Thursday (Week 1: Term 1)

Fabulous Thursday in 3JH and 3MP looked like this:

After just two days back at school our daily calendar moved from January to February, and what a lot of birthdays we have in this month:

3MP began the day with their very first Sport lesson of 2018. Whilst 3MP were getting active, 3JH paid their Year 3 visit to our school library. Then both classes swapped over with 3MP at library and 3JH doing Sport.

In library we read the story A Lemur’s Tale by Ophelia Redpath: A ring-tailed lemur is stowed away on a boat from Madagascar, and finds his way into the home of an eccentric but dysfunctional family.

You can find out more about ring tailed lemurs by watching this very interesting short information video: About Ring Tailed Lemurs

After a busy couple of lessons, it was time for some well earned Brain Food, whilst Mrs Handforth read Chapter 4 of our class novel, Weirdo. In this chapter a new boy started at Weir’s school; a boy called Henry, who likes to sing nursery rhymes with a difference.

We then talked about how in our class novel both the pictures and the words tell the story. We looked at pictures of different characters and tried to identify the emotion they were feeling: we were very good at reading faces and got heaps of them right. Can you identify some of these emotions?

We then had a go at drawing facial expressions on blank faces to show different emotions:

Wow! We realised our faces do a lot of talking without even saying a word!

After recess, we discussed our rights and responsibilities within class, drawing up a Class Charter, which established how we can all work together to make our classroom a safe and happy place filled with laughter, learning and love.

These is the charter the children agreed amongst themselves:

Then we showed our understanding of numbers, number patterns and operations as we decorated the front covers of our new Year 3 squared numeracy journals.

After lunch it was time to complete our art work creating our Weird Animals’ and designing the habitat in which they live. My goodness we have some amazing and creative talent in our classroom!

Have a great evening everyone, Jo and Margot

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