Wednesday (Week 1: Term 1)

Welcome to wonderful Wednesday in 3JH and 3MP. Here’s today’s timetable:

Class Prayer

Our day started with a beautiful morning prayer celebrated by the students of 3JH &MP.  The children participated by singing beautifully and offering their prayers of thanks and petition.

Ethan: Thank you God for cats and dogs – Lord Hear Us

Kayla: Thank you God for my friends and family – Amen

Lucas: Dear God, thank you for all the toys we can play with – Amen

Stacey: Dear God, thank you for creating us – Lord Hear Us

Nikos: Thank you for all the peace in the world and all the trees – Amen

Josh: Thank you for life and friends and family – Amen

Arnav: Thank you for games and sports – Amen

Riya: Thank you for the nature, God – Lord Hear Us

Kai: Thank you God for food and water – Amen

Lauren: Thank you for my family and friends – Amen

Luka: Thank you for the wonderful world and everything in it – Lord Hear Us

Jai: Dear God, thank you for all the lovely things in the world – Amen

Class Novel

Mrs Handforth read chapter 3 of  our Class Novel “Weirdo” by Anh Do.

Lia explained the meaning of ‘smirk’ to the class. “It’s a smile that is not nice and it is called a smirk.”

Go Noodle

We needed a brain break and got our bodies moving by participating in a dance or two from Go Noodle.

After being inspired by the drawings of Anh Do the children were invited to draw 2 or 3 different animals.  They used their laptops to search for animal pictures and drawing tutorials to assist them when drawing their chosen animals.

Weird Animals and afternoon Art/Drawing continued from our morning task.

The children began to create their weird animals by using their imagination, creativity and super drawing skills.  Take a look at these wonderful creations.  We intend to continue this activity over the next couple of days so all the children can finish and their work will be displayed in our room.


We realise you maybe inundated with notes and the like at this time of the year but they are a necessary part of our children’s learning.  Thank you for your patience and efficiency in regards to returning this information.

Your child has some important notes for you to read tonight and sign/return to school.  The sooner we get all our MLV notes returned, we can post the children on the blog.  You will notice the learning posted today is not named.

Please read our class newsletter, it has been sent home with your child and you can access it via a link on the blog.

Enjoy your evening, Jo and Margot.

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