Wednesday (Week 2, Term 1)

First and foremost, congratulations to Marley and her family on the arrival of her beautiful baby sister, Payton! Marley enjoyed showing us photographs of her new baby sibling and she is simply beautiful.

Wonderful Wednesday looked like this in 3JH and 3MP …

Investigations this morning featured a range of provocations including: sewing (with hessian and coloured threads); pipe cleaner craft featuring chameleon making; making using recycled materials; water play; small world play; dress ups; water colour painting; stencils and paper craft and Minecraft construction.

Here is an iMovie featuring our wonderful students in flow.

P.S. Well done if you spot the deliberate misspelling of ‘Investigations’ in the title of the iMovie, but as it had already been compressed for upload, editing would have been onerous. 

Here are some photographs from investigations too: what a fantastic, first fun-filled investigative morning. Remember you can click on individual images to enlarge.

After tidying up, we reflected on our investigative learning: What did we do? Who did we do it with? Which character strengths did we use? Did we try something new?

After recess it was time to re-read our shared text. We used choral reading and all joined in, reading the story together. Then it was time to retell the story in our own words. How exciting!

We thought about things we had learned about story writing last year:

  • Stories have beginnings, middles and ends – Kayla
  • We use full stops and talking marks in stories – Jai
  • We write in sentences and use punctuation – Sama

Mrs Papillo had made and laminated some awesome word mats to help us with our retellings, which many of us found very useful for spelling and as a prompt to remember what happened in the story.

We will be working on our retellings tomorrow, so watch this space for some awesome story telling to come …

After lunch we enjoyed learning more about place value learning on our laptops during numeracy:

At the end of the day we enjoyed a rainbow mindfulness meditation, reflecting on how colours brighten up our world, as well as the emotions and images we associate with specific colours.

Finally, it was time for Isaiah and Djaran to share their awesome re-creation of the infamous liner, The Titanic, with their peers and teachers. We were very impressed with the dedication and creativity the boys had clearly used in their undertaking. Wow!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to sharing Kayla’s photographs of her new baby sister and Ethan’s customised book about his cat, Madame Cocoa.

We hope you are keeping cool! Best wishes, Jo and Margot

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  1. Hi Melody
    How lovely do you look in your dress up! Wednesday was certainly wonderful for you.
    Love Nanny and Pop xx

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