Monday (Week 2: Term 1)

Our first day of learning for Week 2 was as follows:

We have three birthdays this week: Eva, Emily and Bhavya are all turning eight.

We began the morning with Shared Reading. We shared the story A Colour of His Own by Leo Lionni. This story is about a little chameleon, who is distressed that he doesn’t have a colour of his own like other animals. He is very sad because he cannot move around without changing colour. Because he wants to have a colour of his own so badly, he finds the greenest leaf and decides to stay there forever. This works until the seasons start to change, and the leaf turns to yellow and then to red. Finally, he finds another chameleon who suggests that they travel together and they set off on a new life of adventure.

You can listen to the story here:

In our literacy activity we drew the chameleon and then labelled our drawings with information we had learned about chameleons from the text and a short information video that Mrs Papillo shared with us.

After some brain food and fitness, it was time to do our first Maths Mini lesson of 2018. Maths mini lessons are short lessons which focus on improving students’ knowledge, understanding and recall of basic number skills and facts. Our focus this week is Sprint Training for the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. We need to practise these so we know and can use these facts in order, out of order, with missing numbers and in different contexts.

After recess it was time for our first Music and Spanish lessons with Mrs Crisp and Mrs Opazo. How exciting!

After lunch, we calmed our minds and bodies by engaging in some mindful colouring whilst listening to relaxing music. Some of us finished our self portraits for our collective worship focus area. It’s looking very colourful and bright now:

Then it was time to get busy trying to make water walk … yes, you read correctly – making water walk.

We watched a short video which showed us how to set up our investigation and then off we went ……. using our teamwork skills to share, support and encourage.

After setting up our investigations, we made predictions as to what we think will happen next. Here are some of our predictions:

Tomorrow we will be looking at the results of our investigations. Will some of our predictions be correct? What will happen? Will the same thing happen in each team’s investigation? We will also be thinking how we can show our results in the form of a scientific diagram. Watch this space …

Have an awesome Monday evening and see you tomorrow.

A reminder to parents and carers that our Parent Information Night is tomorrow (Tuesday 6th February) commencing at 6 p.m. A free creche is available if needed. Hope to see you there.

Warm regards, Jo and Margot

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