Wednesday (Week 3 Term 1)

Welcome to Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent for Holy Family and Catholics around the world.  We will celebrate the day with a whole school Mass in the Hall.  Each of us will receive a symbol of the cross on our foreheads to mark our commitment of being the best person we can be.


Today the children could choose from a variety of provocations to explore, try for the first time or develop their skills in.  There was slime making, making with recycled materials, dancing (and dress ups),  painting, little people play with the doll’s house, drawing, Chinese fan making and sewing.

Investigation Reflections

The children used their recount writing skills and set off to record their learning from the morning’s activities.

Receiving the Ashes

At Mass today, Father Shaboo asked us to remember 3 things during Lent – Fasting, Praying and Sharing.  This afternoon Mrs Handforth gave each child a sign of the cross to mark the beginning of our journey through Lent.   Children from all religions were invited to be the best person they can be during the season of Lent.

The Salisbury Parish Carnival 

Last Sunday, some of our children attended the soccer match against a St Augustine’s team at the Parish Carnival.  According to Mr Stramare and Mr Slater, the children did their best and came off the pitch with smiles all round!  Well done boys and girls.

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