and Athou were fantastic, representing their communities in the African dance. After recess, we listened to the book “Whoever you are” by Mom Fox and reflected on our families and the diversity within our class. We then continued with some Harmony Day activities and reflections. This was followed by a delicious shared lunch! We would like to thank all the families for their hard work preparing food to make this lunch such an amazing success. We loved seeing all the costumes and orange clothing in recognition of Harmony Day. Please enjoy these photos from our day!



Click on link to play clip

We had an amazing day. Happy Harmony Week to all our families

3MA and R/1MS

This afternoon we went to visit our buddies. We were so surprised when they had made us cards.

Thank you Buddies!