Spring Fair

Hi everyone,


It was great to see all the happy faces this morning. We are in for a very busy term.


It is Spring Fair week and everyone is getting excited.


A few reminders:


Thursday is our final donation day and we are asking for potted plants to sell at the Plant Stall. If you are unable to donate a plant then a gold coin donation would be accepted.

Friday is a pupil free day as staff spend the day setting up for the fair.

Ride Passes are now for sale at the front office and via the QKR app. This $40 pass entitles you to unlimited rides between 2pm and 5pm. Passes cannot be shared and will be on sale until 3pm on Friday.

Volunteers – we are still needing support from our parent community to assist us with stalls on Sunday. If you are able to donate a little bit of time we would really appreciated it. Let your child’s teacher or the front office know.


Any questions please let us know.





Fish Farm

Today Mrs Adams donated some of  her fish to the fish farm and we went and helped her settle them in. The fish went into the tank with the African Cichlids. They all seemed to settle in well and found nice places to hide while they get to know their new tank mates. We talked about what fish were already in there and where they came from. Next to the tank there was some information about the water conditions these fish needed to survive and we learnt about what this means.

Spring Fair Donation Day


A reminder that this Friday is a casual day in lieu of donations of unopened bags of lollies or blocks of chocolates. This is to support the Lolly Stall which is a popular attraction on the day.

We are also asking for parents to let us know if they are able to volunteer a little of their time on the day of the fair to help us out with our stalls. Please see Beth, Maria or Laura if you are able to help out even if just for half an hour.


In kindness,

Year 3 and 4 teachers



Monday Week 9

Hello and Welcome to Week 9…



This morning we began our morning with Literacy. As usual some children read independently, some read with the teacher and some read in groups.

We use this time to build our reading stamina and teacher groups focus on consolidating  specific reading strategies by exploring a range of appropriate texts.

As a class we have been focusing on the skill of inferring. That is using clues in the text and our prior knowledge to make inferences, assumptions and judgements about characters, setting and plots in a story.

Todays activity was a where am I? the children had to decide on the setting for the text based on the clues within..


 The water felt so good on such a hot day. I heard the other children laughing and yelling across the way.The concrete was wet from a group of teenagers splashing each other in the corner. The lifeguard watched closely to keep children from running. Where am I? What makes you think that?


As we entered, a large blast of water hit the windshield. Huge flopping sponges began to slap at the hood as we slowly moved forward. Soon, there were suds spilling over the sides.I was glad the windows were up. Where am I? What makes you think that?

The children are really beginning to fine tune their skills for inferring and are recognising that they will often need to ‘read between the lines’ when responding to texts.


Writing this morning was focused on both an engaging beginning to a story and the inclusion of a ‘sticky situation’ that needs to be resolved. It has been fantastic to see the children using these provocations to build their writing skills.


Today Year 4’s had library and shared the text

It was a wonderful story about keeping promises and the beauty of kind individuals.



Moon Lantern Festival




Dear Parents/Caregivers,


The Moon Lantern Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival is a popular harvest festival celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest.


At Holy Family we will be celebrating the Moon Lantern Festival on:


Friday 13 September

Students are invited to wear traditional or cultural clothing.


The 3JM and 2RG assembly will take place after recess at 11.00am and it will highlight cultural aspects of Moon Lantern Festival. Activities will include a lion dance, singing and sharing of cultural information. The winners of the Lantern Making Competition will also be announced at the assembly.


After assembly, students and families are invited back to their classrooms for a shared lunch. Students are encouraged to bring a plate of food that represents their culture

Moon Lantern Making

Today we were busy putting the  finishing touches on our lanterns.

This week we designed then constructed our lanterns.

Everyone used the character strength of creativity to create their lantern with original designs.

We then saw team work as studentswho had completed their designs assist their classmates.

Here we are busy at work:


Just A REMINDER : Year 3 wear sports uniform every MONDAY till the end of term for T-Ball Clinic.

Friday is shared cultural  lunch day.

Also dressing in our cultural dress or red.



This morning, we had a go at a new writing activity in small groups. The students got into groups of 3 or 4 and worked together to write a story. They spent a small amount of time generating ideas and then started writing, each taking turns to write a sentence. They had a lot of fun writing their sentences and changing the direction of the story!

Tuesday !

Welcome to Tuesday 🙂

We started off busy this morning with Come read with me and Reading Groups.

Today Ayrton, Paxton, Kiara, Stefan, Lucas shared a text called Saving the Little Penguins. We predicted from the title that it might be a non fiction text but soon discovered it was in fact a narrative.

Our focus was on finding directly and indirectly stated information in the text.

Questions included:

How do we know that the jumpers are not for a baby?

Why might some penguins need to wear a jumper?

How did Grandma learn about the penguins?

Who is teaching Grandma about the internet?

Why would the penguin story be on the news?


Writer’s Workshop:

Today we again focused on creating sizzling starts for stories. The idea is too hook the reader in within the first few lines of the book.

Some examples from the children are:

Topic: Getting blamed for something you didn’t do

  • My goodness this is so unfair ! Why do I always get the blame?
  • Why did my friend blame me ! As if it’s my fault….so unfair.
  • Did my mum just shout at me!? I did nothing!!!
  • I wish I didn’t get up this morning, now I’m in trouble.

Topic: Playing with a pet

  • Why did my dog bite me? I was just trying to play….
  • I love my pet dog….whoops !
  • OUch ! Why does he always bite me when I’m trying to play?
  • I was playing with my pet cat when something terrible happened…
  • Come back ! Come back ! oh noooo……
  • Now I’m really mad! As if that was my fault….I didn’t do anything to make him scratch me.

We are looking forward to the children using sizzling starts in their stories.


Numeracy: Today we revised the strategies the children can use when calculating change.

We acted out scenarios where they used coins that had a greater value that the cost of the item they were purchasing.

Some of the skills required for this include

  • Knowing how many cents in a dollar
  • skip counting in 5’s and 10’s
  • Counting on a back
  • Rounding to the nearest 10
  • Coin combination

We would love you to encourage your children to handle money in their after school activities, weekends etc. to assist them with this important life skill.


Relat Assessment: today the year 4’s did a fabulous job completing the RELAT assessment. They did their best and we look forward to receiving the results later in the year.


Class Mass: 4HA and 3MA will celebrate mass on Thursday at 1130. All are welcome.


Spring Fair Update:

We are very keen to hear from parents who may be able to assist us on the day of Spring Fair or with setting up. If you are able to donate an hour of your time we would really appreciated it. Please email your Child’s teacher if you are able to assist.

Casulal Day : This Friday we are asking for donations of good quality second hand books, dvd’s, toys or other items for our second hand stall. A gold coin donation will be accepted in lieu of a good and in exchange for wearing casual clothes.

We will continue to collect donations of small beauty and bathroom goods until the end of term as we create a hamper prize for the fair.

Thank you for your continuing generosity.



Monday Week 6

What a beautiful sunny day to start our week!


This morning we started our day with Come Read with Me.

Literature Circle

On different days students in Year 4 will be invited to read in a small group with the teacher. This is to focus on specific reading strategies and to encourage exploration of a range of text types. Students will read to the teacher 1:1 during these sessions and will only read aloud to the group if that is something they are comfortable with.

Year 3’s will continue to be invited to read 1:1 on different mornings with their teacher.

Book Reviews:

This week the children will be adding their final details to their Charlotte’s Web book reports. It was wonderful to complete the book last week and to celebrate Book Week by doing a text/film comparison on Friday. It has been fantastic to see the children engaged with the story and the characters. It will be a hard book to beat as we select our next whole class text.

Writer’s Workshop:

This morning in writer’s workshop we encouraged the children to apply some editing strategies that included reviewing the introduction to their writing. We asked the children to re read their writing and decided whether they had a sizzling start that hooked in the reader. We shared some examples of the creativity that can be applied to the beginning of a story to make it sound less ‘generic’.

We look forward to reading some sizzling starts over the next few days.



Today in Library we shared the book

Together we discussed some of the ‘what if’s ‘ that we might have that stop us from doing things or make us worried in different situations.

We finished our discussion with the idea of replacing those ‘what ifs’ with WHAT IF IT’S FUN??



Today the year 4’s continued on with their backyard mini golf design. We are working on finding out the cost of our materials depending on how much of each material we used.

Lot’s of learning in the concepts of cost/m, multiplication, area and repeated addition.


Religion: Tomorrow the Year 4’s will undertake the RELAT assessment (Religious Literacy). This is a short multiple choice assessment and will be done in one lesson.

Today we did some final revision in preparation for the assessment exploring Pentecost and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Have a great week!