Tuesday Week 2 Term 1

Here’s Tuesday’s terrific learning timetable:


Today is Eva’s birthday: we sang to her and gave her EIGHT big claps and one for luck! What a lot of birthdays we have in February: Emily, Arrow, Bhavya, Lucas, Harsimrat, Sopheaktra and Paxton’s birthdays take place this month too!

Class Prayer

The class assistants helped out in setting up the prayer space this morning.  Blessings, Lauren, Lucas and Paxton shared some lovely prayers.  We also sang the song Do To Others to get us thinking about treating others well today and throughout Lent.

Chemical Science – look what has happened!!  The water has walked!

Today we reflected on our science experiment by recording our observations in our Learning Journals.


Shared Reading

We shared A Colour of His Own by Leo Lionni and focused on the title to begin with.  Thien-An noticed that the word ‘color’ is spelt differently to how we normally spell it.  Leo Lionni spelt it in the American way and we spell it the English way.

We discovered that the chameleon in the story was feeling different emotions and this caused his colours to change.  The children were invited to explore some information (videos or other) to construct an animal report. A guide was provided of the children to refer to as they used their 100 languages to record information.


Animal Report: Chameleons – the children could use their 100 languages to present their information.  Some chose their Literacy Journal and others chose their laptop and ActivInspire.

Surprisingly we had some chameleons in our classroom today!  Some were not shy at all and some were hiding in our plants.

Mindfulness – Smiling Mind

We officially started the first ‘lesson’ in brain training today.  Each of our brains was taken to the gym for a workout after lunch!!

Numeracy – Place Value (ThHTU, HTU, TU)

At the end of the day, Mrs Handforth spotted a creature hanging out in class, trying to camouflage with the leaves of a palm plant …

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